Underage Nevada Teenager in Legal Trouble After Drunk Driving Arrest

By johnclark


A 15-year-old resident of Reno, Nevada, was arrested for a DUI this week in addition to a grab bag of several other charges after rolling a vehicle on a state highway, according to a report from the Las Vegas Sun.

Sources say the teenager, whose name has not been released due to his status as a juvenile, was driving a 2005 Ford Focus on a Reno highway when he started veering into the right edge of the roadway.

There is no indication of how the teenager obtained the services of a vehicle, although sources do not say the car had been stolen.

After veering too far to the right, the teenager’s car reportedly hit a drainage culvert, which forced the vehicle into a wild spin, according to sources.

The Ford rolled several times before miraculously coming to a stop on its wheels about 40 feet from the road, sources say. The accident reportedly happened at 6:20 a.m.

When officers arrived at the scene of the accident, which, fortunately, only involved the teenager’s car, the driver showed “several signs of intoxication,” which prompted officers to quickly give a breathalyzer test.

After the teenager failed the breath test, he was reportedly taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released for minor injuries. Of course, after he was released, he was immediately arrested by Reno police.

However, due to his juvenile status, the teenager was taken due to a juvenile detention center, rather than a regular county jail. At the detention center, the driver was charged with drunk driving, possessing alcohol as a minor, failing to maintain a travel lane, and driving with a license or proof of insurance.

At first glance, it may seem odd that a person who was too young to drive could be charged with actual traffic offenses.
When a driver takes to the road, however, despite his age, his is subject to the rules of the road, even if he isn’t aware of them when he takes the wheel.

As a result, this teenager will likely have a lengthy history of driving violations before he is even old enough to be eligible to legally drive.

Remarkably, despite his foolish decision to get drunk and then drive without a license, the teenager did show some foresight by driving with a seat belt on.

According to local police officers, the teenager’s decision to wear a seat belt dramatically reduced his risk of injury, and may have even saved his life.

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