Checkpoint in Vista, Calif. Results in DUI Arrests and Citations

By admin

Police officers in Vista, Calif. set up a checkpoint for drivers last weekend – and they really laid down the law.

According to the North County Times, four DUI arrests were made at the checkpoint, and 25 citations were issued for various offenses.

Among the crimes cited were marijuana possession, driving without a license, child seat violations and lack of insurance.

The North County Times also reported that more than 500 cars passed through the checkpoint and about 400 of the cars were inspected. Due to lack of insurance or unlicensed driving, 17 cars were impounded.

With so many cars going through a roadside checkpoint, it’s hard to know if the officers in charge are actually following the law. You should know state DUI laws when it comes to DUI arrests.

If you are cited for a violation at a police checkpoint, make sure you know your rights before proceeding through a trial. A DUI attorney can help clarify questions specific to your case and your local laws.