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Entertainment Celebrity DUI Spotlight

Movie and television stars do not always limit their entertainment to the big and small screens. Big-time entertainers captivate and create intrigue with their luxurious lifestyles, bad boy/girl images and frequent brush-ins with the law, especially when that trouble involves DUI. This point has been most recently apparent in the endless media attention being spent on Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, all of whom have been nabbed or punished for DUI in 2007.

While these bad girls may get all of the publicity, the Entertainment Celebrity DUI Spotlight is here to stroke the egos of those entertainers whom may not feel that they are getting enough attention for their DUI arrests. And if you're a big fan of sports, politics, music and the miscellaneous, you'll love our respective Celebrity DUI Spotlight sections on these areas of interest.

Entertainment Celebrity DUI Spotlight Updated October 30, 2007

Actor Sean Kanan Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Former soap star Sean Kanan has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor DUI charges after an August arrest in Los Angeles County, California. Kanan was convicted of DUI in 1998 and could face jail time if convicted of the August charges.

Tracy Morgan Violates Probation; Falls Off Wagon

While in court for a DUI progress report, comedian and star of sitcom 30 Rock said he had violated court orders by drinking in early August, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office. Morgan has been wearing an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet and will need to wear it for another 80 days now. If he violates court orders again, he may end up in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Disney Voiceover Artist of "Kim Possible" Series Arrested for DUI

Kirsten Storms, the voice of Bonnie Rockwaller on the children's animated television series "Kim Possible," has been arrested for DUI. Storms is also a soap opera actress who has appeared on television soaps General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. According to police reports, Storms was stopped by California Highway Police after she threw a lit cigarette out of her vehicle. Police reportedly noted the smell of alcohol and issued roadside sobriety tests to Storms. Storms was jailed and released after she posted $5,000 bond. No charges have been filed, and blood alcohol results have not been released.

Lane Garrison Back in Prison After Psych Evaluation

The Associated Press has reported that actor Lane Garrison is back in a Los Angeles jail awaiting sentencing for DUI vehicular manslaughter. The former "Prison Break" actor, 27, pleaded guilty in May to DUI manslaughter charges after he drove his car into a tree and killed a Beverly Hills teenager last December. Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Elden Fox ordered a 90-day psychological evaluation of Garrison before he will sentence the actor on October 31st. Garrison could face more than six years in prison. Garrison's attorney, Los Angeles legal legend Harland Braun, has reportedly said Garrison intends to take "full responsibility" for the teen's death.

Actor Sean Kanan Nabbed for DUI

E! News has reported that former General Hospital star Sean Kanan was charged with a misdemeanor DUI after an August arrest in Los Angeles County revealed that the actor had a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. Kanan was released on $30,000 bail. If convicted, he could face jail time. California DUI law requires that drivers who have more than one DUI conviction within a ten year period face mandatory time in jail. Kanan was convicted of DUI in 1998.

More Lohan Family Drama

You may have heard of this family before - the Lohan clan is back in the news this week. Dina Lohan had the restraining order lifted so that Michael Lohan could visit their daughter, Lindsay Lohan, in rehab this week. Reportedly Lindsay asked her mom to have the restraining order against her dad lifted.

Mama Dina reportedly made some snarky remark about Lindsay needing closure from all the abuse that the family allegedly suffered, and stated that is why she was willing to allow Michael to have a visit with his troubled daughter.

Lindsay cleared up her double DUI mess by making a plea arrangement and will serve just 1 day in jail. However, if Nicole Richie's time in jail is any indication, Lilo will actually only serve mere minutes behind bars. Her DUI defense attorney really negotiated a sweet deal for her. Let's hope that a third stint in rehab, two DUI arrests and a few minutes behind bars will be enough to straighten Lindsay out.

Busta Rhymes's Trial to Begin In November

This week Busta Rhymes, real name Trevor Smith, appeared in court again and found out that his trial for alleged assault, DUI and driving without a license will start on November 7th. The charges stem from four separate incidents and arrests during the last ten months.

Actor Austin Nichols Arrested for DUI

According to TMZ.com, Austin Nichols of "Deadwood" and "John from Cincinnati" was arrested in Jackson, Michigan for DUI. Nichols was reportedly stopped for driving the wrong way down a one way street. Police said that Nichols' blood alcohol content (BAC) was .10 percent, which is above the legal limit of .08 percent in Michigan. No injuries were reported.

Comedian Bill Murray's DUI Golf Cart Woes

Comedian Bill Murray, 56, could face DUI charges for allegedly driving a golf cart drunk during a golf tournament in Stockholm, Sweden. Murray reportedly refused to take a blood alcohol test when the former "Caddyshack" star was stopped by Stockholm police for driving the golf cart to a nearby restaurant. Police gave Murray a blood test instead. If found guilty, he could face jail time in Sweden.

Vivica Fox's Birthday Woes; Allegations She Drank

The New York Daily News has reported that Vivica A. Fox, currently under court order to not drink alcohol after a DUI in March, was spotted at the Sol nightclub celebrating her birthday. According to the newspaper, celebrity stylist Messiah McNair reportedly said, "I poured red wine for her into a can of Red Bull so she could drink. She asked me to do that." McNair's allegation could be sour grapes though as the New York Daily News also reported that McNair was peeved at Fox for leaking news that he wrote a $2,500 check to Fox that bounced. Fox reportedly celebrated the evening with rapper Remy Ma, who is charged with attempted murder, Star Jones Reynolds, and Shaquille O'Neal, among others. If true, the allegations that Fox drank wine would put her in hot water when she returns to Los Angeles Superior Court for her DUI arraignment.

Lindsay Lohan Admits Her Life is "Completely Unmanageable"

After two DUIs and several stints in rehab, Lindsay Lohan, 21, has released a statement that reads practically verbatim out of the AA handbook. "It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable, because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.Recently, I relapsed and did things for which I am ashamed," she said. "No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself. I thank God I did not injure others." Lohan's double DUI resulted in a plea deal that got her just one day in the slammer, three years probation, drug treatment and 18 months of alcohol education. Lohan is also forbidden from associating with drug users.

Rumors: Nicole Richie to Wed Joel Madden Before DUI Jail Time

Tabloids are aflutter with rampant rumors that Joel Madden will soon propose marriage to pregnant, DUI-challenged girlfriend Nicole Richie, and that the couple will marry before Richie begins her DUI jail sentence next month. Unnamed tabloid sources have said the couple will marry and spend a few days on a honeymoon before Richie will check into the Lynwood Correctional Facility in Los Angeles County on September 28. Tabloids have also reported that Lionel Richie has purchased a townhouse for his daughter and Madden. Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail as part of a DUI plea bargain for a December DUI arrest. Richie had a prior DUI drug arrest in 2004.

Comedian Tracy Morgan Talks About DUI: "I'm On the Lindsay Lohan Program"

Comedian Tracy Morgan told the Chicago Tribune recently that he is wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet as part of his DUI sentence and joked that he's "on the Lindsay Lohan program." Morgan was arrested for DUI last November in New York City and had a prior DUI in Los Angeles, California. A New York Court sentenced Morgan to a $1,000 fine, community service and a six month suspension of his driver's license in addition to the ankle bracelet requirement for his New York DUI. Morgan also joked, "If I drink, my foot blows up." Morgan will wear the ankle bracelet, which monitors alcohol intake, for another month. Actress Lindsay Lohan also wore a monitoring bracelet voluntarily before her most recent DUI arrest.

Vivica A. Fox Ordered to Stay Sober until DUI Arraignment

World Entertainment News Network has reported that a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge has ordered actress Vivica A. Fox to stay sober until her DUI arraignment in September. Fox was arrested for DUI earlier this year and could face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Former Bodyguard Speaks Out about Possible Lindsay Lohan DUI

Could it be a case of "sour grapes" for Lindsay Lohan's former bodyguard, who has claimed that he prevented the DUI-challenged Lohan from a possible DUI when he worked for her. Lohan has been charged twice this year with DUI and is currently in rehab for the third time. Tony Almeida told In Touch magazine that he drove Lohan home after a drunken car wreck on Mulholland Drive. "I drove her back home before the police arrived and her wrecked car was towed away." Almeida reportedly also made claims that Lohan was allowed to drink on her 16th birthday and shared a hotel room with then-boyfriend Aaron Carter. Lindsay's father Michael described Almeida as being "a liar."

Actor Lane Garrison to Undergo 90-Day Evaluation before DUI Manslaughter Sentencing

The Los Angeles Times has reported that a Los Angeles Superior Court has ordered actor Lane Garrison to undergo a 90-day evaluation to help a judge decide how to sentence him. Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving after a crash that killed a teenage passenger. The former "Prison Break" actor will be evaluated by parole officers and psychologists in a prison before his October 31 sentencing in the case. Garrison lost control of his vehicle last December and the resulting crash killed a Beverly Hills, California high school student. Garrison's blood alcohol content was reportedly .20, which is more than twice the California legal limit of .08. Police have also alleged that Garrison was driving under the influence of cocaine. Garrison could face up to six years in prison and reportedly cried at the recent hearing. "I relive that night every day, and I think about the bad decision I made...All I can say to you is, I'm so sorry," Garrison said.

Actor Brad Pitt 'Almost' Serves on DUI Jury Duty

Actor Brad Pitt was reportedly summoned to jury duty in Los Angeles, California. Pitt reportedly showed up for duty, according to reports by People magazine, and waited in a private room before he was called to join fellow potential jurors for an orientation. He was set to potentially hear a DUI case, but the defendant, who was unaware of the famous potential juror awaiting a trial, reportedly accepted a plea deal in the case and a jury was not required.

Dina Lohan's Email About Lindsay Lohan Made Public

Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's mother, has reportedly sent an email to friend Gina Glickman that has been published on the Internet. In the reported email, Dina Lohan spoke out about her headline-making daughter, who was arrested for DUI twice and entered rehab twice. "We are going through such a rough time," said Dina. "This is our life here, and addiction isn't funny," she said. Dina also commented on Jay Leno's skit on Lohan's difficulties, in which comedian Rob Schneider dressed up as Lohan. "I respect Jay, but it wasn't funny," she said. Lindsay Lohan has reportedly entered rehab after her second DUI arrest. She faces two felony charges and three misdemeanor charges in her latest incident. Her arraignment is set for August 24. No word on whether Glickman and Dina Lohan remain friends.

Paris Hilton Puts DUI Past Behind Her; Will Star in Musical

Paris Hilton has put her DUI past behind her and has made plans to star in a musical called "Repo! The Genetic Opera." She will star with Alexa Vega of "Spykids" and Paul Sorvino of "Goodfellas." Darren Lynn Bousman, director of the project, said that "Paris came in and owned it." Hilton will sing both rock and opera in the role.

Jail Time for Pregnant Nicole Richie

"Simple Life" star Nicole Richie, who recently admitted that rumors she is pregnant are true, will spend four days in jail after pleading guilty to DUI charges stemming from an arrest last December. Richie had a prior DUI on her record, from 2004. "I could have killed someone," she told OK magazine, "I think it was a blessing in disguise." After she serves her time, Richie said she plans to wed rocker boyfriend Joel Madden. Richie must complete her jail sentence before September 28. Although California law mandates repeat DUI offenders to spend a minimum of three months in jail, Richie's sentence was reduced to only four days as part of a plea deal that she accept a three-year probation term.

Lindsay Lohan's DUI Tape Released

Reuters news service has reported that the Santa Monica City Attorney's office has released a 911 audiotape of the call from the woman who was being chased in her car by Lindsay Lohan minutes before Lohan was arrested for her most recent DUI. The woman, who is reportedly the mother of Lohan's personal assistant, was heard pleading for help on the published 911 tape because Lohan was chasing her. The woman was not aware that the person chasing her was Lohan, however. Police arrested Lohan after she reportedly had an altercation with her assistant and smelled of alcohol. She was released on $25,000 bail. Her arraignment is set for August 24.

Matthew Roloff of "Little People, Big World" Arrested for DUI

"Little Person" Matthew Roloff, star of the reality show "Little People, Big World," was arrested for DUI after officers in Washington County, Oregon noticed that his vehicle was weaving on the road. Roloff reportedly failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. This is the star's second DUI offense. In 2003, Roloff was reportedly arrested for DUI in Multnomah County, Oregon, though charges were eventually dismissed. Roloff was born with a medical condition called diastrophic dysplasia. His wife and one of his sons have a condition called achondroplasia. Both conditions cause extreme shortness. The couple also has three children of normal size.

Lane Garrison Tapes Emotional DUI Public Service Announcement

Actor Lane Garrison, former star of the television show "Prison Break," has taped a public service announcement to prevent others from making the same mistake he did when he killed a Beverly Hills teenager in a drunk driving accident last December. Garrison pleaded guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter, felony DUI, and a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to minors. His blood alcohol content was reportedly .15 after the accident, which is nearly twice the legal limit of .08 in California. In the public service announcement, Garrison is shown with tears in his eyes, citing DUI statistics and saying "Ask yourself if you've ever driven after having a few drinks or have gotten into a car with someone who has been drinking," the actor said. "If you answered yes, you were lucky." Garrison faces up to six years in jail and will be sentenced soon.

Lindsay Lohan's DUI Déjà vu

The Associated Press and other media outlets have reported that actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again for DUI. Lohan, 21, was reportedly arrested in Santa Monica, California for drunk driving and cocaine possession after an assistant's mother called the police on her. Lohan reportedly failed a field sobriety test and had a blood alcohol content of .12, which is above the California legal limit of .08. Police reportedly searched Lohan's vehicle and found cocaine also. Lohan's arrest comes just 11 days after she left rehab for the second time. Lohan released a statement saying the cocaine was not hers and claimed she was "innocent" of all charges. The "Mean Girls" star still faces a prior DUI charge from last May, when she was arrested and charged with DUI after crashing her car in Los Angeles. Lohan is set to appear in court for both DUI cases August 24. Lohan is also being sued for an October 2005 incident in which she allegedly crashed her car into a van. The van owner claims Lohan was drunk at the time. If convicted of the two DUI charges, Lohan could be sentenced to more than five years behind bars.

Actor Shemar Moore Takes DUI Plea Deal

"Criminal Minds" actor Shemar Moore took a DUI plea deal and was sentenced to 36 months' probation and 80 hours of community service work. The actor pleaded no contest to DUI charges stemming from an early June incident in which he was stopped for speeding and reportedly flunked a blood alcohol test. DUI charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.

Lindsay Lohan to Appear in Court Next Month for DUI

Lindsay Lohan's next court date has been scheduled for August 24. Lohan turned herself into Beverly Hills Police, who have officially charged her with a DUI after she crashed her car into a curb on Sunset Boulevard and reportedly left the scene of the accident. Lohan's blood alcohol content was allegedly above the state legal limit of .08.

Actor Nick Nolte Photos: Maybe He's Off the Wagon

TMZ.com has reported that actor Nick Nolte, who made headlines in 2002 for a DUI arrest before DUI arrests were a celebrity fashion trend, was recently photographed at an airport in Hawaii where he was reportedly lying on the floor and drifting "in and out of consciousness." Photos show a disheveled Nolte lying on the floor with eyes half-open and gawkers staring down at him. Nolte was reportedly set to begin filming "Tropic Thunder" in Hawaii with Robert Downey, Jr., Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, and Jack Black. Nolte was convicted of DUI in 2002 and has spoken publicly about his battles with substance abuse. "I've never hidden the fact that I'm an addict and had troubles through the years," he told "Entertainment Tonight" in prior interviews.

Lindsay Lohan Wearing Optional Ankle Bracelet

Perhaps it's the new celebrity fashion accessory of the season. Lindsay Lohan, who has been newly rehabbed and is awaiting a DUI court date on August 24, has been reportedly wearing an optional alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet as part of her new sobriety. Though Lohan has not been required by law to wear the bracelet like DUI-challenged celebrities Tracy Morgan, Michelle Rodriguez and the rap star Eve, Lohan's spokesperson said she's wearing the bracelet to quell any "questions about her sobriety." Lohan was cited for DUI after a car accident last May in Los Angeles. She entered rehab two days later after she was photographed passed out in a car after a late night of partying.

Busta Rhymes Rejects DUI Plea Deal

Singer Busta Rhymes has reportedly rejected a Manhattan prosecutor's attempt to strike a plea deal with him in a DUI assault case against him. Rhymes, 35, is accused of assaulting two men, driving drunk, and driving with a suspended license. The Manhattan Criminal Court prosecutor had offered Rhymes one year in jail for all four cases, however Rhymes' attorney complained that the prosecutors had made "the same offer" that had been previously declined, "and it's one which Busta adamantly rejects." Rhymes has been arrested four times in one year. He is scheduled to face all four charges separately.

Nicole Richie's DUI Trial Delayed Until August

Nicole Richie's attorneys were successful in postponing Richie's scheduled DUI trial. A Los Angeles court commissioner agreed to postpone Richie's trial until August 16 because an expert witness was reportedly unable to testify. Richie was arrested last year for driving the wrong way on a Los Angeles, California freeway. She reportedly admitted to police officers that she had smoked marijuana and had taken the pain killer Vicodin. Richie is currently on probation for a 2004 drug violation. If convicted of DUI, she may face jail time for violation probation.

"Laguna Beach" Star Jessica Smith Pleads Guilty to DUI

Jessica Smith of MTV's reality series, "Laguna Beach," has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DUI, according to an Orange County, California District Attorney's office. Smith was sentenced to three years of probation, community service and $1,300 in fines. Smith was arrested in March after she crashed her car into another vehicle on a California freeway. While Smith's blood alcohol content was not released, a passenger in her vehicle and a man in the car she hit were both injured in the accident. The police report said "bad weather" may have played a role in the accident.

Nicole Richie's Court Date Delayed; Lawyer Says They'll Fight

Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton's "Simple Life" co-star with DUI challenges of her own, has been granted a postponement on her next court date. Los Angeles judge Steven Lubell rescheduled Richie's new trial date for July 11 though he warned that he would not postpone the case any further. Richie was charged with a DUI in December after she allegedly admitted to police that she had smoked marijuana and had taken the pain killer Vicodin. If convicted, Richie may face mandatory jail time for a possible probation violation from a prior 2003 DUI conviction. In California, jail time is mandatory for anyone who is convicted of more than one DUI in a ten year period. Meanwhile, Richie fueled ongoing rumors that she is pregnant by refusing to drink alcohol at a recent Hollywood premiere.

Paris Hilton Returns to Lynwood Correctional Facility

Legally challenged socialite Paris Hilton has been transferred out of the Los Angeles Twin Towers medical ward and has been returned to the Lynwood Correctional Facility, where she is now in a "step down" unit. Hilton will reportedly remain there to serve the remainder of her 45 day sentence for a DUI probation violation. Hilton will reportedly be released from jail on June 25, according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesperson. Hilton can receive two visitors on weekends, and is allowed limited phone contact.

Nicole Richie's Friend Confirms Pregnancy, Says Page Six

Tabloids have been buzzing for weeks with rumors that "Simple Life" star Nicole Richie is pregnant, and the New York Post has reported that a friend Richie has confirmed that the rumors are true and that Richie is hoping that her medical condition will keep her from going to jail for a DUI probation violation like her co-star and friend, Paris Hilton. Others have dismissed the rumors of a "baby bump," saying the distended stomach is caused by malnutrition. Richie will soon appear in court to face charges that she violated probation from a prior drug charge after she was arrested last year for reportedly driving on a Los Angeles freeway under the influence of marijuana and the painkiller Vicodin. If found to be in violation of probation, Richie will face jail time.

Playboy Playmate Jennifer Lynn Jackson Arraigned for DUI

Videotape published on Internet

Former Playboy Playmate Jennifer Lynn Jackson was arraigned on DUI charges in Oberlin, Ohio. Jackson was reportedly videotaped while failing to perform three field sobriety tests and fell into oncoming traffic at one point. The videotape can be seen on several sites on the Internet. Police said they found open beer, marijuana, rolling papers, and allegedly stolen cigarettes in Jackson's vehicle when she was stopped. A pre-trial hearing has been set for July 11.

Vivica Fox Accused DUI Cops of Racism, Says Police Report

A recently released police report said actress Vivica Fox exhibited signs of intoxication and had called a California Highway Patrolman a "racist white cop" during her arrest. The California Highway Patrol recently released its official report of Fox's March arrest after she was spotted speeding and weaving on a Los Angeles, California freeway. The report claims that Fox "began to walk away, yelling.'Brother, help a sister, are you going to let this racist white cop do this.Well, are you?" Fox was held in a Van Nuys, California jail and later released on her own recognizance. Her arraignment is scheduled for July 19.

Shemar Moore Skips DUI Rap; Charges Dismissed

TMZ.com has reported that actor Shemar Moore, 37, faced the same judge as Paris Hilton when he went to court for DUI charges but had a better legal outcome than Hilton. Moore took a plea deal, pleading no contest to speeding in exchange for having two DUI charges dismissed by Los Angeles Superior Court judge Michael T. Sauer. Sauer dismissed the DUI charges and sentenced Moore to community service, 36 months probation and a $1,400 fine. Moore's blood alcohol level was .08 when he was arrested for two counts of DUI last month. California's legal limit is .08.

Vivica A. Fox Says She Regrets DUI Arrest

Actress Vivica A. Fox has reportedly said that she regrets her DUI arrest last March. "It was a huge learning lesson," she told reporters at the Daytime Emmy Awards, "I won't ever make that mistake again." Fox, 42, was stopped for speeding and arrested for a DUI after she failed a field sobriety test. Her blood alcohol was reportedly above the California legal limit of .08, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Lindsay Lohan's Estranged Father Speaks Out on Lohan's DUI, Reported Drug Usage

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father has told E! Online that Lohan suffers from alcoholism and is addicted to the painkiller Oxycontin. Lohan, 20, is now in rehab following a DUI arrest and a reported incident in which she was seen partying and then photographed passed out in the passenger seat of a friend's car. Her father Michael Lohan said, "I spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was getting the right care." Lindsay has been estranged from her father, who served two years in prison for a DUI and other charges.

Comedian Tracy Morgan Talks About DUI; Says He's Sober Now

The Associated Press has reported that comedian Tracy Morgan, who pleaded guilty to DUI charges in New York recently, has spoken publicly about his alcohol problems. "I'm not perfect," he said, "I'm like anyone else. Driving under the influence isn't cool. I have kids and I don't want anyone to get the wrong message about that. It's something I've resolved in my life. Things got a little bumpy and it was taken care of. And I feel great about it and feel good in my sobriety." Morgan will host Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" awards June 13 and will wear an alcohol monitoring device around his ankle. Morgan has previously pleaded no contest to a DUI in Los Angeles.

Lane Garrison Said to Be "Deeply Sorry" for DUI Manslaughter

People magazine has reported that actor Lane Garrison, 27, is said to be "deeply sorry" for a December DUI accident in Los Angeles, California that killed a Beverly Hills high school student. Friend Amaury Nolasco said, "He is holding on, under the circumstances." Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and two DUI-related charges. He faces a maximum sentence of six years and eight months in jail. He will be sentenced August 2. Nolasco said, "He is very deeply sorry, of course. He's stepping up to the plate and taking whatever the consequences. He wants to help make amends."

Lindsay Lohan Goes to Rehab after DUI Arrest

Actress Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab after being arrested for DUI and possession of a substance that police have tentatively called cocaine. After her arrest, Lohan was spotted at nightclubs, then photographed unconscious in the passenger seat of a car. She entered Promises treatment center in Malibu the next day. Lohan is expected to stay in rehab for at least 30 days. Lohan's DUI court arraignment has been set for August 24.

Jail Prepares for Paris Hilton's Arrival

The celebrity news website TMZ.com has reported that officials at the Century Regional Detention Center are busy preparing for the June 5 arrival of DUI-challenged party girl Paris Hilton. Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating DUI probation. According to TMZ, the Lynwood, California detention center has already chosen a cell mate for the heiress and has swept the facility to clear it of cameras, cell phones, bugging devices or anything else electronic. A memo has reportedly been sent to staff members, warning them that they will be fired if caught taking photos of Hilton while incarcerated.

Reality Show Star Jessica Smith Arrested for DUI

"Laguna Beach" reality star Jessica Smith was recently arrested on felony DUI charges after she crashed her car into another vehicle on a California freeway. California Highway Police have reported that Smith injured two others in the crash and was being held on $100,000 bond.

Lindsay Lohan Joins Celebrity DUI Club

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who was treated in rehab less than a year ago, was booked on suspicion of DUI after she wrecked her car on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California by driving into a curb. According to police reports, Lohan's car contained a small amount of a substance that was tentatively identified as cocaine. She was treated for minor injuries at an area hospital and arrested after she was released. Her two passengers were not hurt. The crash was Lohan's third in three years.

Nicole Richie Denies She's In Rehab

Nicole Richie's representatives have vehemently denied reports that Nicole Richie is back in rehab. According to TMZ.com, Richie is "doing fine" in Glendale, California. Both the National Enquirer and Star magazine reported that Richie, reportedly in tears, checked herself into rehab to fight anorexia and an addiction to painkillers. Richie's spokespeople, however, say that she has not returned to rehab and that although recovery is "an ongoing process," Richie remains completely sober. Richie may face jail time after she was charged with a DUI for driving the wrong way on a California freeway. The DUI violates a prior probation, and California law mandates jail time for probation violations.

Actor Lane Garrison Pleads Guilty to DUI

The former "Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison, whose character was killed off from the television show this season, has pleaded guilty to a December DUI incident in which a 17-year old Beverly Hills High School student died. Garrison's blood alcohol was reportedly more than twice the legal limit when he drove his vehicle into a tree, killing one passenger and injuring two others. Garrison has been spotted taking the public bus system since the incident, has apologized publicly, and told reporters that he will accept full responsibility for his actions. He could face up to six years in prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

Paris Hilton Drops Plans to Appeal DUI Jail Sentence

Reuters News Services has reported that socialite Paris Hilton's attorneys have dropped plans to appeal Hilton's 45-day jail sentence after they learned that Hilton will be spending only half of the sentence in jail if she is accorded time off for good behavior. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Hilton will likely serve only 23 days in jail under state guidelines. After the announcement, Hilton's attorneys withdrew their petition to appeal the sentence. Hilton has been ordered to report to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California on June 5 for violating probation on her DUI.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Split

Nicole Richie, who may face jail time for violating DUI probation like her "Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton, has reportedly split from boyfriend and Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden, according to media reports. The relationship reportedly ended when the couple traveled to Australia. Madden had recently made public statements that he found heroin "tempting." Richie was treated in the past for heroin addiction. However, friends of Madden have reportedly claimed that the relationship ended because Madden claimed Richie was "too clingy."

Extreme Makeover's Hunky Ty Pennington Arrested for DUI

Ty Pennington, star of the popular television show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and former "Trading Spaces" star was arrested in Los Angeles for drunken driving. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, Pennington was released on $5,000 bond shortly after his arrest and will appear in the Los Angeles Municipal court June 4. Pennington released a statement that said, "We all make mistakes, however, this is about accountability. Under no circumstances should anyone consume alcohol while driving. I could have jeopardized the lives of others and I am grateful there was no accident or harm done to anyone. This was my wakeup call." Pennington apologized to fans, ABC, and to his design team for his "lapse in judgment and the embarrassment I have caused."

Paris Hilton Gets the 45 Days in the Pokey Starting June 5

The "Simple Life" actress Paris Hilton, 26, will spend time in jail beginning June 5. Although sentenced to 45 days for violating parole after a DUI, Hilton is likely to spend as few as 22 days in the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. If Hilton fails to report for her jail time, her sentence will increase to 90 days. Hilton's mother Kathy called the sentence "a joke" and said, "This is pathetic and disgusting." Hilton's attorney also called the sentence "uncalled for, inappropriate, and borderline ludicrous." Hilton reportedly fired her publicist after the sentence, claiming he told her she could drive. Hilton was stopped in February for driving with headlights off and charged with driving on a suspended license and violating DUI probation. Hilton admitted to the judge that she had not read court papers stating that her license had been suspended.

Comedian Tracy Morgan Tells TMZ to Scram Over DUI Talk

Comedian "30 Rock" actor Tracy Morgan told TMZ photographers, "Stop writing bad things about me, man!" concerning the DUI that will put him in court soon to be fitted for an ankle bracelet that will monitor his intake of alcohol. Morgan has agreed not to drink while wearing the bracelet. Morgan also told TMZ's team that he will be working with Ice Cube in an upcoming movie.

Nicole Richie's Boyfriend Joel Madden Admits Heroin is Tempting

The boyfriend of DUI-challenged Nicole Richie has admitted to Blender magazine that he finds heroin tempting. Joel Madden of the rock group Good Charlotte said, "Without cigarettes, I would be doing heroin, probably, on a daily basis." Madden's girlfriend Nicole Richie battled a heroin addiction in 2003 and was sent to rehab after being charged with possession of the drug. Several months ago, she was charged with a DUI after leaving Madden's house and reportedly told police she had smoked marijuana before driving and had taken Vicodin. Richie may face jail time for probation violations.

Comedian Tracy Morgan Takes Ankle Bracelet DUI Plea Deal

The celebrity news website TMZ.com has reported that comedian Tracy Morgan has accepted a plea deal that will have him wearing an ankle bracelet in exchange for staying out of jail. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered Morgan to participate in a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring program, called SCRAM for short, which monitors for alcohol vapors, for 90 days. Morgan also agreed to perform five days of community service. Morgan must participate in the program because he was arrested last November for DUI in New York City, and that arrest violated his probation from a prior arrest in Los Angeles. Morgan is scheduled to appear in court again in Los Angeles May 25.

Yancy Butler DUI

Actress Yancy Butler, 36, has applied for a state program which could result in dismissal of DUI charges against her, if she completes the program successfully. Butler has reportedly been in rehab since shortly after her mid-March arrest, when she drove off the road and struck a guard rail, according to her attorney. Butler had also been charged prior to that with disorderly conduct. If Butler is approved to participate in the state program, she would attend 10 or 15 classes and possibly sit in on an "impact panel" of DUI victims.

Chris Rock's Possible Baby Mama Has Prior DUI, Criminal Record, Says TMZ

TMZ.com has reported that Kali Bowyer, the woman who claims that comedian Chris Rock is the father of her 13-year old son, is no stranger to run-ins with the law. The celebrity news website claims that Bowyer, 36, was convicted of a DUI in Georgia, was charged with theft last summer, and is also facing charges that she was running a cell phone scam. Police have also confirmed that Bowyer has a long list of domestic disturbance calls and "strange encounters" with police. Rock recently filed court papers in Georgia stating that if he is found to be the father, he will offer child support.

Comedian Rip Torn Takes DUI Plea Deal, Skips Trial

Comedian Rip Torn, who had recently asked for a no-jury trial on his DUI charges in North Salem, New York, changed his mind and pleaded Guilty to a lesser charge of driving while impaired. Torn was fined and will lose his license for 90 days. The actor and comedian was arrested for DUI last December after he hit a tractor-trailer in North Salem, which is about 60 miles outside of New York City. Torn had been arrested on drunk driving charges in 2004 but was acquitted by a jury.

Paris Hilton Says If She Gets Jail Time Her "Life Is Over"

If Paris Hilton has reportedly told friends that if she is sentenced to 90 days in the cooler for violation of her DUI probation, her career and life would be "over." Britain's More magazine quoted a source as saying, "She knows she'll lose a lot of work if she gets a reputation as someone who has done time.She's the butt of quite a few jokes in Los Angeles these days and she hates it. She's been crying a lot, especially when she's been drinking, and is scared that her life is falling apart." In a January plea deal for her September DUI, Hilton pleaded No Contest to reckless driving and was placed on 36 months probation. In February, she was ticketed for driving without her headlight on and for driving with a suspended license. Hilton reportedly claimed that she was not aware that her license had been suspended.

Actor Rip Torn Requests Non-Jury Trial for DUI Charges

Actor Rip Torn has requested a non-jury trial for his December DUI charge after he reportedly lost control of his vehicle and hit a tractor in North Salem, NY. Torn refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene. The trial is schedule for June. This is his second DUI charge. He was acquitted of his first DUI in a jury trial in New York City in 2004.

Actor Lane Garrison Postpones Vehicular Manslaughter Court Date

Actor Lane Garrison, who has been charged with two counts of Felony DUI and one count of Vehicular Manslaughter, has pushed back his arraignment so his attorney, Harland Braun, can work out a plea deal with prosecutors. The actor will reportedly plead Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter on May 21 for killing a Beverly Hills High School student in a car crash last December. If convicted of all charges, Garrison could face nearly seven years in prison.

Actor Lane Garrison Shoots Drunk Driving Commercial

Actor Lane Garrison, who has been charged with vehicular manslaughter for a DUI crash that killed a 17-year old student, has filmed a public service announcement warning others of the dangers of drunk driving. Garrison, 26, faces up to seven years in prison if convicted. He will appear in court again April 11.

Director Bob Clark's Killer Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Manslaughter

Hector Velazquez-Nava, 24, the man accused of causing the crash that killed film director Bob Clark and his son, pleaded not guilty to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Velazquez-Nava remains in the Van Nuys jail, with bail set at $200,000, according to the Los Angeles Times. The man reportedly had a blood alcohol content that was more than three times the legal limit of .08 in California. Federal authorities have said that the man is a native of Mexico and was possibly in the U.S. illegally. The crash killed Clark and his son Ariel, 22. Clark directed the films "A Christmas Story" and "Porky's."

Nicole Richie Launches Perfume Line Amidst DUI Woes

"Simple Life" star Nicole Richie reportedly plans to launch a line of fragrance and accessories products amidst her DUI and probation woes. Her collection will reportedly include jewelry, perfume, sunglasses, and a style book. Richie's television co-star Paris Hilton also has a similar line of products that she hawks. The pair are both facing probation violations and possible jail time after being charged with DUI.

Tennessee Entertainment Reporter Brad Schmidt Charged with DUI

Popular Tennessee TV entertainment reporter and former Tennessean columnist Brad Schmitt was arrested and charged with DUI after he was stopped on an Interstate for weaving in and out of his lane. According to the police report, Schmidt admitted that he had been drinking, but refused to take a breathalyzer test. He is expected to return to court on May 8.

Director Bob Clark and Son Killed by Drunk Driver; Driver Gets Felony DUI

Film director Bob Clark, best known for the movies "A Christmas Story" and "Porky's" was killed by a drunk driver. Clark and his son Ariel, 22, who was also killed in the crash, were hit head-on in Pacific Palisades, CA, when another vehicle swerved into the opposite traffic lane. The intoxicated driver of the vehicle, Hector Velasquez, 24, of Los Angeles is currently hospitalized but will be charged with DUI, gross vehicular manslaughter and driving with no license, according to a police spokesperson. The blood alcohol content of the driver was not released.

Paris Hilton's New Problem: Potential Time in the Pokey

The Los Angeles City Attorney's office announced that Paris Hilton violated her DUI probation when she was stopped in February for speeding and driving on a suspended license. The "Simple Life" starlet reportedly told police she was not aware that her license had been suspended. Hilton's hearing has been set for April 17. If Hilton is found to have violated the terms of probation, her probation may be revoked and the hotel heiress may be required to spend time in jail. Hilton's "Simple Life" co-star Nicole Richie, may also face jail time for DUI probation violations.

Former "Laguna Beach" Actress Jessica Smith Arrested for DUI

Jessica Smith, 19, who once starred on the hit television show, "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," was arrested on felony DUI charges after she crashed her car into another vehicle on the Santa Ana Freeway. According to California Highway Police, the accident injured Lindsay Cooper, 20, a passenger in Smith's vehicle, along with Roy Hernandez, the driver of the other vehicle. Bail for Smith was set at $100,000.

Mel Gibson Rips Into "Apocalypto" Protestor

Mel Gibson, whose infamous DUI arrest in Malibu made headlines around the world, reportedly cursed out a California State University Professor who accused Gibson of racially stereotyping Mayans in Gibson's film, "Apocalypto." During a film series, Alicia Estrada, a professor of Central American Studies, reportedly told Gibson in front of more than 100 students that Gibson's portrayal of Mayan human sacrifice was inaccurate. According to student reports and TMZ.com, Gibson initially responded to the woman calmly but when her protest persisted, he said, "[Expletive] off, lady! Get a history book and read. Make your own movie!" The comments reportedly caused an uproar; a campus police officer removed Estrada from the scene. Gibson was arrested in Malibu last July for DUI and made headlines with his angry anti-Semitic slurs and sexist comments made to police officers.

Actress Yancy Butler Skips Out on DUI Court Hearing

Actress Yancy Butler failed to appear twice in a Bantam, CA Superior Court on DUI and drug charges. The former "Witchblade" actress was excused from a scheduled hearing because she was reportedly hospitalized, but failed to show up the next day for the rescheduled hearing. Assistant State's Attorney Magdalena Campos reportedly told news sources that she had issued an arrest warrant for Butler after she failed to appear for the second hearing, however, the Judge also issued a "stay" on the arrest warrant until April 2, giving Butler an opportunity to explain why she has not appeared in court. Campos said the proceedings are typical when there is a chance that a defendant is undergoing treatment. Butler was arrested for DUI in early March after she crashed her car into a guard rail. In February, Butler was held for two days on disorderly conduct charges after an argument with her boyfriend.

Vivica A. Fox Charged with DUI

Actress Vivica A. Fox was charged with misdemeanor DUI in Los Angeles. Fox was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after she was stopped for speeding past a marked police car on Highway 101. She was charged with one count of DUI and one count of having a blood alcohol level above California's legal limit. According to a spokesperson from the prosecutor's office, Fox's blood alcohol content was .09, which is above the state's legal limit of .08. Fox will be arraigned on May 17.

Writer William Bernhardt Arrested for Second DUI in a Month

Oklahoma crime writer William Bernhardt was arrested for a second DUI in Jenks, OK, after a caller tipped police about a hit and run car accident. The caller had recorded Bernhardt's plate numbers, and police then followed the author, reportedly watching him almost hit a motorcycle and nearly hit a guardrail. According to police reports, the officer said he smelled alcohol and Bernhardt admitted he'd been drinking. A breathalyzer test reportedly showed a blood alcohol content of .24, which is three times the Oklahoma legal limit of .08. Bernhardt was also arrested in Tulsa in late February for a DUI.

'Soul Food' Actress Vivica A. Fox Arrested for DUI

Actress Vivica A. Fox was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, according to the California Highway Patrol. Fox was reportedly stopped for speeding on a Los Angeles freeway and showed signs of intoxication. According to a California Highway Police spokesperson, Fox's blood alcohol content was above the .08 California legal limit.

Possible Jail Time Not Nicole Richie's Only Concern

Health Woes Plague Young Starlet Nicole Richie, who co-stars with Paris Hilton on the television reality show, "The Simple Life," has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. The diagnosis of low blood sugar was confirmed by Richie's spokesperson. In early March, Richie was treated for dehydration after collapsing on the set of her television show. Richie's new diagnosis adds to the starlet's existing stress, as she may face jail time for getting a second DUI last December. Richie has pleaded Not Guilty to the misdemeanor charge and a pre-trial hearing has been set for April 2. When arrested in December, Richie was already on probation for a prior violation, and California law could put her in jail. Her "Simple Life" co-star, Paris Hilton, may also face jail time for two DUI and probation-related arrests.

Actress Yancy Butler arrested for DUI

The Associated Press has reported that "Witchblade" actress Yancy Butler was arrested for DUI in Sharon, CT after crashing her car into a guard rail. Butler was also charged last month with disorderly conduct after an argument with a former romantic interest. Butler was released on $500 bond. She is scheduled to appear in Bantam Superior Court March 26.

Lane Garrison Speaks Out on Manslaughter Charges, Deadly Crash, and DUI

Actor Lane Garrison told People magazine that he is haunted by the December car crash that killed a high school student who was riding in his car. The actor reportedly said, "I pray every day for all the families involved.I realize I will live with a sense of guilt for the rest of my life." Garrison's vehicle crashed into a tree in Beverly Hills, killing Vahagn Setian, 17. Two others were injured in the crash. Garrison was reportedly found to have ingested cocaine and alcohol. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 11, when he is due to enter a plea. If convicted, he will face up to six years in prison.

Nicole Richie Treated for Dehyrdration

Nicole Richie, who made headlines last October after she received a DUI after driving the wrong way down a freeway, reportedly left the set of her "The Simple Life" television show to be treated at a Los Angeles hospital for dehydration. According to several media reports, Richie received intravenous fluids and was released. Both Richie and her "The Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton may face jail time stemming from DUI charges.

Robert Downey, Jr: "Mel Gibson Helped Me" with DUI Arrests

Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr. told the Toronto Star he has been sober for nearly three years, and that actor friend Mel Gibson, whose Malibu DUI last year was much publicized, had helped him through Downey's repeated DUI and drug arrests during his struggles with alcohol, cocaine, and heroine addiction. The actor said Gibson supported him while he spent a year in prison and gave him a role in "The Singing Detective," which Gibson produced, when everyone else in Hollywood refused to give him a job. "People who are alcoholics will make connections with each other because they tend to leapfrog with sobrieties and relapses until they both make it or both don't make it or one does and survives the other," said Downey. Of Gibson's DUI, Downey said it helped him realize how easy it could be to relapse: "It gave me pause to think about how formidable and cunning addiction is," he said, "It is a terrible, terrible, evil and tragic disease."

Nicole Richie's DUI Hearing Set for April 2: Pleads Not Guilty

Nicole Richie's pre-trial hearing for her DUI charge has been set for April 2. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, Richie's attorney entered a 'Not Guilty' plea one day before it was due, presumably to avoid a media frenzy over the court proceeding. Richie was not required to be present when the plea was entered. Richie could face up to one year in jail if found guilty of driving under the influence. She was charged in December, after driving the wrong way on a California freeway. Richie reported admitted to police that she had been using Vicodin and had smoked marijuana.

Paris Hilton Nabbed for Driving with Suspended License from DUI

Paris Hilton, who recently copped a probation plea deal for her infamous DUI, could have her probation revoked and possibly be sentenced to jail time for driving with a suspended drivers license. Hilton was charged with DUI in September but pleaded "No Contest" to a lesser charge of reckless driving and was sentenced to three years of probation. The latest ticket could violate probation. Hilton's television co-star on "The Simple Life," Nicole Richie, may also face jail time for DUI-related probation violations. Hilton was stopped by police for speeding and driving with her headlights off, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney's office.

'Good Fellas' Star Ray Liotta Charged with DUI

The man who convincingly portrayed real-life gangster Henry Hill has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor DUI. Actor Ray Liotta, 52, was arrested after he crashed his vehicle into two parked cars in Pacific Palisades, CA, according to Los Angeles police. Nobody was injured in the crash. Liotta was released on $15,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court March 19.

Nicole Richie Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges

Nicole Richie's lawyer entered a 'Not Guilty' plea to Nicole Richie's DUI charges stemming from a December arrest last year, in which Richie was stopped for driving the wrong way on a freeway. Richie reportedly admitted to police that she had smoked marijuana and was reportedly taking the prescription medication Vicodin. Richie did not accompany her lawyer to court. A pretrial conference has been scheduled for April 2. If Richie is found guilty, she may face jail time because had a prior DUI conviction in June 2003.

Joel Madden Reportedly Offers to Pay Nicole's Richie's DUI Bills

In Touch magazine reported that Nicole Richie's boyfriend, Joel Madden, "feels so bad" about Richie's December DUI that he has offered to pay her legal bills. According to the celebrity gossip magazine, Richie was leaving Madden's home after the couple argued, and Madden feels responsible. Richie was stopped after driving the wrong way on a freeway, and admitted to police that she had smoked marijuana and taken Vicodin. Richie may face jail time if convicted of the offense.

Michelle Rodriguez Complains About her DUI Ankle Bracelet

Former "Lost" actress Michelle Rodriguez has publicly railed against the ankle bracelet that she has to wear as part of May 2006 sentence for a December 2005 DUI and for violating the DUI probation. On her website, Rodriguez wrote that the ankle bracelet, which she wore February 6 to a New York Fashion Show, "is like a freaking VCR, and why do they care if I drink, what am I gonna do, drink and walk over someone, I have no license." Rodriguez also said, "This level of control just isn't necessary."

Comedian Tracy Morgan Pleads Guilty to DUI

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, 38, accepted a plea deal in a Manhattan Criminal Court, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor DUI charge in exchange for a conditional discharge. Conditional discharge means that if Morgan meets conditions set by the court, the case against him will be dismissed. The conditions set by Judge Ellen Coin are that Morgan enter a physician-supervised alcohol program, pay a $1,000 fine, do an as-yet undetermined amount of community service, and avoid being arrested for six months. Morgan stars on the sitcom "30 Rock" and is a former cast member of "Saturday Night Live." He was arrested in late November and charged with a misdemeanor DUI. This was his second DUI.

Lane Garrison's Blood Alcohol Level More Than Twice Legal Limit, Say Police

Beverly Hills police have announced that blood tests have revealed that actor Lane Garrison's blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit in California. In a press conference, the Beverly Hill police also alleged that Garrison was under the influence of cocaine when his SUV hit a tree and killed a Beverly Hills high school student. Garrison's high-powered attorney, Harland Braun, has called the police announcement "totally irresponsible." The L.A. County District Attorney's office is reviewing Garrison's case and may possibly charge him with felony manslaughter.

"Prison Break" Star Lane Garrison May Be Charged with DUI, Felony Manslaughter

The Associated Press has reported that Beverly Hills police will recommend charging "Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison with gross vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving in connection with a fatal collision in December that killed a 17-year-old high school student, Vahaghn Setian. A police investigation was submitted to the District Attorney's Office in Los Angeles, which will decide whether to file felony manslaughter and DUI charges. According to police, Garrison was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. Garrison's attorney, Los Angeles legal heavyweight Harland Braun, has told AP that Garrison will voluntarily surrender when charges are filed. "Mr. Garrison is not worried about himself," Braun said in a telephone interview with City News Service. "He feels terrible about the young man who was killed, and his family. That's what is tearing him up inside."

Paris Hilton Stops Embarrassing Website - Temporarily

Paris Hilton has obtained a temporary injunction from a federal judge against a website that had planned to capitalize on her fame and recent DUI by selling her belongings and personal information to strangers online. Bardia Persa had purchased a storage bin full of Hilton's belongings from a storage company auction, reportedly for $10 million. Paris Hilton's injunction temporarily prohibits Persa from selling Hilton's health information, Social Security number, phone numbers, addresses, banking and financial information and "photographs, videos, and writings depicting [Paris Hilton] in a sexual manner not previously exposed to public viewing." Hilton recently pleaded "No Contest" in a plea deal stemming from a September incident in which her alcohol content was found to be .08. Hilton claimed to have had only one drink and nothing to eat on the day she was stopped.

Website Capitalizes on Paris Hilton's DUI Fame

Parisexposed.com website to sell Paris Hilton's personal items. A new website that is attempting to profit from Paris Hilton's recent DUI fame will be allegedly selling her personal items seized in 2005 from a storage locker that Hilton had failed to pay for. Hilton's publicist reportedly told the Associated Press that the seizure was a "bureaucratic mix-up" and that they will be "exploring all legal options" in the matter to prevent the sale of Hilton's belongings, which reportedly include jewelry, furniture, clothing, diaries, credit card bills, bank statements, letters, a love note, and "never before seen sex videos." The website is charging $39.97 for subscriptions to the website, which offers access to the catalogued storage locker contents and personal items.

"That's So Raven" Star Admits to DUI with 'No Contest' Plea

Anneliese van der Pol of the television show "That's So Raven" has pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor DUI charges in which her blood alcohol level was more than double the California legal limit of .08. According to police reports, Van der Pol had collided into a parked car in July of last year and caused a "domino affect" which damaged two other vehicles. Van der Pol's blood alcohol content was reportedly .19 at the time she was tested with a breathalyzer. The actress will be sentenced on March 19. According to TMZ.com, the court has offered the actress a plea deal involving 36 months probation and a penalty of more than $2k in fines.

Ryan Seacrest Comments on Richie's DUI

Ryan Seacrest reportedly commented on Nicole Richie's December DUI, claiming that he is worried about Richie. "Any time you see something like that that could result in a massive catastrophe, you worry for anybody that's involved," he told People magazine. Richie will be arraigned February 7 in a Glendale, CA Superior Court for reportedly taking Vicodin, a painkiller, and smoking marijuana before she drove the wrong way on a freeway and was arrested for driving under the influence.

"Good Will Hunting" Director Van Sant Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Gus Van Sant has pleaded Not Guilty to charges of drunken driving and reckless driving in Portland, OR. Van Sant was arrested after a police officer noticed him at a stop light with his lights off. According to Portland police, Van Sant's breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol content of .19, which is more than twice the Oregon legal limit of .08. Van Sant's attorney entered the plea for him. Van Sant is reportedly in Oregon shooting a film called "Paranoid Park."

Legal Fight over Skit Poking Fun at Mel Gibson's DUI

Saturday Night Live (SNL), the longest running sketch comedy show on television, has been accused of stealing a sketch comedy skit that poked fun at Mel Gibson's DUI. Stashwax, a new comedy web TV channel, issued a cease and desist order against Lorne Michaels, SNL's Executive Producer, demanding that SNL end all distribution and airplay of a video skit called "SNL Apocalypto Re-Cut," claiming that Stashwax originated the skit months earlier and SNL infringed its copyrights. The SNL skit reportedly parodies Gibson's latest film by adding lines from his anti-Semitic tirade last summer when he was arrested for a DUI. The Stashwax skit reportedly parodies the film "Braveheart" in a similar way.

Hilton Pleads Not Guilty to DUI; Blames Hunger

On January 9, Paris Hilton's attorney pleaded Not Guilty to her two misdemeanor DUI charges. Hilton claimed to have had only one Margarita and had not eaten when she was pulled over in September and charged with driving while intoxicated. A pretrial hearing has been set for January 23. Hilton's blood alcohol content was 0.08, the minimum blood-alcohol level required for a DUI in California.

Zoom actor, 21, dies in crash; friend charged with DUI

Jared Nathan, a 21-year old actor who appeared on the PBS children's show Zoom was killed in an auto accident after returning home in Nashua, NH for his holiday break. The driver of the vehicle, Gabriel King, 21, has been charged by police with drunken driving. Nathan was an acting student at Juilliard in New York.

Gibson's Legal Woes More Than DUI

Several months after Mel Gibson was arrested for a much-publicized DUI, his legal woes have possible increased. An Australian woman is reportedly taking action against the actor to force him to take a DNA test to prove that he is her secret father. Carmel Sloane, 29, has claimed that Mel Gibson impregnated her mother, Marilyn, before he became famous, and that her own son, now 10, looks just like Gibson. The paternity suit is the latest in a string of legal woes for Gibson, who was arrested for a DUI in May and has been making contradictory public comments about it ever since.

Mel Gibson's DUI Cop Says He's Being Harassed by Superiors

The sheriff's deputy responsible for arresting Mel Gibson last summer has told the Los Angeles Times that he has been harassed by superiors after reports of the star's anti-Semitic tirades were leaked to the news media. According to Mee's attorney, Richard Shinee, the deputy, James Mee, claims he was transferred to another assignment, interrogated for hours, and had his computer and phone records seized in a search of his home. A division chief who oversees the sheriff's office where Gibson was booked has denied that Mee was singled out nor harassed because of the arrest.

Nicole Richie Moving in with Boyfriend after DUI

Nicole Richie was arrested for a DUI after she left the house of boyfriend Joel Madden, and now "The Simple Life" star is rumored to be moving in with Madden. According to the New York Post's "Page Six" column, Richie and Madden, of the rock band Good Charlotte, have become "inseparable" after Richie's DUI.

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