Wild Hit-and-Run Driver had Baby in Vehicle While Driving Drunk

By Mike

A hit-and-run DUI driver is facing serious legal trouble after causing an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol with a 2-week-old-infant in his car, according to a recent report from the Napa Valley wing of Patch.com.

Sources indicate that the initial collision occurred on Saturday in the parking lot of a large shopping center in Napa, California. After the accident, the driver that caused the collision sped away from the scene.

The suspect, 23-year-old Adam Steven Gloria, a resident of Napa, was ultimately captured by police, and now faces serious charges, including felony child endangerment and drunk driving.

According to a shift activity log from the City of Napa Police Department, Gloria is currently in jail, awaiting the court’s judgment on his criminal charges, which also include failing to properly secure a child in a vehicle, and recklessly driving while fleeing from the scene of an accident.

After the collision occurred around noon, the victim called police to let them know she had been in an accident in the parking lot of the shopping center and also that the suspect had fled in his vehicle. It seems the victim was unaware that the other driver had children in his car.

Thanks to some witnesses’ identification of Gloria’s vehicle and license plate number, a sheriff’s deputy from Napa County soon located Gloria shortly after the accident.

After police discovered him, Gloria admitted to being involved in the collision, and he also admitted to fleeing the scene, which he said was precipitated by his possession of a suspended license.

Shockingly, though, Gloria had his 2-week-old infant in his car, in addition to two other passengers, when police pulled him over.

The inference sources draw from this discovery is that the baby and the other passengers were in the car at the time of the accident.

Courts have very little patience for drivers who put children at risk by driving drunk with them in the car, so Gloria could face serious jail time for his transgression.

And, in addition to the potential legal consequences of his arrest—including prison time, heavy fines, or a suspended license—Gloria may also have to face civil liability for any injuries he caused to the other driver.

If she wishes to file a civil lawsuit, she may be able to obtain damages from Gloria for damage to her car, physical injuries, or other tangible losses. In other words, Gloria’s legal nightmare may continue for the foreseeable future.

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