Out-of-State DUI

The out-of-state DUI laws can raise questions for those who are charged with a drunk driving offense in somewhere that is not their home state. They might wonder whether, for example, a driver's license suspension in one state will transfer over to another state.

In some states, once that state suspends a driver's license, they will then send that information to the state where the license was granted. The state where the license was given may then act according to the state laws that apply there.

In the state of California, for example, officials will suspend a California driver's license as soon as they learn that a driver with a California license had their driving privileges suspended in another state in cases of drunk driving. This is one example of a state that adheres to a national network of jurisdictions that share information about suspended licenses.

A local DUI attorney may be able to determine what the consequences of an out-of-state DUI are in a given case. If you are facing a DUI driver's license suspension, for example, or you have more questions about the law when it comes to an out-of-state DUI case, you may want to fill out the free case evaluation form below. If you do, we will contact you with additional information about getting in touch with a DUI lawyer.

State Participation in License Suspension Sharing After DUI

Most states are members of the Non-Resident Violator Compact, the agreement that lets states easily share information about offenders who do not live in the state where an offense took place. Some of those that don't belong to this alliance belong to the Drivers License Compact, which similarly helps states share data about traffic violations and DUI convictions across state lines.

There are several states, including Wisconsin and Michigan, that do not belong to these alliances.

Such agreements help to ensure that information about out-of-state drunk driving convictions and traffic violations get back to the state of residence for offenders. While there may be a time lag between the time of the offense and the time that it reaches the home state, it is a safe assumption that the penalties will be transferred home depending on the state DUI law.

You Can Consult a DUI Lawyer About Out-of-State DUI Arrests

One of our sponsoring DUI attorneys is available if you want to talk to somebody about your out-of-state DUI case. In fact, you can get a free case evaluation with a drunk driving defense lawyer near you when you complete the form on this page.

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