Texas DUI Crackdown at the Bar

By Guest Attorney

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, along with Irving Texas police officers, raided 36 bars. About 30 bar patrons were arrested for public intoxication. Some of the patrons were subjected to breath tests while still inside the tavern.
Agents declared that the raids were an effort to reduce Texas DUI problems. A Commission agent said some inebriated bar patrons “end up killing themselves or someone else” after departing the businesses.

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One Response so far

While this may make good business for the dui defense lawyers, it completely goes against the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Though the powers that be would have it change in order to make everyone guilty of something, until proven innocent- as a free society we accept certain risks. There is no guarantee of no ones feelings getting hurt, no one being offended, no guarantee of education beyond highschool, no guarantee of anything else…beyond what is enumerated in the Constitution. That’s why it’s called the ‘…pursuit of happieness’.
But with the IQ levels being reduced to 100 in order to be hired as a cop in many places, I guess you have to resort to corraling a bunch of folks (i.e. guitly until proven innocent) in order to make your quotas and ‘feel’ like you are a service to society. M.A.D.D. maybe be a private not-for-profit… but they push what the government wants, at the expense of freedom.
Some folks are so dumbed down, they would be like the shoppe-owner at the London tube entrance who said “I’d be willing to give up a little bit of liberty for freedom.” What a low iq ding dong… they are one in the same.