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Miscellaneous Celebrity DUI Spotlight

Sometimes the Celebrity DUI Spotlight extends beyond the sports, entertainment, music and political industries and into the world of the miscellaneous (cue creepy music). Hence, we've created the Miscellaneous Celebrity DUI Spotlight to highlight those individuals whom sort of qualify as celebrities and share the common characteristic of being nabbed for DUI in 2007.

Miscellaneous Celebrity DUI Spotlight Updated October 30, 2007

Rebecca Broussard Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

The Associated Press has reported that Rebecca Broussard, the mother of Jack Nicholson's two youngest children, has pleaded not guilty to two felony drunk driving charges. Broussard was arrested in August after an accident near Los Angeles International Airport. Her next court date is scheduled for October 4.

Paris Hilton Visits Children But Won't Be Adopting Post-DUI

After spending nearly a month behind bars, Paris Hilton may have adopted a more charitable demeanor, but she will not be adopting children any time soon. The DUI-challenged Simple Life star and heiress has reportedly been spending time at children's hospitals as part of her post-DUI "wake up call" but told People magazine that rumors that she will be adopting four children soon are absolutely not true. In her eloquent manner, Hilton reportedly told the magazine, "That's retarded. No, I'm not." Hilton also told the tabloid magazine that her pregnant Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie will be "the best mom ever." Richie spent time in jail after being charged with a DUI, just like Hilton.

Jack Nicholson's Ex Accused of Felony DUI

The mother of Jack Nicholson's youngest two kids, Rebecca Broussard, was arrested on August 26th and charged with felony DUI. She was taken to jail after an accident that happened near LAX Airport in which her current husband's arm was reportedly broken. She spent the night in jail and was released on $100,000 bail the next morning. Broussard will appear in court to face the felony DUI charge on September 17th.

Nicole Richie's Simple Jail Time: 82 Minutes

If you haven't heard about it by now, you're living in a bubble. Nicole Richie, the pregnant, directionally-challenged star of The Simple Life, was released from Lynwood Correctional Facility after spending just 82 minutes of a four-day jail sentence for violating probation on a 2004 DUI. Richie was arrested and charged with DUI last December for driving the wrong way on a California freeway. She reportedly admitted to a police officer that she was driving while under the influence of marijuana and Vicodin. The DUI arrest was found to be in violation of a 2004 heroin charge. Richie's Simple Life co-star, Paris Hilton, fared far worse for violating probation on her own DUI. Hilton was sent back to jail after an early release. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, Richie will not have to return to jail because, unlike in the Hilton case, Richie's early release was first cleared with the judge who presided over the case. Richie was reportedly released because of "overcrowding" in the jail. Despite reports that Richie was to marry fiance Joel Madden before spending time in jail, she is still single.

Nevada Sheriff's Deputy Arrested for DUI by Cop Husband

There's got to be more to the story than this, but The Smoking Gun website has reported that Nevada Sheriff's Deputy Charlotte Moore was pulled over and arrested for a DUI by her own husband, who is also a Nevada Sheriff's Deputy. Moore, 36, was reportedly stopped for a moving violation and fled the scene before she could take a breathalyzer test. Her husband, Mike Moore, then called the Elko, Nevada Police Department for backup police officers, who then arrested his wife for DUI. Charlotte Moore was released from jail and has been place on administrative leave, pending the outcome of her case.

Paris Hilton Begins Post-DUI Charity Work

People magazine has reported that Paris Hilton has begun doing post-DUI charity work, which she vowed she would do while interviewed on "Larry King Live" after she was released from jail. Hilton appeared at a fundraiser for children with spinal cord injuries called "Life Rolls On", which was founded by former professional surfer Jessie Billauer, who is now paralyzed. Hilton also claimed to have visited the Los Angeles Children's Hospital to visit children in the cancer ward. "I met with philanthropists and they're doing a summit with five major charities and we'll be doing stuff all over the world," said Hilton, "I'm excited."

Los Angeles Police Investigating Paris Hilton's Jail Time

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating allegations that Paris Hilton received special treatment while she was incarcerated for violating probation on her DUI arrest. LAPD spokesperson Steve Whitemore said allegations were made that Hilton was issued a new orange uniform rather than a used one, had her mail delivered by a police captain rather than other inmates, and was given access to a cordless telephone so she didn't have to wait in line for a pay phone. "We're going to investigate and find out exactly what happened," Whitemore said. The LAPD has been running ongoing investigations of special treatment for celebrities as well as security leaks when celebrities are jailed or arrested.

Possible Postponement in DUI Case of Fired University of Mary Washington President William Frawley

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has reported that the Fredricksburg, Virginia DUI case against fired University of Mary Washington President William Frawley has been postponed while prosecutors await blood alcohol content results from a hospital. Frawley was reportedly charged with two DUIs within a two-day period and subsequently fired "for cause" last April after the arrests. Frawley's Fairfax court date is scheduled for September.

Nicole Richie Might Get Plea Deal in DUI Case

Nicole Richie may be offered a plea deal from prosecutors in her DUI case. Allan Parachini, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Superior Court, said that Richie may be offered a deal and that her DUI attorney will appear in court Wednesday to accept or reject the offer. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Richie's DUI trial date has been postponed until August, reportedly so her attorney could prepare her defense. Richie was stopped and charged with DUI after she drove the wrong way on a California freeway and reportedly admitted to police that she had smoked marijuana and taken the pain killer Vicodin. She is still on probation for a prior drug charge in 2004.

Paris Hilton Issues Drunk Driving Warning to Her Fans

Paris Hilton recently posted a message on her "MySpace" page urging fans to drink responsibly. The formerly imprisoned heiress said, "Happy 4th of July everyone, and remember to be responsible and have a designated driver! Just looking out for you all. I love you and have an amazing summer!" Paris Hilton was jailed after violating her DUI probation. She claimed that her attorney had advised her that she could drive on a suspended license.

Paris Hilton Leaves the Pokey: "I have a new outlook on life."

Imprisoned heiress Paris Hilton told CNN talk show host Larry King that her attorney had told her that she could drive for "work purposes." Hilton claimed that she had been attending a business meeting when she was stopped for driving on a suspended license. "My lawyer told me your license is suspended for 30 days, no driving. Then 90 days thereafter that, you could drive to and from work. So for 30 days, I never drove once. Then after that it was for work-related purposes.I never would have driven on a suspended license. I get followed by paparazzi all day. Why would I, you know, have the audacity to do that?" said Hilton, who also denied her reputation as a party girl, claiming she rarely drank and has never tried drugs. "I just like to go out and have fun with my friends. I'm an Aquarius. We're social people." Hilton told King that she has "a new outlook on life," plans to do charity work in the future, and views her jail time as a "blessing in disguise." On finally getting out of jail, she said, "Like, it's hard to even describe. It was so exciting even just being in the fresh air and looking up at the sky and the stars and being outside."

Writer William Bernhardt Sentenced In DUI Case

Writer William Bernhardt received a six-month suspended jail sentence for his February DUI arrest, and will pay a $750 fine. Bernhardt's plea deal included a suspended jail sentence and a dropped resisting arrest charge. Bernhardt is awaiting sentencing on another DUI case in Jenks, Oklahoma. Bernhardt was charged with a DUI just before he was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a Citizens Crime Commission Police Awards Banquet. The Crime Commission found another speaker.

Paris Hilton's DUI SUV Repossessed, Say Media Reports

Star magazine has reported that Paris Hilton's Mercedes SLR was repossessed while she was in jail. The car that Hilton was driving when she was arrested for her infamous DUI, which is reportedly worth $500K, was towed for two missed car payments, said the tabloid magazine. A spokesperson for Hilton, however, said the car was merely towed because it needed to be serviced. According to Star, Hilton owes approximately $400 on the car.

Paris to Talk About Jail, DUI on Larry King Show

Paris Hilton will talk for the first time about her experience in jail and her DUI on the "Larry King Live" show June 27. Hilton reportedly bumped controversial filmmaker Michael Moore from his slot on the show. A spokesperson for the show confirmed that Hilton will appear for one hour to talk about her experience and said, "Larry King Live does not pay for interviews or do ground rules." Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail after she was found to have violated probation on a DUI by driving with a suspended license. Hilton has claimed that she had only "one Margarita" before she was stopped by police in California and charged with a DUI.

Chicago Sun-Times Says Nicole Richie's Not Pregnant

Although most media outlets have reported rumors that DUI-challenged Nicole Richie is pregnant with boyfriend Joel Madden's child, Chicago Sun-Times gossip columnist Bill Zwecker has reported that he spoke with a confidante of Richie, who confirmed that the "Simple Life" star is not pregnant, nor is she engaged to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden. Richie is in hot water and may face jail time like her "Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton for getting a second DUI in December of last year, when she was arrested for driving the wrong way on a freeway and reportedly admitted to police that she had smoked marijuana and taken the prescription pain killer Vicodin.

Paris Hilton to Be Released from Jail Monday

Heiress is Answering Fan Mail from Jail to Pass Time

Paris Hilton, who is scheduled to be released from jail on Monday, has reportedly been answering fan mail to pass time in the slammer. The "Simple Life" star, whose life became infinitely more complicated after she was found to be in violation of a DUI probation and sentenced to 45 days in jail, is reportedly writing hand-written thank you notes to fans who have sent her letters of support. E! Online revealed that Hilton wrote to an unnamed fan, "Thank you for your kind words of love and support. The fact that you took time out of your day to write me truly means the world. Especially at such a difficult and scary time in my life.The letters I'm receiving really do put a smile on my face as I sit here in my cell, sad and alone." Hilton's spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

Tongues are Wagging about Paris Hilton's Jail Debacle

Paris Hilton in Jail: Not Such a Simple Life

Paris Hilton's probation sentence continues to make headlines, with the starlet now safely re-entering the slammer after she was admitted, released to home arrest, and then re-admitted to the Los Angeles Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California to serve time for violating her probation stemming from a much-publicized DUI in 2006. Hilton's fast release from jail to home arrest by the Los Angeles Sheriff's office ignited a legal frenzy that ended in Hilton being forced to return to jail. While serving time at home, she was showered with gifts, food, and visitors, which sparked hostility and accusations that Hilton had received preferential treatment. Now back in jail, visitors and gifts are limited. Hilton released a statement saying she is "learning" from the experience and plans to fulfill the terms of her 45-day sentence. Rumors from inside the jail have been spreading that Hilton is distraught and is not eating or sleeping. If Hilton is given time off for good behavior, she will likely serve only 22-24 days of her sentence. Hilton was arrested for a DUI in 2006, then arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Snowball Express Founder Charged with Second DUI; Jail Time Possible

Michael Scott Kerr, the founder of the Snowball Express charity that helped hundreds of families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been charged in an Orange County Superior Court with a misdemeanor DUI. This is Kerr's second DUI arrest, which may violate probation from a 2005 DUI. Kerr's wife, Jean, a co-founder of Snowball Express, was charged with resisting an officer during Kerr's second DUI arrest last March in Aliso Viejo, California. The Kerrs' foundation has received extensive media coverage and has raised more than $1 million to help the families of killed soldiers.

Nicole Richie Afraid She'll Spend Jail Time Like Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life" co-star Nicole Richie has defended the jailed heiress, calling Hilton's 45-day jail sentence "really unfair" and saying Hilton had been "exploited." Richie faces a similar jailhouse fate, after she was found to be driving her vehicle the wrong way on a Los Angeles, California freeway, reportedly under the influence of marijuana and pain killers. Richie's wrong-way DUI was her second, which under California law will likely cause Richie to serve time in jail. California law states that a second DUI conviction within a ten year period requires between 90 days and one year in jail. Richie is set to appear in court later this year.

Paris Hilton Goes to the Pokey After MTV Awards

Paris Hilton surrendered herself to the Los Angeles Sheriff's office just hours after attending the MTV Awards. Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail after violating a DUI probation. She will likely serve 22 or 23 days of the sentence in a jail in Lynwood, California, which is located in South Central, Los Angeles, an area that has been known as one of the roughest areas of Los Angeles. According to TMZ.com, Hilton will not have a cellmate, as was previously reported. She will be in a special unit reserved for celebrities and will take meals in her cell. She will reportedly be able to leave her cell for one hour daily to shower, use a public telephone, or watch television. On weekends, Hilton will be allowed a limited number of visitors. Hilton's attorney released the following statement after she surrendered herself to jail: "I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation. During the past few weeks, I have had a lot of time to think and have come to realize I made some mistakes."

University of Mary Washington's Honcho William Frawley Fired Over DUI

William Frawley, the President of the University of Mary Washington was fired after he was charged with wit two DUIs, two days in a row. The school issued a press release saying that it was "in the university's best interest" to terminate Frawley immediately. Frawley had been placed on paid leave in April, after he was charged with a DUI in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Frawley was then charged the next day in Fairfax County, Virginia after he flipped his car and was hospitalized. Frawley had been President of the university for less than one year.

University of Mary Washington Chief Arrested with DUI

James Frawley, the President of University of Mary Washington, was arrested for DUI after a witness reportedly told a 911 operator that Frawley was driving a vehicle without a front wheel. Frawley was arrested for DUI in Brompton, VA after he crashed his car. The University issued the following statement: "University of Mary Washington President William J. Frawley was in an automobile accident yesterday in Northern Virginia and was admitted to Fairfax Inova Hospital. He insisted on leaving the hospital early in the morning, against advice, and returned to Fredericksburg. Earlier today, President Frawley was involved in another incident, the police were involved, and he is currently at Mary Washington Hospital for medical care." Frawley reportedly refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Phoenix Newspaper Columnist Slim Smith Gets DUI

East Valley Tribune columnist Slim Smith pleaded guilty in a Maricopa Superior Court to two counts of aggravated drunken driving after being stopped by Gilbert, AZ police about a year ago for driving erratically. His blood alcohol content was reportedly .09, which is above the Arizona state limit of .08. Smith was suspended for six months without pay from the newspaper and will be sentenced April 3. This is Smith's third DUI charge since 2002, according to Gilbert Municipal Court records.

Best-Selling Novelist William Bernhardt II Arrested for DUI

A best-selling suspense novelist was arrested by Tulsa, OK police on drunk driving and resisting arrest complaints. William Bernhardt II posted bail of just over $500 to get out of jail after his arrest. A police officer reportedly stopped Bernhardt after he witnessed him strike a curb twice. Police reports also state that Bernhardt failed to stop immediately and did not exit the vehicle when asked. Bernhardt was treated for injuries to his face after the officer, Joel Sense, pulled him from the vehicle and forced him to the ground.

US Airways Chief Doug Parker Completes Quickie Jail Sentence

Business Week magazine has reported that the CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker, has already completed the 24-hour jail sentence for a January drunken driving arrest outside Phoenix, AZ. According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Parker was put in a separate jail cell to ensure his safety. Parker was served bologna and water. "It doesn't matter what your position is. If you drink and drive, you're going to be arrested and go to jail," Arpaio reportedly said. Parker pleaded guilty in a Scottsdale City Court to one DUI charge and has publicly admitted that he has had several alcohol-related offenses in his past.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker Pleads Guilty to DUI Charges

US Airways CEO Doug Parker pleaded 'Guilty' in a Scottsdale, AZ city court for DUI charges stemming from a January 31 arrest. Parker was reportedly driving friends home from a golf tournament and was stopped for speeding. His blood alcohol level was reportedly .096, which is above the Arizona legal limit of .08. Parker has repeatedly apologized for the incident in press statements and admitted to several prior alcohol-related incidents. He was fined $1,646 and will spend one day in jail, according to the Associated Press.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker: DUI is Fourth Alcohol-Related Offense

US Airways CEO Doug Parker, 45, has admitted to US Airways employees and to the media that, in addition to his recent arrest in Arizona for driving under the influence of alcohol, he'd had three prior alcohol-related offenses. According to the Associated Press, US Airways released several statements after the media had learned that Parker had been stopped for speeding in late January after drinking at a golf course and was charged with a DUI after admitting to police that he'd been drinking. Parker later admitted that he'd had three prior "alcohol-related incidents" in his twenties. According to the statement, two were DUIs and the third was an alcohol-related offense while riding as a passenger in a friend's car while in college. Parker admitted that he was driving friends home from the golf course when he was stopped. According to media reports, his blood alcohol level was .096, which is above the legal limit of .08 in Arizona, though in his statement to employees, Parker said he'd only learned of the results through the media.

US Airways CEO Arrested for DUI

US Airways chief executive Doug Parker was arrested on a drunken driving charge after leaving a golf tournament in Scottsdale, AZ. According to Scottsdale police, Parker was reportedly stopped for driving more than 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. Parker was stopped on the same day that his airline's $9.8 billion bid to buy Delta Air Lines was rejected. Police reports have stated that Parker refused to take a breathalyzer and said he'd had two drinks in a two hour period. After he was booked, Parker reportedly took a blood test that showed an alleged blood alcohol level of .096, which is above the Arizona legal limit of .08. Parker is scheduled to appear in a Scottsdale Municipal Court February 21.

Top DUI Cop Gets DUI; Injures Ten People in Crash

A police officer honored two years ago for cracking down on drunken driving in Illinois has been charged with a felony DUI after causing a crash that injured ten people. Greg Heiken, 37, a 13-year veteran of the El Paso police department rear-ended an SUV, causing a chain reaction crash. In 2004, Heiken was honored by the Illinois Department of Transportation's safety division for making the most DUI arrests in Woodford County. He now faces three years in prison.

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