DUI Arrests - No Car Required!

So after drinking you decide not to take your car, but another means of transportation. Think you are safe from getting arrested for DUI? Think again.

DUI arrests are not limited to people driving automobiles!

It seems that operating any motorized or battery operated vehicle or even riding on the back of an animal while intoxicated may get you in hot water under some DUI statutes! Imagine the surprise of the motorized wheelchair "driver" who was arrested for DUI.

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Here's a round up of recent DUI and public intoxication arrests in which no true automobile was involved but the suspects still found themselves in plenty of trouble.

Not Your Standard DUI

Police say that Steffen Durkey, 19, of Morris, Illinois was charged with aggravated DUI and driving with a suspended license after an ATV crash in August that killed his passenger. Dennis Roden was pronounced dead after the ATV driven by Durkey collided with a police car, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

West Virginia DUI on a Farm Tractor

A man from Charleston, West Virginia was charged with DUI after police saw him driving a farm tractor down a highway at night without headlights or proper warning signs. The Associated Press reported that Kanawha County sheriff's deputies arrested Joshua David Postalwait, 22, and charged him with driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon.

Following his arrest for a West Virginia DUI, Postalwait was booked into South Central Regional Jail.

Police Arrest Man on Tricycle

A man on a tricycle was arrested by the Oregon State Police and charged with an Oregon DUI on October 3. Police say that the man was cautioned and then later spotted riding the adult-sized tricycle on a public road. State Trooper Dave Timm told KTVL News that he contacted a group of intoxicated people at Tenmile Lakes County Park at approximately 2 p.m.

At that time, William David Bjorkquist, 58, reportedly told Timm that he was going to ride the tricycle home. Timm says that he warned Bjorkquist not to ride the tricycle because he was intoxicated. Bjorkquist reportedly agreed not to ride and said that his friends would help him push the tricycle home.

A little while later, Timm saw Bjorkquist riding the tricycle in a traffic lane on the wrong side of the road. Bjorkquist reportedly rolled through a stop sign and then continued down the wrong side of another street. Timm stopped Bjorkquist, who reportedly still showed obvious signs of impairment. Bjorkquist reportedly failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for Oregon DUI.

Not Going Anywhere DUI

Some parts of the country are suffering through severe drought conditions. However, KOLD News 13 reported that "Monsoon 2008" in Arizona is causing some problems on the roadways. A 27-year-old woman from Phoenix decided to take her chances on driving through a wash because barricades were not up.

As a result of her gamble, she had to be rescued from the flood waters after becoming stuck in the wash. After being rescued, the reason for her clouded judgment was evident to officers, and she was arrested for a DUI in AZ.

DUI in a Ditch

In West Virginia, a Florida man was recently arrested by Kanawha County deputies. Erik Scott Williams, 29, was arrested for allegedly breaking a window and West Virginia DUI. Police found Williams sitting in his car on a Sunday morning, facing the wrong direction on the road with one wheel in a ditch.

The Charleston Daily Mail reported that Williams told deputies that he'd had a little bit of alcohol to drink on Saturday night. Deputies said that he seemed confused and unstable on his feet, but refused to complete field sobriety tests.

Earlier the same morning, police had been called to an apartment where Williams had allegedly made unwanted advances on a woman and then threw a rock through a window when the resident locked him out. Williams left the residence before police arrived to question him. He faces a charge of destruction of property in addition to West Virginia DUI.

Passed Out in Pickup DUI

According to a report by MyCentralJersey.com, a man in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey was arrested for New Jersey DUI and drug charges after someone noticed that he was passed out on the road in his pickup truck. After another motorist called the police, Paul M. Valenti was located, arrested and charged with New Jersey DUI, possession of cocaine, reckless driving, possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle and several other charges.

DUI Excuse Goes Up in Flames

In Paradise, California, the situation was a little less than ideal for Paula S. Hilliard when her car caught on fire and she narrowly escaped with her life. The Oroville Mercury-Register reported that Hilliard's car incinerated and she is lucky to be alive to face the California DUI charges against her.

Hilliard reported to police that she had pulled off the road into a brushy area because she had become ill. Apparently the car became stuck on a high spot of ground and Hilliard spun her tires trying to free it. This led to the car catching on fire. When passers-by saw the smoke coming from the car and stopped to check on it, they reportedly saw Hilliard passed out behind the wheel with the car still running and in gear.

Eventually Hilliard awoke, heard people screaming at her about the fire and got out of the car. In addition to California DUI, Hilliard was charged with two counts of negligently starting a fire because embers from the first fire ignited a second time approximately 150 yards north of her car.

Insult to Injury Horse DUI

A man in New South Wales was arrested for DUI after falling off of a horse without losing the grip on his bottle of bourbon. News.com.au reported that police had received complaints from motorists about a man who appeared to be drunk while riding his horse down the road.

The rider was reportedly drinking from his bottle of bourbon and yelling at motorists as he failed to yield to the right of way and let go of the horse's reins. Police arrived, located the man and his horse, and arrested him for DUI. The horse was picked up by the man's partner and taken to safety.

DUI after Falling Off a Bicycle

A man from Macon, Georgia was charged with a DUI in Georgia after police noticed him weaving as he pedaled a 5-speed boys' bicycle on a public road. Macon.com reported that an officer was dispatched to the area after reports about a person who had fallen off of a bicycle. The officer noticed Cliffton Taylor III weaving from side to side on the bike before he fell off and hit the ground.

The officer smelled alcohol on Taylor's breath and clothes, and reportedly noticed that his eyes were bloodshot. Since bicycle riders in Georgia are subject to the same alcohol laws as drivers, Taylor was given a field sobriety test and when he failed, was placed under arrest for Georgia DUI. Taylor's blood alcohol content was reportedly .3 percent.

Amish Buggy DUI

The Standard Journal has reported a most unusual DUI. According to the report, Steven David Hostetler was arrested for DUI in Watsontown, Pennsylvania while allegedly driving an Amish buggy while intoxicated. Hostetler was reportedly driving his horse-drawn buggy down the road with no visible lights when he was stopped by police.

When the cops asked him if he was Amish, he reportedly told them that he is a "bad Amish." He explained to police that he had left the religious sect but later returned. He had driven his buggy to the Watsontown carnival earlier in the evening and later drank about 12 beers before attempting to drive his buggy home. Hostetler reportedly failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for Pennsylvania DUI.

Kentucky DUI on A Golf Cart

Kentucky State Police recently arrested 36-year-old Brian K. Scott and charged him with a Kentucky DUI after stopping him on his golf cart. Scott reportedly failed field sobriety tests and had a fully loaded 357 Magnum handgun in the front of his pants.

Police also found a small amount of meth in his pocket, according to a report by WBKO News. He was arrested and booked into the Muhlenberg County Detention Center in Kentucky.

Ohio DUI for Bike Rider

Police in Cincinnati, Ohio say that Scott Knapke was weaving in and out of multiple lanes and holding up traffic at around 10:30 p.m. When he was pulled over, he failed field sobriety tests and registered .325 percent blood alcohol content on a breath test.

Knapke was arrested and charged with a DUI in the state of Ohio for riding his 18-speed bicycle while intoxicated, according to a report by the Cincinnati Inquirer. He was also ticketed for not having a horn or lights on his bicycle and for driving on the wrong side of the road.

Kentucky DUI on A Moped

A man was charged with Kentucky DUI after he crashed his moped into a mailbox, according to a report by WLEX News. Police responded to a call about the accident at about 2 a.m. and say that they found that the moped rider was intoxicated and lost control of the vehicle. The man was taken to a hospital for his injuries and charged with Kentucky DUI.

Illinois DUI for Boater

A man was charged with Illinois DUI after causing a boat crash that killed one woman. Rick L. McGuire, 53, was charged with DUI, and the accident remains under investigation by conservation police, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois DUI on Horseback

A woman in Murphysboro, Illinois was flown to a hospital and charged with an Illinois DUI after causing an accident involving her horse and a vehicle. Police say that Lisa F. Stearns was riding the horse at night, without reflective clothing.

The driver of a pickup truck did not see her in time to avoid hitting the horse. Stearns will face the Illinois DUI charges after she is released from the hospital, according to a report by the Southern.

California DUI Charges Dropped Against Boater

Daniel Cordova, 43, was charged with California DUI after being involved in a boating accident that resulted in the death of four people. However, the district attorney's office now says that there is a question as to whether or not Cordova was legally drunk at the time of the accident because a blood alcohol content report has not been produced, according to My58 News.

Inconvenient Florida DUI Arrest

In Temple Terrace, Florida, police reportedly found an intoxicated 37-year-old man and his nearly passed-out 17-year-old son parked in front of a convenience store. The Tampa Tribune reported that at approximately 9:23 a.m., police were called to a Circle K convenience store after it was reported that there were people sitting inside a vehicle drinking alcohol in the parking lot.

Officers found Edward J. Price and his son in the vehicle, along with two women. Price's son was reportedly slumped over in the back seat with alcohol spilled on his pants. Price was asked to complete a series of field sobriety tests and agreed, but could not complete them. He was arrested for Florida DUI and aggravated child abuse and held without bail. His blood alcohol content was measured at .147 percent and .134 percent. According to the arrest report, Price only recently got custody of his son.

Burglary Investigation Leads to North Dakota DUI Arrest

In Fargo, North Dakota, a burglary investigation led to the arrest of 19-year-old Michael Hames Reinhardt for North Dakota DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to a WDAY News report, Reinhardt was staying at the Lindenwood campgrounds when someone called the police to report that he was going through coolers and cars at the park and stealing items from them.

Police arrived and arrested Reinhardt for North Dakota DUI and the drug charge but say the burglary investigation is ongoing.

Unconscious DUI Suspect Rescued From Burning Van

Joseph Jones is lucky to be alive after his DUI. Police in Kendall County, Illinois were called to the scene of a van that was on fire in the parking lot of a convenience store. Jones was passed out inside the van. After he was rescued and the fire extinguished, Jones was charged with Illinois DUI, according to a report by the Beacon News.

DUI Suspect Found Not Guilty

In Vancouver, a man who was found passed out in his car with the stereo playing loudly was found not guilty of DUI. Lino Marquez Vargas was arrested for DUI after police found him sleeping in his car outside his home. A neighbor had called police to complain about the loud music coming from the car in the early morning hours.

Vargas claimed that he had no intention of driving; he simply went to his car to listen to music because his landlord did not allow him to play loud music in his rented home. The neighbor who complained about Vargas testified that he had noticed him listening to music in his car before the morning of his DUI arrest. The judge found Vargas not guilty of the DUI charge.

DUI Defense Lawyer Says Client Was Not Driving

Bendy Sainthilaire was charged with Florida DUI after allegedly driving his SUV into a man on a bicycle and leaving him for dead. The bicycle became attached to the front of the 1997 Ford Explorer in the crash and the prosecution in the DUI case against him claims that he drove for four miles with the bicycle lodged in the front of the vehicle before being pulled over by a sheriff's deputy in Broward County, Florida.

The deputy says that he found Sainthilaire's passenger covered with broken glass from the windshield and the front wheel of the bicycle touching the ground.

Sainthilaire gave the officer a fake name but admitted to driving and having three beers earlier in the day, according to a Sun-Sentinel report. Three hours later, a blood test revealed his blood alcohol content was .07 percent.

Experts say that at the time of the accident, his blood alcohol content would have been .10 percent. Police charged Sainthilaire with Florida DUI manslaughter, failure to render aid, leaving the scene of a crash involving death, not having a driver's license and giving a false name.

His Florida DUI defense lawyer has argued that Sainthilaire was not driving at the time of the crash and that there are no witnesses to prove that he was the driver who hit the bicycle. Sainthilaire's Florida DUI lawyer also says that Sainthilaire was forced to take the wheel by the passenger in the vehicle and that the passenger had a weapon and a criminal record.

Cooling It in NY DUI

A man was charged with New York DUI this past Memorial Day after police noticed him swerving around on the sidewalk on a motorized cooler. Leslie J. "Bomber" Marr was driving a vehicle affectionately known as the "Cruzin Cooler" when police arrested him for DUI in Whitehall, New York.

The Winding Road reported that the cooler Marr was driving while allegedly intoxicated has three wheels and is fitted with a padded seat. It has a 300 to 500 Watt electric motor, a handlebar for steering a cup holder and a hatch for easy access. It is rumored to reach top speeds of up to 12 mph on a good day and Marr has been seen driving it for years. When police stopped Marr, they found that he still had 14 beers left in the cooler and seized it, beer and all. Since he was allegedly intoxicated and the cooler had a motor, this non-vehicle DUI could stand up in court.

Marr has previous drunk driving arrests on his record and in addition to the DUI charges, he also faces charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and operation of an uninsured motor vehicle.

Firefighter Gets California DUI on a Boat

Cole J. Periera, a firefighter in Hughson, California, was hauled in for California DUI by the Tuolumne County Sheriff Office's Boat Patrol after causing a boat collision. My Mother Lode News reported that Periera was operating his Malibu boat when he struck a Fineline ski boat at a speed of approximately 10 to 15 mph. The operator of the Fineline ski boat had stopped to allow his passengers to urinate in the lake when the boat crash occurred.

Pocket Bike DUI

The Record reported that a man from Wayne, New Jersey was charged with New Jersey DUI and sentenced to jail time after taking his nephew's tiny pocket bike for a spin while intoxicated. The mini-motorbike sits less than a foot off the ground and is less than three feet long. George Kaiser's DUI defense lawyer argues that it is nothing more than a child's toy and not a motor vehicle.

The pocket bike reportedly travels at speeds less than 20 mph but since it has a motor and Kaiser was driving it, he was convicted of New Jersey DUI. He and his lawyer say they plan to appeal the conviction.

DUI on Horseback x2

In San Francisco, police arrested Tyrone McDonald for DUI while he was riding a horse. According to San Francisco DUI Central, McDonald consumed some alcohol and then decided to steal a horse from a racetrack. Once he was on the horse he proceeded to ride it into the path of an oncoming truck. McDonald was ultimately charged with grand theft, cruelty to animals and California DUI.

Police in Mercer County, Pennsylvania also got in on the horseback DUI action by arresting a man and charging him with Pennsylvania DUI because he was riding a horse while allegedly intoxicated. During the DUI trial, the judge determined that a horse is not, and can not be considered a vehicle under the state DUI laws and dismissed the case.

The prosecution was determined to declare that the horse is legally a vehicle under Pennsylvania law and appealed the case all the way to the Supreme Court, and failed to have the horse declared a vehicle. The one dissenting justice of the Supreme Court wrote the following poem in his opinion:

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but the Vehicle Code does not divorce its application from, perforce, a steed as my colleagues said. "It's not vague', I'll say until I'm hoarse, and whether a car, a truck or horse, this law applies with equal force, and I'd reverse instead."

Ohio DUI for Walking a Bicycle

In December 2004 in Columbus, Ohio, Jeff Brown was reportedly walking his bicycle across his front yard when he was approached by a police officer who told him he was breaking the law because he did not have a headlight on his bicycle, according to a report by Reason Magazine. While the officer was writing Brown a ticket for this infraction, he smelled alcohol on Brown's breath.

Because of Ohio's Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated (OVI) law, the operation of bicycles, golf carts, wheelchairs and other non-vehicles while intoxicated can result in a DUI arrest. Brown refused to take a breath test and spent four days in jail.

His driver's license was also suspended for six months as a result of his Ohio DUI arrest for walking a bicycle. He pleaded no contest to Ohio OVI and was convicted but later appealed. An Ohio appeals court upheld the conviction.

North Carolina DUI for Scooter "Driver"

The state appeals court in North Carolina has upheld the DUI conviction of a man who was operating a stand-up electric scooter at the time of his arrest. The Associated Press reported that Kevin Michael Crow of Youngsville, North Carolina was pulled over last year by a Hyde County deputy after he ran a stop sign on his scooter. Crow's blood alcohol content was measured to be .13 percent and he was charged and convicted of North Carolina DUI.

When the DUI conviction was appealed, Crow's North Carolina DUI lawyer argued that a scooter, which is like a skateboard with handlebars, did not fit the definition of a vehicle under state law. Because the scooter that Crow was operating had two wheels that were aligned like a bike or motorcycle, rather than four wheels like a Segway scooter or skateboard, the three-judge appeals panel found that it did not fit any exception to the law that excludes bicycles, lawn mowers and low-speed Segway scooters and upheld the North Carolina DUI conviction.

Lacrosse Player Arrested for Scooter DUI

University of Maryland's men's lacrosse attackman Travis Reed was arrested for Maryland DUI and possession of marijuana while operating a motorized scooter. University police saw Reed in a convenience store parking lot at 2:20 a.m. and stopped him for suspicion of DUI. When he was searched, police found marijuana and placed him under arrest.

Reed was forced to sit out of two games as a result of his Maryland DUI arrest in accordance with the University's Student-Athlete Code of Conduct, according to Diamondback Online, the university's online student newspaper.

Tractor Driver Accused of DUI after Fatal Accident

A man who was driving a tractor that was pulling a corn planter has been arrested and charged with Nebraska DUI and manslaughter after the planter was hit by a car and a passenger in the car was killed. The Omaha World-Herald reported that James Ostermeier,59, was reportedly driving the tractor on the highway at 9:25 p.m. without the aid of headlights when the fatal accident occurred.

Fatal Boat DUI

A man from Lexington, South Carolina was indicted on charges of reckless homicide and felony DUI after he crashed a powerboat into a pontoon boat and killed a woman. Jon T. Rogers faces $30,000 in fines and up to 35 years in prison if convicted of the charges, according to The State newspaper.

Boating DUI Manslaughter

Stanley Cameron, a millionaire developer, was charged with drunken-driving manslaughter after he plowed his speedboat into a smaller cabin cruiser and killed six people. Twenty-two criminal charges were filed against Cameron.

If convicted, he could face almost 70 years in prison, according to the Arizona Star. Cameron suffered head injuries in the accident and was placed under guard at a rehabilitation center.

Probation for Fatal Boating DUI

Patrick White, 28, was arrested after he smashed a 20-foot-long boat into a pier in Yorktown, Virginia. His friend Casey Marks was killed in the accident. White had been drinking before the crash and was charged with and convicted of manslaughter.

He told the judge at his sentencing that he had not had a drink since the accident. The judge told White, "If you have any soul about you, you won't take another drink" and sentenced him to probation.

Lawnmower DUI with a Passenger

An Illinois man was arrested for DUI after leading police on a low speed chase on his lawnmower. Paul Schwarztrauber Jr., 46, had his 14-month-old daughter on his lap at the time of his DUI arrest, according to the Belleville News-Democrat.

Police were tipped off that Schwarztrauber was driving his lawnmower erratically in the street by an anonymous caller. Twenty-one years before his low speed police chase, Schwarztrauber was convicted of leading police on a high-speed chase. My how time changes things!

Ohio DUI on a Lawnmower

An Ohio man who was arrested three times in six months for DUI says that he should not have been charged with his third Ohio DUI because he was not in a car; instead he was on his lawnmower. His first DUI was in a van, the second in a car, the third time Dondi Bowles thought he was safe from any DUI charges because he was driving a 20-horsepower lawnmower on the sidewalk.

A police officer saw Bowles, stopped him and administered a field sobriety test. Bowles failed the sobriety test, smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech so the officer arrested him for DUI and had the lawnmower towed. Bowles later registered a blood alcohol content of .144 on a breath test, according to a KSDK news report.

Low Speed Lawnmower Chase DUI

Police in Vancouver, Washington are trying to decide if they can charge a man who led them on a low-speed chase while on a lawnmower with DUI. According to an Associated Press report, the man cursed his neighbor, drove the lawnmower through a fenced gate and broke a window with a lawn chair before taking off at top speed of 3 mph.

Police say that the man drove the lawnmower directly towards an officer, but the officer was able to step out of the way and pull the man off of the lawnmower to arrest him.

Russian Tank DUI

In Moscow, a Russian tank crashed through a house after the crew had stopped to buy more vodka at a local store. According to a Reuters news report, video taken with a mobile phone showed the driver of the tank laughing and trying to climb back onto the tank with two bottles of vodka after the tank hit the home. The army will pay for the damages to the home.

Maryland DUI on Lawn Tractor

In Lexington Park, Maryland, a St. Mary's sheriff's deputy stopped a man who was driving a lawn tractor after 10 p.m. Robert Broussard, 58, was asked to complete several field sobriety tests after he was stopped.

He failed the tests and was placed under arrest. According to The Bay Net, Broussard was charged with DUI, operating an unregistered vehicle, operating an uninsured vehicle and driving without a license.

Sentencing for Golf Cart DUI

A Canyon Lake, California woman who was charged with DUI while driving a golf cart with six children on board has been sentenced to six months in jail and three years probation. Judith Ann Black, 38, was driving six children and one adult home from a community party when she crashed the golf cart, which tipped over and injured five of the children.

Black's blood alcohol content was more than .15 percent after the accident. KNBC News reported that Black will serve her jail time on weekend work release by working in the community rather than having to spend the time behind bars.

Tractor Driver Charged with DUI

A Washington man was charged with DUI after officers noticed him on a tractor swerving all over the road. The same man had reportedly driven his car into two different ditches on the same night. According to a report by Herald Net, the police say that when they spotted him, he was close to driving the tractor into a ditch.

Police pulled him over and noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He was arrested for DUI, booked into the county jail and held in lieu of $5,000 bail.

It's Never Too Cold For A DUI

A man in Adrian, Michigan was charged with DUI while driving his lawnmower home from the liquor store during a snowstorm. Police say that the man had a blood alcohol content that was two and a half times the legal limit for driving. KWWL News reports that the man had consumed two bottles of wine before climbing on his lawn mower and heading down to the liquor store. He had purchased four more bottles of wine and was on his way home when police stopped him.

Since the store was two miles away, and his wife had driven the car to work, the man said that his lawn mower was the only way he had to get to the store. After he was arrested for DUI, the lawn mower was impounded.

Dolphin DUI

In Kent, England, two drunken guys left a pub and tried to get a ride home from a bottlenose dolphin. No, this isn't the beginning of a bad joke, it really happened according to a Courier Mail report.

Michael Jukes and Daniel Buck were arrested when they ignored the signs warning them not to bother a dolphin that had been swimming near the shore. The guys grabbed onto the dolphin and tried to take it for a ride before being caught by police and arrested.

Injured Cyclist May Face DUI Charges

In Palm Bay, Florida, police believe that a man on a bicycle who was hit by two pickup trucks may have been under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened. Todd Allen suffered severe head injuries after being dragged about 40 feet underneath one of the trucks that hit him, but is expected to survive. Local 6 News reports that DUI charges against Allen are pending.

DUI on a Snowplow

In Tahoe, a city snowplow driver is facing DUI charges after he was found sleeping inside one of the city's snowplows. Police detected the smell of alcohol coming from the cab of the snowplow and have begun a DUI investigation into the case. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports that Anthony Ortiz has resigned from his job with the city of Tahoe as a result of the incident.

Helicopter DUI Trial Delayed

Helicopter pilot Ronald John Davis, Jr. was arrested last October at the Suffolk Peanut Fest after police received complaints that he was flying erratically. The hearing in the case has recently been continued for the third time according to WVEC News.

Davis reportedly failed a filed sobriety test and had a blood alcohol content of .116 on a preliminary breath test. After his arrest, Davis was required to turn over his pilot's license before being released from jail.

Not A Car, But It'll Do

Richard Gunn of New Zealand had been disqualified from driving his car but figured he could still hop on his riding lawnmower to get around. When police saw Gunn driving his lawnmower on the road, they pulled him over and found out that he was drunk. The lawnmower was impounded, and Gunn was arrested. He now faces charges of DUI, careless driving and driving while disqualified.

Gunn said that since the lawnmower's top speed is around 8mph, he thought he was safe. Police say that if the lawnmower is being driven on the road, it must meet the same standards as a car, including having a sober driver. Gunn reportedly registered a blood-alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit on a breath test.

DUI at 10mph

North Carolina resident Michael Crow was ordered to spend 14 days in jail on a nine month suspended sentence for a DUI conviction. Crow, 27, was arrested for DUI while riding a 50 pound electric scooter at 10mph. He was also given one year probation. He appealed his conviction, but the North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld the DUI conviction.

Crow was spotted by police weaving on his scooter and pulled him over. He had a blood-alcohol content of .13 and a jury found him guilty of DUI. Oddly enough, the appeals court held that a person may drive "horses, bicycles or lawnmowers" as well as Segways and wheelchairs on public roads while drunk, but not scooters. A scooter happens to fall under the definition of "vehicle" under North Carolina law.

Wheelchair DUI

An Illinois man was arrested for DUI and spent a night in jail for operating his motorized wheelchair while intoxicated. The man was trying to drive his wheelchair to a grocery store when he was stopped by police and arrested. The following morning the ticket was voided when police realized that a wheelchair is not a vehicle.

The man was transferred to another jail on an unrelated warrant, but his wheelchair did not make the trip with him. The police said that they would keep the wheelchair until the man or someone on his behalf picks it up.

Fact or Fiction?

Was country music legend George Jones actually arrested for drunk driving on a lawn tractor? It is true. A number of years ago, George Jones was arrested for DUI while driving his lawn tractor to the liquor store. Unfortunately, it was not Mr. Jones' last drunk driving arrest, however, he decided to drive actual vehicles after his lawn tractor DUI.

Tractor DUI

A Napa County, California police officer noticed a person on a tractor heading towards the highway, so he stopped to see what the person was doing. The officer saw that the driver of the tractor had a bottle of beer in his hand, so he arrested him for DUI.

In California, a person can be charged with DUI even on private property. However, the jury acquitted the tractor driver, and some cited difficulty with the law as the reason.

There's Still Grass to Mow

In Putnam County, Florida, there's still grass to mow. The sheriff's office say that they have arrested a man for DUI after finding him driving his riding lawnmower into oncoming traffic on the highway. An officer chased down 46-year-old Michael Edward Register and got him to pull over before an accident could happen.

The police reports indicate that Register was given two breath tests and his blood alcohol content was recorded to be more than three times the legal limit of .08 percent.

Impressive DUI

An Indiana man allegedly stole a twin-engine plane and drove it down the taxiway while drunk, all in an effort to impress his girlfriend. The 38-year-old man reportedly took his girlfriend to the airport to prove to her that he knew how to fly a plane, and drunk no less!

Michael Santos was arrested after he missed the runway and drove the plane into a soybean field, causing an estimated $160,000 in damages to the aircraft.

DUI Is Child's Play

A teenager was arrested for DUI after jumping on a child's toy dune buggy and driving a few yards. Anthony Ware didn't get far on the toy before it toppled over on him and police swooped in to give him a breath test and arrest him for DUI.

In court the toy was said to be classified as a motor vehicle because it had an electric motor. Police said that they saw the electric dune buggy, with a top speed of 18 mph, zig-zagging down the road at 10:45pm before Ware crashed. Ware pleaded guilty to DUI.

Skateboard DUI

An Australian man was arrested and fined $270 for riding his skateboard while under the influence of alcohol. Police spotted 22-year-old Corey Symes weaving through traffic on his skateboard just before midnight while drinking rum. He was stopped and given a breath test and reportedly registered a .095 percent BAC.

Boatwreck DUI

Rescue workers in Norway were searching for a man after the remains of his boat were found wrecked on the shore in an Oslo suburb. After hearing a loud crash, people in the area called the police and a large search and rescue effort was launched.

The man was eventually found, on his mother's sofa, after being traced there by an address tag that was found near the boat's crash site. The police suspect that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash and opened a DUI investigation.

Spain Wins, Strangest DUI Arrest Ever

In Spain, a drunk disabled man was driving his motorized bed down he road when he was stopped by police. Anthony Navarro, 42, is 95% disabled and drives and controls his motorized bed with his mouth. He told police that he was on his way to see a local prostitute, but had taken a wrong turn.

Felony DUI on a Bicycle

In Woodstock, Illinois, prosecutors are not backing off of a felony DUI charge against a repeat DUI offender, even though he was riding a Schwinn bicycle when he was arrested for drunk driving. Charles Braun, 43, had a small motor attached to his bicycle, however, the motor no longer worked at the time he was accused of causing an accident while driving drunk.

According to police reports, Braun's blood alcohol content (BAC) was .272 at the time of the accident. He has three prior DUI convictions, from driving cars while intoxicated. Prosecutors say, motor or no motor, it is felony DUI.

DUI on a Segway Scooter

A man on a Segway in Boise, Idaho has been charged with DUI. Police say that Richard E. Kober, 53, was steering his stand up scooter in an erratic manner and almost his a pedestrian on the street. At first officers were not sure if they could charge Kober with DUI on the Segway under Idaho law, but they decided that it did qualify as DUI and arrested him.

Golf Caddy DUI

A golf caddy in Scotland was charged with DUI for driving a golf cart at nearly double the BAC limit. Craig Jannetts was charged with DUI and banned from driving for a year. Jannetts was caught driving drunk on the golf cart on a road near the golf course where he worked. After his DUI arrest, he was fired from his job.

Where's The Fire?

An off duty FDNY firefighter reportedly stole a fire truck in New Jersey, apparently to respond to a fire at a strip mall. When he arrived at the scene of the fire, Raymond Oprey, 33, police realized that he was intoxicated. Osprey refused to take a breath test and was placed under arrest for DUI in the fire truck.

Golf Cart DUI

In Georgia, police stopped the assistant principal of Whitewater High School in Peachtree City a little after midnight. Mary Pina, 50, was reportedly driving a golf cart on a public road. The city code states that golf carts must use a cart path when available, so Pina could have possibly avoided her DUI arrest.

Drink Until Police Arrive For A Higher BAC

Walter Hawes, 52, apparently decided to jump on his farm tractor and drive down the road after he had been drinking. He had only gone a short distance before the tractor rolled into a ditch.

Hawes reportedly continued to drink until police arrived, so when he failed the breath test it was acknowledged that the reading was higher than it was at the time of the accident. A judge ruled that the tractor is a motor vehicle and Hawes was convicted of DUI.

Go-Cart Munchies

In Florida, a deputy sheriff couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a go-cart with no headlights racing up a dark road at 4:00 in the morning. Jeremiah Whetstine, 23, was reportedly too drunk to stand up when he was stopped by the officer and was arrested for DUI. He said that he was on his way to McDonald's when he was stopped.

Chilly DUI

In Onanole, Canada Constable Kevin Senkowski crashed his snowmobile at around 3:00 in the morning and was charged with drunk driving. Senkowski had a 28 year woman with him on the snowmobile when he crashed. She was thrown from the snowmobile and suffered slight injuries.

Gimme A Break!

In Portsmouth, Florida, a former Police Sheriff who had served six terms was arrested for his second DUI and spent 15 days in jail. Gary W. Waters, 62, was stopped by police after he was spotted driving a golf cart the wrong way down a road.

Waters reportedly asked the arresting officer if he could 'get a break' since he had 40 years of active duty as a policeman under his belt.

A Holiday DUI

While driving the 'Steppin Out Dance Studio' float in the Christmas parade in Anderson, South Carolina, David Allen Rodgers reportedly pulled out to pass another float and then for some reason floored it and sped off. It turns out, the reason was, he was drunk. Merry Christmas!

Someone riding on the float called 911 as Rodgers sped down Main Street and ran a red light. Rodgers drove the float and its riders for three miles before stopping and fighting with arresting officers. He was arrested and charged with over three dozen criminal charges, including DUI, assaulting police officers, and 18 counts of kidnapping.

I'll Have A Beer To Go

In upstate New York, David Dascher was charged with DUI after being spotted by police driving down the road on his riding lawnmower with a beer in his hand. Dascher was also fined for littering in connection with the incident.

Playing Through DUI

In South Dakota, Tawanna Martin was arrested for DUI after she was seen driving a golf cart down the highway around midnight without the aid of any lights. Martin reportedly ignored the flashing police lights until she realized that she would not be able to outrun the police cruiser.

Steamrolled into A DUI

Matthew Gilman, 22, is apparently not one to turn down a dare. Police were called at about 3:30am because a fight in the street had been reported. When they arrived they found a small group of people gathered in the street. A victim at the scene said that after someone dared him, Gilman jumped into the seat of a steamroller. He started up the steamroller and drove it into the victim's car.

When police questioned Gilman they realized that he was under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested for DUI, destruction of personal property and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Running from Cops On A Tractor, Yep, DUI

A farmer's son who was driving a tractor refused to stop for police and tried to outrun them. The tractor obviously could not outrun a police cruiser, even on a good day, but at the time that Thomas Kirkham was driving it, he was also pulling a plough. Kirkham reportedly led police on a slow speed chase which ended when he crashed the tractor through a fence and ended up in a field.

Police had to spray the man in the face with CS gas to get him out of the tractor and even then Kirkham continued to struggle. One officer ended up with a broken hand at the end of the ordeal. Kirkham pleaded guilty to charges of DUI, failing to stop a vehicle for a police officer and driving without insurance.

Wheelchair DUI

A German man in a wheelchair was pulled over by police and arrested for DUI. The man shocked police when he registered over 10 times the legal blood alcohol content limit for driving. Police arrested the man because he was out in the middle of the road after he had been out drinking with a friend.

The DUI charge was later dropped because police conceded that he was technically a pedestrian and not driving.

A Drug Mule? No, It Was a Horse

A woman in Alabama decided to go for a horseback ride through the middle of Sylvania, Alabama at midnight. Police say that cars were swerving to avoid hitting the horse and the woman used the horse to ram into a police car after she was asked to get off of the horse. After she rammed the police car, the woman reportedly rode away and then tried to get off the horse and run away on foot. He foot got stuck in the stirrup and police caught up to her.

When the woman was arrested, police reportedly found that the woman was carrying crystal methamphetamine, a small amount of marijuana, pills and a small pipe. She was charged with DUI, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, assault, attempting to elude police and cruelty to animals.

John Deere DUI

Larry Minniefield, 48, has been charged with one count of driving while intoxicated and driving an unsafe vehicle. The vehicle? It was a John Deere lawnmower. Police noticed Minniefield driving up the road on the lawnmower, and then a short time later saw him driving back the other way.

He was reportedly driving the lawnmower in the middle of the road and police say that he appeared to be intoxicated. He was arrested for DUI and the lawnmower was returned to his mother.

Not Quite Fast Enough

A man in Martinsburg, West Virginia apparently forgot that a riding lawnmower isn't as fast as a police cruiser. Michael Ginevan tried to outrun police on his lawnmower when an officer tried to pull him over about a mile from his home. Once Ginevan sped away from the officer's police car, the cop got out of his car and chased down the lawnmower on foot.

Ginevan still would not stop the lawnmower, so the officer had to pull him off of the machine. There was a case of beer strapped to the front of the lawnmower and Ginevan refused to take a field sobriety test. He was charged with DUI and obstructing an officer.

Jury Says No to DUI on Riding Lawnmower

In Vermont, a man was arrested and charged with felony DUI after police found that he was intoxicated while operating a riding lawnmower. Raymond M. Jenson was reportedly spotted by police driving his lawn tractor on the road.

After his arrest, his breath test indicated that he had a blood alcohol level of .16 percent. Jenson, who had 3 prior DUI arrests on his record told police that he didn't believe he had done anything wrong.

The jury agreed. When Jenson went to court on the felony DUI charge he requested a trial by jury. The jury heard the case and deliberated for less than an hour before acquitting Jenson of the felony DUI charge.

They found that the riding lawnmower fit the legal definition of a tractor under state law and did not qualify as a motor vehicle and therefore Jenson could not be found guilty of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

DUI Is Not Child's Play

A 42 year old man was arrested for DUI, fined $1,000 and lost his driver's license for two years after he drove a go-cart with a 48cc motor on a public street and crashed it into a parked car. Leon Richardson's blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was reportedly .205.

In addition to the DUI charges, Richardson suffered serious injuries in the crash and was also charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. Richardson's DUI defense attorney said that the man was just playing with a child's toy and did not realize that the go-cart could be considered a motor vehicle. The judge in the case reportedly said, "It has a motor, what else could it be?"

Don't Let the Munchies Take Over

An Ohio man was almost hit by a police car when he was driving a riding lawnmower without headlights down the street at 3:00am. Joseph Mundy reportedly told police he was just hungry and was going to the store for some munchies when they stopped him. Mundy was charged with his first DUI. The cops called a tow truck for the lawnmower.

Bill Murray Busted on a Golf Cart

Bill Murray was in Sweden recently when he was stopped by police in downtown Stockholm. Murray was driving a golf cart at the time, which authorities say is not illegal, just odd.

Murray explains that he hitched a ride to an after-party following a pro-am golf tournament. After the party, no one wanted to drive home, so he offered to give about 6 people a ride in the golf cart. He says that when police saw him playing bus driver in the golf cart they just assumed he was drunk.

Murray refused a breath test and was required to give a blood sample for alcohol testing. He may face drunk driving charges from the incident.

2nd DUI on Lawn Mower for Virginia Man

A Waynesville, Virginia man had his Craftsman riding lawnmower and dog impounded when he was arrested for DUI. When Glen Bowers puttered up a public street in Waynesville recently he was stopped by police.

Bowers failed a field sobriety test and registered .24 percent blood alcohol content on a breath test. He was towing his little Jack Russell terrier in a cart behind the mower at the time of his arrest, so the dog was also taken into custody. Bowers' girlfriend came to pick up the dog and when he was released, Bowers had to pay $65 to get his lawnmower out of the police impound lot.

Interestingly enough, this was Bowers' second DUI on his trusty Craftsman lawnmower. Bowers reportedly does not have a driver's license or a car.

DUI on an Ice Rink?

A zamboni is a four-ton machine that is driven around on indoor ice rinks to clean them. A man in Morristown, New Jersey was on a zamboni in the Mennen Sports Arena when he was charged with drunk driving. The judge in the case decided that since a zamboni can not be operated on a street or highway, it is not considered a motor vehicle and the DUI charge was iced.

Mowing While Drunk = DUI

A man in Illinois was mowing his lawn on a riding lawnmower while drunk and decided to drive the mower up to the local convenience store for gas and some more beer.

On his way back from the store, he was stopped by police because they noticed him driving the lawnmower on the wrong side of the street and he appeared to have been drinking.

Because this mad mower had a previous DUI conviction on his record, he spent two days in jail for the drunk driving on the lawnmower incident.

The real kicker is, when he got out of jail he was given a ticket for failing to mow his lawn!

Man Driving a Tractor While Intoxicated Runs over Child

In Colorado, a 79 year old man was driving a tractor in a 4th of July parade when people started screaming at him. He had no idea what they were yelling about and kept driving.

Witnesses say that a group of kids were also in the holiday parade, riding on their bicycles. The elderly and intoxicated man was driving the wrong way on the parade route and accidentally ran over a 6 year old child's leg.

The tractor wheel stopped right on top of the child's leg and people at the parade rushed over to help get the wheel off of him. They were successful in moving the wheel but were stunned afterwards when the old guy just drove off on the tractor.

He finally stopped the tractor after he got about a quarter of a mile away from the incident. Police arrested him for DUI and child abuse and he was taken into custody and later released on bail while he awaits trial.

The child, luckily enough, survived the incident with only minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital.

Who knew parades could be so dangerous?

Another Lawnmower, Another DUI

Another man has felt the pain, shame and humiliation of being arrested for DUI while driving a riding lawnmower.

A 29 year old New York man was intoxicated and unlicensed, so he decided to drive his Cub Cadet riding lawnmower to a relative's house at around 2:30 in the morning. It obviously wasn't a great move on his part. He was spotted by police and pulled over for questioning.

He told police he had been drinking and was arrested for felony DUI and first degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, which is a misdemeanor. Lawnmowers have motors!

The cops really stuck it to him with additional tickets for operating an unregistered motor vehicle, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and unlicensed operator.

He was taken to jail and held in lieu of $2,500 cash bail.

Golf Cart DUI

It may not have been a car, but police say he was still driving under the influence!

His buddy's wedding was about to start but after several hours on the golf club Jeremy Clary, 29, of Ohio knew he was too drunk to drive his truck to the ceremony. Since he had a golf cart handy, he hopped in and made his way over to the church to attend the wedding. On his way back from the wedding, he was stopped by police and arrested for DUI.

Reportedly Clary's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit, and police were also concerned that the golf cart he was using as his transportation was not equipped with seat belts nor headlights.

Avoiding DUI on Horseback

After a night of partying and consuming alcohol, a Virginia couple might have hoped to avoid being arrested for DUI when they decided to make their way home on horseback instead of driving. Around midnight, the two were heard arguing and stopped by police, which led to the pair being charged with public intoxication.

They spent the night in jail and the horses spent the night tied up across from the police station. The couple got their horses back when they quietly and soberly left the jail the next morning.

In Georgia and Alabama there have been reports of horses colliding with vehicles, and as a result their riders being charged with DUI. While laws regarding what constitutes DUI vary state by state, in these cases since the horseback riders were on a roadway they fell under the same jurisdiction as if they had been driving cars. The horses were not charged.

Adding Arrest to Injury

A California man was struck by a car and injured while riding his bicycle. While he was in the hospital being treated for multiple broken bones and a laceration on the back of his head, he was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. The driver of the car in the accident was not charged.

DUI at 6mph

In the UK, a drunken joy rider stole a mobility scooter and ran people off the sidewalks as he raced along at top speed - 6 miles per hour. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI after a blood-alcohol test reportedly revealed that he had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood. He was given a 4 month prison sentence because he was a repeat offender with more than 80 prior convictions!

This joker has never held a valid driver's license. With this conviction he was also banned from driving any type of motor vehicle for a period of 12 months. Think that will stop him? Nah, me either.

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