2006 Celebrity DUI Spotlight


2006 has come and past, but will always be remembered as "The Year of the Celebrity DUI." Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Tracy Morgan, Mike Tyson and many other celebrities helped 2006 achieve this interesting distinction, and you can get a recap of the biggest celebrity DUI arrests and cases of last year below.

Mike Tyson Arrested for DUI, Cocaine Possession in Arizona

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was arrested for suspicion of DUI and possession of cocaine in Scottsdale, Arizona early Friday morning. Scottsdale police pulled over Tyson after his BMW ran a stop sign and nearly struck a sheriff's vehicle. A cooperative Tyson showed signs of impairment and failed field sobriety tests. Police found cocaine on Iron Mike and in his car. Tyson allegedly admitted to the arresting officer that he had been using illegal substances in the days prior to his arrest. Tyson was booked at the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff's jail on Friday and later released. A January 16th preliminary hearing of the drug possession charges has been scheduled for Tyson, who in 1986 became the youngest heavyweight champion ever at the age of 20.

"Good Will Hunting" Director Charged with DUI

Director Gus Van Sant, 54, was arrested by police in Portland, OR for a misdemeanor drunk driving charged and booked into the Multnomah County jail. According to a police spokesperson, Van Sant was pulled over when an officer noticed that his headlights were off. Van Sant reportedly smelled of alcohol and officers detected "glassy eyes" and "slurred speech." A breathalyzer test reportedly showed a blood alcohol level of .19, which is more than twice the Oregon limit of .08. Van Sant was nominated for an Academy Award for "Good Will Hunting" and has also directed "Drugstore Cowboy" and "My Own Private Idaho." He is scheduled to appear in court January 17.

Gibson's Now Grateful: DUI Was "A Gift"

Actor Mel Gibson, who has complained that the media won't stop writing about his much-reported DUI, has spoken up once again in an interview with DarkHorizons.com. Gibson said he is "grateful" for his anti-Semitic tirade against police when stopped for drunk driving in July. Gibson reportedly told DarkHorizons.com that the DUI was "a gift to me because it's made me really sort of scratch my head and focus on a couple of things that I needed to." Gibson has apologized several times for the comments he told USA Today that people should "get over it."

Richie Cancels New Year's Eve Appearance Because of DUI

Nicole Richie has canceled a scheduled New Year's Eve appearance at a Las Vegas nightclub, reportedly because of her recent DUI arrest. Dave Navarro will appear in her place at the Tangerine night club. The DUI arrest is Richie's second. According to Los Angeles DUI lawyer Darren Kavinoky, Richie "could be in a lot of trouble." Kavinoky told In Touch magazine that "Under California law, if Nicole is convicted of a DUI this time, she will be sentenced to mandatory jail time." Richie reportedly confessed to police that she had smoked marijuana and had taken the pain killer Vicodin.

Florida Marlins Player Dontrelle Willis Gets DUI

Florida Marlins "Rookie of the Year" Dontrelle Willis was arrested on a drunken driving charge after a police officer reportedly noticed him struggling to find his balance on a Miami Beach street. According to a police report, Willis failed a field sobriety test and refused a breathalyzer test at the police station.

Bengals' O'Neal Allowed to Drive While Awaiting DUI Trial

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Deltha O'Neal can drive while he awaits trial on a DUI charge in Clermont County, according to a municipal court judge. O'Neal was arrested by the Ohio State Highway Patrol at a DUI checkpoint. O'Neal's blood alcohol level was reportedly .10, which is above Ohio's legal limit of .08. O'Neal had pleaded Not Guilty to the charges and a pre-trial hearing is set for February 1.

NFL Suspends 49ers' Bryant for Four Games

Antonio Bryant, wide receiver for the 49ers, has been suspended without pay for four games by the NFL, effective immediately. Though the specific reason for the suspension has not been announced, several news sources have speculated that it is because Bryant reportedly violated the league's substance abuse policy when he was arrested in November for a DUI after reportedly traveling more than 100 mph on a highway. The suspension will cost Bryant $300,000 in base salary.

Judge's DUI Prosecutor Has Two Prior DUIs Himself

An attorney prosecuting a St. Clair County Circuit Judge for drunken driving charges has been arrested himself twice for DUI. Judge PatrickYoung stepped down from his post temporarily until the DUI charges are settled, and John Randall Patchett of Marion, IL has been appointed special prosecutor to handle the DUI charges. However Patchett reportedly has admitted that he had a DUI in 1995 as well as a DUI in 1987.

Former Phish Band Member Gets DUI

Former frontman of the rock group Phish, Trey Anastasio, has been charged with a DUI. Police in Whitehall, NY say they arrested Anastasio for failing to keep right of the center line. Anastasio was reportedly charged with third-degree unlicensed operation, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, and driving while intoxicated.

Minnesota Vikings Assistant Coach Gets DUI

Joe Woods, coach for Minnesota Vikings defensive backs, was charged with two counts of drunken driving, according to Minnesota state police. Woods was reportedly stopped by a state trooper for speeding and crossing over lane lines without signaling. According to police reports, Woods was arrested for DUI and later registered a blood alcohol content of .12, which is above the state limit of .08.

Gibson Gabs about DUI: 'Get the Hell over It'

Mel Gibson told USA Today that the stir over his anti-Semitic comments during his recent DUI arrest were "out of proportion" and that his critics should "get the hell over it." Gibson said that he's apologized and "done the right thing" so he thinks that should be the end of it.

Detroit Lions' Cullen Suspended for DUI

Joe Cullen, Assistant Coach for the Detroit Lions was suspended for one week by the NFL and fined $20,000 for two arrests in August for a DUI and for driving nude. According to police reports, Cullen's blood alcohol content at the time of his arrest was 0.12, which was above the Michigan legal limit of .08.

Bengals Coach Speaks Out on Arrests

After eight player arrests this year, Cincinnati Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis spoke to reporters regarding the team's large number of players who have had run-ins with the law. Lewis admitted the arrests were "an embarrassment to our organization, to our city, and to our fans. These things are socially not right" and admitted, "I can't hold their hands 24/7." Lewis was responsible for recruiting and hiring all eight players who have been arrested this year.

Nicole Ritchie to Get Possible Jail Time if Convicted of DUI

If convicted of a DUI, Nicole Ritchie may have to spend a mandatory five days in jail and have her license suspended for one year. California law requires a mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in jail as well as a one year license suspension for anyone convicted twice of DUI. Ritchie was reportedly convicted in 2002 for a DUI and had her license suspended for a year. Six months later after her 2002 DUI arrest, she was also arrested for possession of heroin and for driving with a suspended license. In the 2002 DUI conviction, she was given three years probation. Ritchie was recently arrested for driving the wrong way on a freeway and allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana and taking Vicodin, a prescription pain killer.

Bengals' Deltha O'Neal Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charge

Cinncinnati Bengals Cornerback Deltha O'Neal pleaded Not Guilty in court in response to his DUI arrest at a Clermont County sobriety checkpoint earlier this month. A breathalyzer exam reportedly showed a 0.10, which is above the state limit of .08. O'Neal's DUI was the eighth arrest for the Cincinnati Bengals this year, several of which were for DUI.

Tennessee State Senator's DUI Hearing Postponed

Tennessee state senator Kathryn Bowers appeared in court and had her hearing reset for her DUI and reckless driving charges. Bowers was charged after an accident with a truck in August. Bowers will reappear in court for a hearing February 19. Lab tests showed that Bowers had no alcohol in her blood at the time of the accident, though Bowers admitted that she had been driving on a newly prescribed medication at the time.

Gibson Says He's 'overwhelmed by understanding' Since DUI

Actor Mel Gibson who was arrested for DUI in July, said on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' that he is overwhelmed by the level of understanding shown to him by fans since his DUI arrest and reported anti-Semitic tirade. Gibson was arrested in California this summer and pleaded no contest to drunken driving.

Judge Speeds up Billy Lane's Trial in Civil DUI Death Case

A Brevard Circuit Court Judge in Florida has signed a motion for a speedy trial in the auto negligence suit filed against motorcycle maker Billy Lane and DaimlerChrysler Corporation by Dolores Morelock for the wrongful death of her son, Gerald Morelock. Morelock's son was killed in an accident when Lane's vehicle struck his motorcycle. Lane's attorney had opposed the motion that was filed on behalf of Morelock's mother, Dolores Morelock. Lab tests reportedly have shown that both Lane and Morelock had been drinking prior to the accident.

Nicole Ritchie Busted for Allegedly Driving Under Influence of Marijuana; Pain Pills

Nicole Ritchie was arrested and released on bail for reportedly driving her SUV the wrong way down a highway in Burbank, CA. Ritchie reportedly was talking on her cell phone at the time and had allegedly told California Highway Police that she had smoked marijuana and taken the prescription pain killer Vicodin. Ritchie is the daughter of singer Lionel Ritchie and co-star of off-again on-again friend Paris Hilton of "The Simple Life." Hilton was arrested for a DUI in September.

San Jose Sharks Hockey Player Charged with DUI Hit and Run

San Jose Sharks Hockey Player Mark Bell has been charged by Santa Clara County prosecutors with a DUI and felony hit and run charges stemming from an auto accident on Labor Day in the San Jose foothills. Court documents allege that Bell's blood alcohol content was at least 0.15 percent, almost double the California legal limit of .08, and that Bell left the scene of the accident. The driver of the car Bell hit was treated for minor cuts at a local hospital, police said. Bell is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 3 in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Bengals Rookie Reggie McNeal Charged With Resisting Arrest, Public Intoxication and Possession of a Dangerous Drug

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Reggie McNeal was arrested after he allegedly became unruly when refused entrance into a nightclub. According to police reports, the officers called to the nightclub detected a "strong odor of alcohol" on McNeal. McNeal reportedly became aggressive and started swearing at the officers. He has been charged with resisting arrest, public intoxication, and was allegedly was in possession of a "dangerous drug" though the drug has not been named. McNeal is the seventh Bengals player arrested this year and Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman was driving McNeal's truck in September when Thurman was arrested and charged with a DUI.

Bengals O'Neal Gets DUI; Eighth Player to be Arrested this Year

Cincinnati Bengals Cornerback Deltha O'Neal was arrested and charged with DUI and is the eighth Bengals player to be arrested this year. He was stopped at a Clermont County sobriety checkpoint and reportedly failed field sobriety tests. A breathalyzer exam reportedly showed a 0.10, which is above Ohio's legal limit of .08. Earlier in the same week, Reggie McNeal was arrested outside a nightclub in Houston, TX.

Comedian Rip Torn Arrested for DUI

Actor and comedian Rip Torn was arrested for drunk driving outside of New York City after his vehicle hit a tractor trailer while making a turn. Torn refused a breathalyzer test, following the car accident and was quoted in the Westchester County Journal News as saying that the truck had hit him. The newspaper reported that Torn's eyes were bloodshot and his speech slurred. The actor's license was suspended and he was released without bond. He will have to reappear for a hearing to prove that he was not intoxicated, according to a police spokesperson. Torn was acquitted of DUI charges in 2004, after prosecutors failed to prove that he was drinking when his vehicle hit a taxi.

Lane Garrison Was Counseled by Jessica Simpson's Father

After actor Lane Garrison's Beverly Hills crash ended in the death of a passenger in his car, singer Jessica Simpson released a statement saying she "loves" actor Lane Garrison and "wishes him well during this difficult time." Garrison had lived with the Simpson family for more than a year as a teenager in Richardson, TX, and Simpson's father, a minister, had reportedly counseled him after numerous run-ins with the law for theft and alcohol-related incidents.

Comedian Tracy Morgan Turns Down DUI Plea Deal

Comedian Tracy Morgan, who was arrested earlier this month for a DUI, has reportedly turned down a plea deal that would have guaranteed he serve no time behind bars, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office. The deal reportedly included a $1,000 fine, five days of community service, a DUI program, and no jail time in exchange for a guilty plea. The former SNL star and current star of "30 Rock" was arrested last year in Hollywood and pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DWI charges. He was fined $360 and sentenced to 36 months' probation. The Manhattan District Attorney's office has said that Morgan has until January 4 to change his mind about the plea deal.

Courtney Love Comments on Gibson and Hilton's DUIs

Courtney Love has admitted links to the DUI arrests of both Mel Gibson and Paris Hilton, both of whom received DUIs earlier this year. Love has said that Paris Hilton's DUI was caused because Love was "drag racing" with Hilton on the night Hilton received her DUI. Love also claimed that Mel Gibson, who received a much-publicized DUI this year in which he made anti-Semitic and profane remarks to arresting officers, was one of the people who helped get her sober. At the Billboard Music Awards, Love reportedly said of Hilton, "Paris is my friend. She's really well-mannered. When she got arrested that night for DUI, it was because we were drag racing."

Actor Lane Garrison May Get DUI after Accident Kills Teenager

Lane Garrison, star of "Prison Break" is reportedly under investigation for Driving Under the Influence after an accident injured two passengers and killed a 17-year old boy. According to the Beverly Hills Police, Garrison displayed "symptoms of alcohol intoxication" and reportedly removed alcohol containers from Garrison's 2001 Land Rover. Two 15-year old girls were injured and hospitalize, and a 17-year old boy was killed when Garrison lost control of his vehicle in Beverly Hills and struck a tree.

New York Mayor Snubs Tracy Morgan after Morgan Gets DUI

According to the New York Post's Page Six, comedian Tracy Morgan of the NBC television show "30 Rock" and formerly of SNL, had been scheduled to appear with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. However, after Morgan's DUI, the NBC network reportedly received a phone call saying that Morgan should not make the appearance. Morgan is currently on probation for a DWI in Hollywood last year and was recently charged with a DUI in Manhattan.

Former SNL Star Gets DUI

Tracy Morgan, a former cast member of the "Saturday Night Live" TV show who now appears on the spinoff show "30 Rock," was arrested on drunken driving charges, according to the New York district attorney's office. Morgan reportedly smelled of alcohol during a traffic stop and failed a breathalyzer test given to him at a precinct stationhouse, according to a District Attorney spokesperson. Morgan received a DUI in Hollywood last December and subsequently pleaded no contest to the charges. His blood alcohol level was 0.13, which is above the California limit of .08.

NY Jets Adrian Jones Charged with DUI

New York Jets tackle Adrian Jones was charged with a DUI after he was stopped by police for reportedly driving very slowly in the far right lane and not using a turn signal. Jones will appear in Nassau County District Court December 15 for DUI charges, and is scheduled for a December 8 hearing with the department of motor vehicles for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test. The Jets have reportedly fined Jones $20,000 for the arrest.

49ers Antonio Bryant won't be suspended for DUI arrest

The San Francisco 49ers won't suspend Antonio Bryant for his arrest on charges of reckless and drunken driving, according to 49ers coach Mike Nolan. Nolan said he will wait for the judicial process before making any decisions. The NFL also could issue disciplinary action when the DUI case is resolved. Bryant reportedly was arrested for driving his sports car at more than 100mph on a freeway and allegedly showing signs of drunkenness. According to police reports, Bryant refused to take a breathalyzer test, and police had to use restraints to put Bryant in the police car.

Musselman's DUI court date postponed

The attorney for Sacramento Kings coach Eric Musselman requested and has been granted a postponement of Musselman's arraignment for drunk driving charges. Attorney John Virga asked for more time to check the accuracy of Musselman's breathalyzer test. Musselman was arrested in October on suspicion of drunken driving on his way home from his first game as the Kings' coach. An arrest report filed at the Sacramento County Jail showed that Musselman's blood alcohol level was at .11 percent, which is above the legal limit of .08 in California. The arraignment has been postponed for December 20.

Kentucky Speedway owner pleads guilty to DUI

The owner of the Kentucky Speedway, Jerry Carroll, pleaded guilty to drunken driving after a September arrest. According to police reports, Carroll's blood alcohol level was 0.19 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit in Kentucky of .08. Carroll was reportedly speeding and weaving when he was stopped by police and failed a field sobriety test. Carroll is currently seeking alcohol counseling and taking a state drunken-driving test. A Kenton District Judge fined Carroll $300 and gave him a seven-day suspended jail sentence.

Bengals' Player Gets a Break on Breathalyzer Results in DUI Case

Cincinnati wide receiver Chris Henry convinced a Clermont County court to not consider the results of a Breathalyzer test in the drunken-driving case against him. Henry will be tried in February for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, however. Henry's blood alcohol level was reportedly .092 when he was stopped by Ohio state police in June. If found guilty, Henry could be suspended by the NFL.

Paris Hilton's Biographer Feels Bad about Her DUI, Boozing Lifestyle

Paris Hilton's biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, who spent more than a year studying the "celebutante" who recently received a much-publicized DUI, said he feels sorry for Hilton. Oppenheimer said that Hilton's partying and rich-girl antics have irritated many and that dislike of her is so strong that she recently topped a survey as the "female star most people would like to see slain in a horror film." When Hilton received her DUI in September, her blood alcohol level was above the California limit of .08, though Hilton claimed she had only had one drink.

Latinos Honor Mel Gibson Despite DUI

A Beverly Hills Latino business organization honored Mel Gibson for his upcoming film, "Apocalypto." It was the first show of formal support since Gibson's July arrest for DUI in Malibu, in which he made several anti-semitic remarks to a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy. The Latino Business Association's Chairman, Rick Sarmiento, said that the scandal surrounding Gibson's DUI did not affect the group's decision to honor him with the Latino Business Association's "Visionary" award for his movie about Mayan civilization and featuring Latino actors.

Cowboys Release Player Marcus Coleman for DUI

The Dallas Cowboys released Marcus Coleman after he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Coleman missed the first four games of the season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. He was stopped by an Irving police officer, charged with a DUI, and released on $500 bond. He now faces a possible one year suspension from the NFL.

Coleman also received a DUI in 2004 in the Houston area, then was caught driving with a suspended license later that year.

Jacksonville Jaguars' Khalif Barnes Gets DUI

Khalif Barnes, left tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, received a DUI after allegedly failing two breathalyzer tests. Police say Barnes was driving more than 100 mph in a 60 mph zone. His blood alcohol level was reportedly .12, above the .08 legal limit in Florida. Barnes' arrest is the team's third since the season began. In September, Cornerback Brian Williams pleaded no contest to drunk driving charges and last month defensive end Bobby Clay was arrested for reckless driving and possession of a controlled painkiller, but charges were later dropped.

Kings' Coach Apologizes for DUI Arrest

Sacramento Kings' new coach Eric Musselman will not face disciplinary action for his recent DUI arrest. Musselman was flanked by his players when he apologized for his recent arrest a on a drunken-driving charge. He will not face a fine or suspension for his bosses for the arrest.

Hassan Adams Beats DUI Charges

New Jersey Nets basketball player Hassan Adams was acquitted of DUI charges by six jurors in a Tucson City courtroom. Testimony questioned the reliability and accuracy of the "Intoxilyzer" breath test that found Adams to have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of .08 in Arizona. According to the jury forewoman Kirsten Larsen, the machine was not the latest model and had a built-in margin of error, which led jurors to believe there was reasonable doubt in the case against Adams.

Illini Guard Suspended for DUI

Illini Senior guard Rich McBride has been suspended for two exhibition and four regular-season Illinois basketball games because of a DUI arrest in late September. McBride is the top returning scorer on the team, with a 10-point average. He will continue to practice with the team during his suspension.

Haley Joel Osment Enters No Contest to DUI Charges

Haley Joel Osment, the child star of movies "The Sixth Sense," and "Pay It Forward" pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI and drug possession charges stemming from a July accident in which he flipped his car and drove into a mailbox. His blood alcohol level was .16-twice the legal limit. Osment was sentenced to three years probation, 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and 60 hours in an alcohol rehabilitation program. He was also fined $1500.

Billy Lane Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Manslaughter

Billy Lane, a man who has become a celebrity for building motorcycles for celebrities, pleaded not guilty to felony DUI manslaughter charges stemming from a September accident that killed Gerald Morelock from Melbourne Beach, FL. Morelock was riding a Yamaha motorcycle when Lane's pickup truck struck the motorcycle. If convicted, Lane could face a maximum 15 years in prison. Lane's blood alcohol was twice the legal limit on September 4.

Former Tennessee State Senator's DUI Hearing Rescheduled

The DUI hearing date for former Tennessee State Senator Kathryn Bowers was rescheduled for December. Bowers, 63, was charged with reckless driving and a DUI after her vehicle crossed three lanes of traffic and sideswiped a UPS Truck on interstate highway 240 outside of Memphis, TN. Toxicology reports showed that Bowers was not under the influence of alcohol, however, Bowers told police that she had taken Ambien, a sleeping pill. Before being charged with a DUI, Bowers resigned from her position as a state senator amidst charges she had accepted more than $11,000 in bribes.

Killer of Minnesota Timberwolves' Malik Sealy Gets Another DUI

The driver who killed Minnesota Timberwolves' Malik Sealy five years ago was charged with a felony DUI. Souksangouane Phengsene, 50, had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 after he was stopped by police for weaving in and out of lanes. The Minnesota legal limit is .08. Phengsene was convicted of vehicular homicide after he killed Malik Sealy, 30, in May 2000 after driving the wrong way on a four-lane highway. Phengsene was also convicted of Driving While Intoxicated in Des Moines, IA in 1997.

Coach of Sacramento Kings Arrested for DUI

Eric Musselman, coach of the Sacramento Kings, failed three sobriety tests and was charged with a DUI by California police on his way home from a game he had coached. His blood alcohol level was .11. The legal limit in California is .08.

Koren Robinson Suspended from NFL for DUI

Green Bay Packers receiver Koren Robinson was suspended from the NFL after being charged with a DUI in August. Robinson will be suspended without pay for breaking the NFL substance abuse policy.

Chargers Linebacker Steve Foley Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges

San Diego Chargers linebacker Steve Foley, 31, pleaded not guilty to DUI charges this week stemming from a September incident in which Foley was charged with drunk driving. An off-duty police officer in an unmarked car suspected that Foley was driving drunk and followed his car in the early morning hours of September 3. After a brief confrontation, the officer shot him three times outside his home. According to reports, Foley was reported to have a blood alcohol level above the .08 limit for the second time in ten years. The Chargers linebacker was hospitalized for several weeks and underwent leg surgery following the incident.

According to police officer Aaron Mansker, the football player was swerving and traveling at speeds in excess of 90 mph. Foley stated in a later investigation that he thought he was being followed by a fan or about to be carjacked. Foley's companion, Lisa Maree Gaut, was also shot by the officer and faces DUI and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Foley has been put on the Chargers' "reserve non-football injury" list for the entire football season, which will cost him $1.65 million in salary. A readiness conference has been scheduled for November 17.

Green Bay Packers Receiver Enters Not Guilty Plea to DUI Charges

Green Bay Packers and former Minnesota Vikings receiver Koren Robinson pleaded not guilty this week to charges that he fled from police in a high-speed chase while driving drunk this past August. Robinson was recently sentenced to three months in jail for violating probation on prior drunk driving charges in Kirkland, WA last year. Robinson may face suspension from the NFL for repeated violations of the football league's substance abuse policy.

Previous Celebrity DUI Spotlights

Paris Hilton, who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence on September 7, has been charged with DUI. Hilton claimed that she had consumed one margarita at a charity event after not eating all day, and that she was on her way to get something to eat when she was arrested. Kim Stewart, daughter of singer Rod Stewart, was with Hilton at the time of the arrest. While "experts" were quick to point out that one "drink" could not have brought Paris Hilton's blood alcohol content to the reported .08%, it is common for a margarita to contain three ounces of alcohol. Calculations indicating the number of "drinks" one must consume to reach a particular BAC are commonly based on one ounce of alcohol.

Cincinnati Bengals' middle linebacker Odell Thurman was arrested for DUI on September 25. Thurman's BAC was reportedly .18%, more than twice the legal limit. Thurman is already serving a four-game suspension for violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy, but could face an additional one-year suspension. Chris Henry, whose own recent arrests have brought the Bengals the wrong kind of publicity, was apparently a passenger in the vehicle at the time of Thurman's arrest.

Robert Ray Huizenga, son of Miami Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga, was sentenced Friday to 120 days in jail and a year of house arrest. Huizenga entered a no contest plea to charges stemming from a 2003 drunk driving incident. Huizenga was sentenced on a felony charge because this was his third DUI within a ten year period, but his attorney is appealing the felony treatment, arguing that Huizenga's 1995 conviction for boating under the influence does not constitute a DUI under the repeat offender provisions of Florida law.

Conflicting reports about whether or not Paris Hilton was charged with driving under the influence after her September 7 arrest have abounded since Hilton told Ryan Seacrest that she hadn't been charged. The Los Angeles City Attorney's office reports that lawyers are reviewing the case against Hilton and will determine whether or not to file charges before the scheduled September 28 arraignment date.

First-round Orlando Magic draft pick J.J. Redick pled guilty to drunk driving charges in connection with his June 13 arrest. Redick was sentenced to one year of probation, fines, costs, and community service. The North Carolina Court agreed to allow Redick to perform his community service in Florida. His license will be suspended for 60 days.

Paris Hilton was arrested in the early morning hours of September 7 and booked on suspicion of DUI. Hilton was allegedly driving her Mercedes erratically in Hollywood when she was pulled over and administered field sobriety tests. Publicist Elliot Mintz said that Paris Hilton had consumed one margarita on an empty stomach and was exhausted from shooting a video for her new album before attending a charity event.

Joe Cullen, defensive line coach for the Detroit Lions, was arrested on drunk driving charges last week after registered .12 in a breathalyzer test. The arrest came less than two weeks after Cullen's arrest while allegedly driving nude. Although Cullen wasn't charged with DUI after the initial incident, a spokesman for the Lions said that alcohol was "involved".

The San Jose Sharks' Mark Bell faces DUI and felony hit-and-run charges after allegedly walking away from the scene of an accident over Labor Day weekend. Bell signed a three-year contract with the Sharks just this summer, after 8 years with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Koren Robinson was cut by the Minnesota Vikings just ten days after his August 15 DUI arrest. Robinson was allegedly clocked at more than 160 km/h in a 90 km/h zone and tested .11 in a roadside breathalyzer test.

John Michael Montgomery, whose DUI case was scheduled for trial on September 12, reached a plea agreement with Lexington, Kentucky prosecutors. Montgomery will pay $700 in fines and court costs and complete an alcohol education program. A related charge of carrying a concealed weapon will be dismissed. It originally appeared that Montgomery's DUI charge might also be dismissed, when it came to light that the arresting officer had made derogatory comments about Montgomery and posted an altered photograph of the singer on his blog, but prosecutors ultimately determined that they had sufficient evidence to convict Montgomery even in light of the officer's credibility issues.

Pete Coors entered a plea of guilty to "driving while impaired" in connection with his May 28 DUI arrest. Coors entered the plea against the advice of his attorney, saying that the arrest had been an embarrassment to him and to the company.

18-year-old Haley Joe Osment, who co-starred with Bruce Willis in the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense, has been charged with multiple misdemeanors after a July 20 accident. Osment, whose BAC was reportedly .16 at the time, has been charged with DUI. Because Osment is under 21, the prosecution need only show that his BAC was higher than .05 to obtain a conviction, but the charges also allege special circumstances under a provision in California law providing for enhanced penalties for drivers with a BAC of higher than .15. Osment also faces charges for possession of marijuana.

Mel Gibson update: Mel Gibson resolved the pending DUI charges against him on August 17, entering a plea that requires three years probation, a $1300 fine, a 90 day driver's license suspension, and mandatory attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and a three month alcohol treatment program.

Minnesota Vikings receiver Koren Robinson was arrested on August 15. Robinson was allegedly driving without a valid license when he was clocked at more than 100 m.p.h. Police said that he refused to stop. Robinson was suspended from the Seattle Seahawks team in 2004 for violations of the team's substance abuse policy, and later pled guilty to DUI.

Former pro wrestling star Bam Bam Bigelow appeared in court on a traffic violation on July 31 and was arrested on an outstanding DUI warrant. The former WWF champion and Wrestlemania headliner wrecked his motorcycle while intoxicated last fall. The charges stemming from that incident include "DUI with Serious Bodily Injury", a class-three felony that carried up to five years in prison. He is scheduled to appear in court again on September 5.

Orlando Magic first-round draft pick J.J. Redick was scheduled to appear in court on August 1 to face DUI charges, but the court date has been postponed until August 29. The charges stem from a June 13 arrest after the Associated Press "Player of the Year" made an illegal U-turn. His blood alcohol content test showed a level of .011 percent.

Actor Mel Gibson, who was arrested on July 28 with a BAC of .12%, now faces misdemeanor DUI charges. The charges were filed five days after Gibson was arrested and posted bond, in the wake of media controversy over offensive statements Gibson made to arresting officers and his public apology, which included an admission that he had struggled with alcoholism for years.

Actor Mel Gibson was arrested on Friday under suspicion of DUI, but has not been charged. Gibson, whose BAC was reportedly .12 at the time of the arrest, was released on $5,000 bond and has since entered rehabilitation.

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger was arrested for drunk driving in Canada last month. He is scheduled to appear in court in August.

Country singer Mindy McCready was acquitted of driving under the influence on July 19. McCready had refused a breathalyzer test, but jurors watched a video of her field sobriety test. She was convicted of driving on a suspended license. The contempt citation, entered after McCready appeared 10 minutes late for her trial, was dismissed.

Chicago Cubs third base coach Chris Speier was arrested for DUI on July 19. The former All-Star baseball player was stopped at 1:40 a.m., after he allegedly ran a stop sign on his motorcycle. He is scheduled to appear in court on August 10.

Former New Jersey Devils defenseman Ken Daneyko will appear in court on August 7 to face DUI charges. Daneyko, who played for the Devils throughout his 20 year NHL career, earlier admitted a problem with alcohol and took a leave of absence during the 1997-98 season to spend three month in rehabilitation.

Pete Coors, Vice Chairman and Director of Molson Coors Brewing Co., entered a plea of not guilty to DUI charges on July 18. Coors was arrested after rolling a stop sign near his home late in May. His BAC was reportedly .088 - eight one thousandths of a percent over the "legal limit".

Country singer Mindy McReady, who topped the country charts with "Guys Do It All the Time" in 1996, started off her DUI trial on the wrong foot. McCready arrived ten minutes late for the first day of her jury trial, prompting the judge to declare her in contempt of court and promise an as-yet-undetermined punishment. McCready was arrested for DUI in May, 2005 after being stopped for speeding, but it was only one incident in a string of troubles that includes a 2004 conviction for fraudulently procuring prescription pain killers.

Jeff Timmons update: 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons' April 23 DUI charge isn't his first-Timmons already has a DUI conviction in California. That means that Timmons may face jail time in California as well, if convicted on the recent Florida charge.

Soprano's actor John Ventimiglia pled guilty to DUI charges in Brooklyn Criminal Court. As part of the plea agreement, charges that Ventimiglia was in possession of a small quantity of cocaine at the time of the arrest were dropped. Ventimiglia isn't the first of the Soprano's cast to face legal troubles: In May, Louis Gross was charged with criminal mischief after an alleged break in; last November, Vincent Pastore entered into a plea agreement on attempted assault charges; and in December, Lillo Brancato was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of a police officer during a burglary.

Titans rookie Cortland Finnegan was arrested for DUI late in June, just one day after the Titans broke mini-camp. Finnegan was stopped for speeding (42 mph in a 30 mph zone) and given a sobriety test at the scene.

Updates: Singer John Michael Montgomery is headed to trial on September 12 and 13. It had appeared that Montgomery's DUI charge might be dismissed after the arresting officer was found to have acted improperly after the arrest, calling his testimony and motivation into question. However, the case is moving forward despite the office having been sanctioned for his actions. Jeff Timmons, former 98 Degrees vocalist, is scheduled to appear in court on July 17. If an agreement hasn't been reached, a trial date could be scheduled at that hearing.

U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-Rhode Island) pleaded guilty to DUI in Washington D.C. on June 13. Kennedy denied consuming alcohol, but said that he had taken a sleeping pill in combination with another medication that can cause drowsiness. He agreed to attend weekly A.A. meetings and perform 50 hours of community service.

Oakland Athletics' pitcher Esteban Loaiza was charged with DUI on June 15 after he was pulled over near San Lorenzo, California. Loaiza was allegedly driving at speeds in excess of 120 m.p.h. He is scheduled to appear in court on July 14.

Michelle Rodriguez update: Michelle Rodriguez, formerly of the popular television series Lost, was released from a Los Angeles jail after serving less than five hours of her 60 day sentence. The Sheriff's department has the authority to release inmates serving short sentences for relatively minor crimes early when the jail is overcrowded.

Cleveland Browns running back Reuben Droughns was acquitted of drunk driving charges stemming from a November 1, 2005 traffic stop. The Ohio jury determined that Droughns had not been impaired when he was pulled over for speeding on his way home from a Halloween party.

Bengals' wide receiver Chris Henry was arrested on DUI charges early on the morning of June 3, 2006. Officers alleged that Henry was driving erratically, and that he failed a field sobriety test. His blood alcohol content (BAC) was .092. This is Henry's fourth brush with the law in the past year.

The Portland Pirates' head coach and former NHL forward Kevin Dineen was arrested early on the morning of June 2, 2006. According to The Hockey News, Dineen was charged with DUI after being stopped on his way home from a Thursday night gathering of coaches and players. Dineen had recently interviewed for the vacant head coaching position with the Vancouver Canucks.

Michelle Rodriguez, better known to the world as Ana Lucia on Lost, will begin serving a 60 day jail sentence on May 31. Rodriguez was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 30 days community service, and an alcohol education program for violating the terms of her California probation. Rodriguez was on probation for a 2004 DUI in California when she was arrested earlier this year for another DUI in Hawaii.

Cynthia Watros pleaded guilty to DUI in Hawaii on January 12. Watros was arrested on November 24, the same night as fellow Lost star Michelle Rodriguez, though the two were in separate cars. Watros was fined $312 and ordered to undergo an alcohol assessment and counseling. Her license was suspended for 90 days.

Former SNL actor Tracy Morgan entered a "no contest" plea to misdemeanor DUI charges on February 17 and was sentenced to three years' probation. Morgan was also fined $390 and ordered to attend an alcohol education program.

NFL Hall of Famer Carl Eller entered a guilty plea to DUI charges and was placed on probation for two years, fined $1000, and ordered to complete five days of community service in March, 2006. The former Minnesota Viking, who played in six Pro Bowls and four Superbowls, was arrested on February 28 after being pulled over for driving 97 m.p.h. in a 55 m.p.h. zone.

Tom Wopat, star of the original Dukes of Hazzard television series and several more recent Broadway shows, was arrested on March 16 for driving under the influence and reckless driving. In a scene reminiscent of his television character, Wopat allegedly plowed through traffic cones and nearly hit a police officer before being arrested.

The DUI case against country singer John Michael Montgomery is moving forward, despite complications that resulted from comments made by the arresting officer on his personal blog and an altered photograph of the singer posted by the officer. The resolution of the case remains uncertain as Montgomery's DUI lawyer calls the credibility of the arresting officer into question.

98 Degrees musician Jeff Timmons was arrested for DUI on April 23 as he left a celebrity softball game. According to the arresting officer, Timmons asked the officer whether he knew the band or Nick Lachey. When that failed, Timmons allegedly asked the officer whether he watched The Daily Buzz, the syndicated television show hosted by his passenger Mitch English. In addition to DUI, Timmons was charged with driving without a valid license.

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