Don't Try to Fool a Breathalyzer

One of the most popular questions people ask about drinking and driving is whether it's possible to fool a breathalyzer? The short answer is no, but that hasn't stopped people from coming up with all sorts of ways to try and cheat the system during a DUI stop.

Harsh DUI penalties are being enacted in almost every state, which understandably causes most people to panic when pulled over for drinking and driving. People may try almost anything to sober up or fool a police officer. Some of the most extreme cases include putting a penny in your mouth, drinking Zima and eating your underwear.

If you're facing DUI charge because of a failed breathalyzer test, speak with a DUI attorney about how to fight your charges. Get a free case evaluation with a local DUI defense attorney when you complete the free form on this page.

Eating to Beat a Breathalyzer

Eating can help you sober up in the long run, but it's not a quick fix when facing a breath test. People have tried eating strong foods like onions, coffee grounds and breath mints but all without any luck.

Strong substances will often mask the odor of alcohol on your breath, but that doesn't make the alcohol content disappear from your bloodstream. When you blow into a breathalyzer, the device will still be able to read the alcohol in your breath.

Caffeine to Beat a Breathalyzer

Some people have tried drinking coffee or soda to sober up before driving. But even though a jolt of caffeine and sugar can help you become more alert, none of these beverages changes your blood alcohol content.

Mouthwash to Beat a Breathalyzer

Mouthwash may be able to slightly mask the smell of alcohol on your breath, but like any other strong substance, it won't lower the breathalyzer readings. Mouthwash contains a small amount of alcohol that could potentially increase the amount of alcohol registered on the breathalyzer. If you haven't been drinking at all and use mouthwash, depending on when you used it and how much you used, it could even register a false positive on a breathalyzer.

Interactive Game: Can You Beat the Breathalyzer?

Still think you can beat the breath test? Try your hand at our game - Can You Beat the Breath Test with Officer Brad Strong.

Ignition Interlocks

Breathalyzers that are built into a car, known as ignition interlock systems, are virtually tamper-proof. Starting the car without blowing into the breathalyzer is impossible, and having someone else blow into the breathalyzer doesn't work because the car stops for random rolling tests.

When it comes to a DUI offense, there are no shortcuts or workarounds.

Speak to a DUI Lawyer about Breathalyzers

Breath tests with breathalyzers are not infallible. There are many ways to challenge tests in a DUI defense. A local DUI lawyer can help you learn more about your DUI defense and possible challenges to your DUI offense. Get started on your DUI case today by filling out a free DUI case evaluation form or calling 877-349-1311.

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