Wild DUI Arrests in Florida and Pennsylvania

By Topher

Drunk driving and poor decisions continue to go hand in hand. This week offered several more strange stories, about two DUI suspects who were foolish enough to drink and get behind the wheel.

The first story is that of a Florida woman who was driven by a lusty urge to visit her imprisoned with a man who happened to be an inmate at the local jail.

The Associated Press reports that the woman was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when she drove to the Flagler County Jail in Bunnell, Florida. When she arrived, she demanded to see a particular inmate. Her specific request? A conjugal visit.

According to the sheriff’s office, the woman did have an appointment to visit the jail. She was late, however, so she was turned away from the appointment. She drove off and returned not long after. The guards at the jail called the police, because they suspected that she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police found her sitting in her car, and she failed a field sobriety test. When police later tested her blood, they determined that her blood alcohol content was 0.256 percent. The legal limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

The woman had little chance of success in having her request filled as conjugal visits are not allowed at the jail.

In Pittsburgh, another story that seems improbable was reported by WTAE. A Pennsylvania firefighter was accused of stealing a casino security truck, driving it while intoxicated, and attempting to run over a woman with it.

William White was found by Rivers Casino security guards urinating in the casino’s parking garage. They stopped him, and he was too drunk to provide his name, according to the guards. Then White stole their security truck and drove off.

Later, White was seen by police driving on the wrong side of the road, observing that he almost hit a patrol car.

When the police attempted to arrest White, he fled on foot, then spit in an officer’s face.

White’s attorney expressed regret on his behalf, and apologized. White has been in a rehab program for alcohol addiction, and is on unpaid suspension from the fire department.



DUI Suspect Takes Cop Car for Joyride on Super Bowl Sunday

By Topher

While millions of Americans were enjoying the excitement of a thrilling Super Bowl, Ryan Larson of Elkhart, Indiana, was allegedly enjoying a different kind of excitement.

The roller coaster ride of the game between the Saints and the Colts was quite different from the cop car joyride Larson experienced.

According to the Elkhart eTruth, Larson was arrested on preliminary charges of stealing a police car and ramming it into a barrier, as well as DUI, resisting law enforcement and leaving the scene of an accident. The Elkhart County Sherriff’s Department released the statement outlining the charges.

The original call came in for a domestic disturbance at around 7:30 p.m. Larson’s parents were there to respond to officers. They claimed to believe that their son was under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication.

According to the press release, as police were talking to his parents, Larson jumped into Elkhart County Patrolman Brandon Denesuk’s patrol car and drove off down the street.

Police used GPS locators in the car to find it almost immediately. They were attempting to intercept the stolen vehicle when Larson allegedly crashed it into a construction area near the Johnson Street bridge. The crash caused minor damage when the police car ran into barricades that were set up around the construction site.

Larson fled the scene of the patrol car accident on foot, though police were able to locate and apprehend him fairly quickly. The ordeal lasted about fifteen minutes from the time police approached Larson’s parents to the time he was apprehended on foot.

Larson was checked for injuries at a nearby hospital, and then he was taken to jail.

According to police, all of the weapons that were in the car were secure, so a thief could not have gotten to them. Police are investigating whether the officers procedures and policies were effective.

Larson’s blood-alcohol level was .10 percent — .02 percent over the legal limit for DUI – at the time of his alleged escapade through the streets of Elkhart. Since he was driving – albeit a stolen cop car – he was still charged with DUI.

There is no word on whether Larson was allowed to watch the end of the game from jail, though the Colts loss may have been tough for the Indiana resident to watch anyhow.