Wyoming DUI Case Dismissed by Intriguing Ruling

By Mary Ann

Chad Trebby thought that he had his man.

As the Gillette, Wyoming police officer watched a seemingly drunk man stumble to his car, Trebby waited for the suspect to turn on his vehicle and drive away. Once the unnamed suspect did so, Trebby pulled him over on suspicion of DUI.

Imagine Trebby’s dismay when a judge later dismissed the DUI case on the assertion that Trebby had reasonable suspicion to think that the man was drunk and thus endangered the safety of the public by letting the suspect drive away.

The following article not only imagines Trebby’s dismay but examines the reasoning behind the judge’s decison.



Laramie Adopts Wyoming DUI Law for Underage Drivers

By Mary Ann

The Laramie Wyoming City Council has incorporated Wyoming’s zero tolerance DUI policy for underage drivers into the Laramie Municipal Code. According to Wyoming State Statutes, a driver under the age of 21 shall not drive a vehicle with a BAC of 0.02 or greater. A first-time offender can be required to pay a fine up to $750. A second-time offender could again pay a $750 fine and spend up to a month in jail. A third-time offender could pay the fine once again and spend up to 6 months in jail. In addition, the driver would have his license suspended for 90 days on the first offense and six months for subsequent offenses within two years.

Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming. A Laramie Council member justified the new DUI ordinance saying “We need to be very clear that we are adopting the state statute. We can’t be less restrictive and we won’t be less restrictive.”