Ohio DUI and DWI Laws


Ohio DUI laws are strict and swift. Simply being charged with a DUI could get you a 90 day Administrative License Suspension. This penalty doesn't include the court-ordered license suspension that is likely if you are convicted of a DUI. Other Ohio DUI and OVI - operating a vehicle intoxicated - penalties include mandatory jail sentences and heavy fines.

The strong nature of the state's DUI laws is one reason why many people charged with a DUI or OVI in Ohio seek legal help. An Ohio DUI lawyer will be able to answer your questions about your case, potential penalties and what steps should be taken.

Having accurate information early in your DUI case will help you take make decisions. The choices you make following your DUI arrest could impact the rest of your life. Talking with a DUI lawyer is one way to get the information you need.

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The penalties for DUI and OVI in Ohio, even if this is your first DUI charge, are strict. Refusing a breath test in Ohio could mean an Administrative License Suspension for one year.

First DUI conviction

Second DUI conviction

  • Minimum 10-day jail sentence, or 5 days in jail with 18 days- 6 months of monitored house arrest
  • $525-1,625 in fines
  • 90 day vehicle immobilization and license plate impounding
  • 1 year Administrative License Suspension, effective at time of arrest
  • 1-5 years court-ordered driver's license suspension

Third DUI conviction

  • Mandatory jail sentence of at least 30 days with maximum of 1 year, or 15 days in jail with at least 55 days of monitored house arrest
  • $850-2,750 in fines
  • 180 day vehicle immobilization and license plate impounding
  • 2 year Administrative License Suspension, effective at time of arrest
  • 2-10 year court-ordered driver's license suspension

Fourth and subsequent DUI conviction (also penalty for motor vehicle felony)

  • 60 day-1 year jail sentence
  • $1,350-10,500 in fines
  • Vehicle forfeited
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol treatment
  • 3 year Administrative License Suspension, effective at time of arrest
  • 3 years-permanent court-ordered driver's license suspension
Breath Test Refusal Penalties
  • First refusal: 1-year Administrative License Suspension
  • Second refusal: 2-year Administrative License Suspension
  • Third refusal: 3-year Administrative License Suspension
  • Fourth or subsequent refusal: 5-year Administrative License Suspension

Ask an Ohio DUI Attorney about your options

An Ohio attorney can answer any questions you might have about the laws in Ohio or your specific case. To speak with a attorney near you today, call us, toll free, at 877-349-1311.

Note: Laws may have changed since our last update. For the latest information on these DUI laws, speak to a local DUI lawyer in the state.

The Ohio DUI penalty list is by no means all-inclusive. DUI penalties may vary based on a variety of factors, including your prior driving record.

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