New Prevention for DUI?


Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is an astoundingly preventable crime. Unfortunately, too many drivers neglect to plan ahead, see their plans go awry or underestimate how impaired they are, and get behind the wheel after drinking.

Total DUI reports regularly on celebrity DUI cases, some of which have severe consequences for the offender's career. But, if Safe Ride Solutions has anything to say about it, all that could change. Safe Ride Solutions describes itself as a "collaborative DUI prevention program developed by police officers, professional athletes and business professionals to address the real world problem of DUI."

Basically, SRS is a service available to those who have had too much to drink but want to wake up knowing that their car isn't still parked at a bar (or restaurant, or concert, or golf club, or wine tasting venue, etc.).

The services SRS provides are unique in that its driving force is composed of off-duty and retired veteran police officers who have signed a confidentiality agreement about the clients they drive.

As the company's website points out, current and retired peace officers possess certain desirable traits that the average taxi driver lacks, including emergency situation training, successful completion of a background check, advanced driver certification and CPR/First Aid certification.

Plus, the drivers employed by SRS drive your car back to your home (or wherever you need to go), meaning that you don't have to worry about fetching your vehicle when you wake up in the morning.

California Newswire reports that both the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers have team memberships with SRS, meaning that players from both teams can access the service any time they're too impaired to drive themselves.

This seems like a sensible coalition in light of some of the athlete DUIs that have made headlines in recent months. In fact, according to sources, some of SRS's high-profile clients refer to the service as "career insurance," recognizing that it can help them avoid the serious (and potentially career-ending) DUI penalties associated with DUI convictions.

Some California DUI lawyers are reportedly suggesting that their clients sign up for an SRS membership to prevent future DUI charges and to demonstrate to the court a commitment to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the future.

Safe Ride Solutions' website, outlines benefits of joining the program and describes how it operates: members call the nationwide, 24-hour hotline whenever they're in need of a sober driver.

A discreet, trained ex-cop then shows up to drive the member's car to his or her desired destination. And, because drivers agree to confidentiality terms, the members don't have to worry about their use of SRS affecting their professional or private reputations.

The site notes that membership costs $100 per year, plus a cost for each use of the service. These prices are significantly lower than the costs associated with DUI convictions.

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