Zero Tolerance for all Drivers Proposed in OK

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Oklahoma State Rep. Harold Wright believes DUI laws need to get tough to cut down on drunken driving deaths. The Republican lawmakers from Weatherford, Okla. wants zero tolerance laws for DUI.

People enjoying glass of wine at dinner or a bottle of beer after work could wind up in jail.

Oklahoma DUI laws currently have the legal blood alcohol limit for driving at .08%. Police also have the right to detain a driver suspected of DUI, no matter what the blood alcohol level.

The proposed legislation will be studied and discussed this fall.

Source: KOCO.com

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Harold Wright solicited votes for his campaign in 2008 at the VFW Post 6143 in Weatherford, OK. Now he wants to place Zero tolerance on anyone who drinks and drives? The legal limit of .08 is sufficient to thwart drinkers from driving. We tried prohibition in the last century and it didn’t work, what is Wright thinking. While I agree that DUI is a dangerous situation, zero tolerance is ridiculous and Wright is just appealing to the bible belt fanatics we have in Oklahoma who support him.