Virginia Delegate Introduces Scarlet Letter and Numbers DUI Law

By Mary Ann

A Virginia state delegate has introduced a ‘scarlet letter’ DUI law. Drivers convicted of DUI three times would be required to have DUI license plates. The plates would have red numbers on a yellow background. These DUI plates would cost a driver $500. The State estimates it could rake in $500,000 per year.

The delegate believes that the law will limit DUI incidents. He said that drunk drivers continue to drive even when their license has been taken away. His DUI license plates would single out drivers who have multiple DUI convictions. The executive director of the Virginia ACLU countered that family members would be punished along with the driver, since they would also be driving the vehicle with DUI scarlet-letter plates. He said the law is based on public humiliation rather than sound corrections theory.

Virginia has attempted to pass scarlet-letter license plate laws several times in the past. None of these DUI laws has passed, yet.

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One Response so far

Another way for State to make money. In Virginia Any Law linked to DUI conviction it just another way to make money. If they really want to change situation on the roads they better invest money in public transportation (what it’s horrible). If the person had been convicted in DUI he’s automatically becomes a Milk(money) caw for the state for next 3-5 years, court fees, Jail fees( the same price to rent a cheep hotel room), ASAP fees, Treatment fees( they will not look on circumstances of your DUI conviction, you are automatically becomes an alcoholic), Breathalyzer install and monthly fees, reinstatement driver license fees, higher insurance, sr22 and fr44 fees, and now this BS license plates also. I do not have 3 dui’s but every second person i know in Virginia ( Hampton Roads) got at least 1, put a Bar on every corner, remove public transportation after 6pm(if you call a taxi you can wait over an hour), pay cops extra for DUI conviction, you can become a billionaire in no time