New Program: Calling Relative after DUI Arrest

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There are certain aspects to a night out on the town which most people consider before leaving for the festivities.

“Did I bring enough money?”

“Do I have clean underwear on?”

“Did I find a designated driver?”

All are completely legitimate questions. Now the question of “who do I call from jail when arrested for DUI?” has somewhat of an answer for those who find themselves in a watering hole in Utah between now and Sept. 7th.

The new program is designed to give callers a feeling of what it would feel like to have to make that call – giving them a sense of what their mamma will say, how their spouse will react or how their Priest will have them atone for their sins.

Sounds incredibly awkward- it’s suppose to.

Teaming up together is the Utah Highway Patrol and a group of local Utah bars in the hope of letting people practice an uncomfortable call from the local lockup.The group hopes to help dissuade drinking and driving.

After all, what is more sobering than having to call your mother, father, spouse and let them know you are in the clink for a DUI offense?

A phone number has been set up to reconstruct what it would feel like to make a call after a DUI arrest. After dialing 1-877-JAIL-FON, the caller is given the option to talk to a frantic mother or a disapproving father, among others, such as an angry spouse and even a less than enthused coach and priest. A prerecorded message then plays one end of what the conversation might sound like, with the caller filling in the other half.

Slogans associated with the campaign include “Getting a DUI is easy, calling your mom from jail is hard.”

Maybe it is a testament to the overly stimulated mind of our youth which are no longer scared straight by group visits to the morgue to see a result of a drunk driving accident, or stand face-to-face with a cell mate from Block ‘C’ who is serving life for vehicular manslaughter.

But what these local bars and the Utah Highway Patrol are banking on is that young people partying are still very scared to feel the wrath of their parents for such decisions of stupidity, and a late night partier is still extremely scared to inform their spouse of their decision to stay late and drink it up rather then make their way home.

In either case, the results should hold up as a new dynamic to the fight against drunk driving in the great state of Utah.



Utah’s “Quirky” DUI Laws About to Change

By Mary Ann

Utah has some of the most unique liquor laws in the country. The state required bars and pubs to operate as “clubs.” They could only admit members and had to charge at least $12 a year in membership fees.

Even at restaurants alcoholic drinks would sometimes have to be prepared behind glass partitions or closed doors.

But that is changing in the name of tourism after the state legislature and the governor agreed to work together on Senate Bill 187.

The bill would allow for bars to operate as they do in the rest of the country. In return, bars will scan the IDs of all patrons and store that data for one week as part of efforts to keep track of drunk drivers.

Critics say the new laws will make it easier for Utah residents and visitors to drink, which may lead to more DUI offenses. Most groups – from tourists to the Church of Latter Day Saints – support the measure. From the AP story:

“I think it’s great that it essentially says to tourists, to travelers, that you are welcome here and that we’re excited to host you and Utah’s a normal place,” said Utah Travel Industry Coalition executive director Danny Richardson.

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This week on Total DUI

By Mary Ann

ACLU Says Challenges to Ohio’s No Refusal Law Likely

Under the new Ohio DUI law, drivers who have had two or more DUI convictions can be forced by authorities to submit to a blood or urine test to determine their blood alcohol content.

Previously, the law had required that authorities obtain a search warrant from a judge to test a DUI suspect’s blood or urine in situations where no consent was given.

Civil liberties advocates are speaking out about the new DUI law in Ohio, saying that they believe it is unconstitutional.

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Utah’s Fruitless New Liquor Law

Utah lawmakers have been at it again. The state already has some of the strangest and strictest liquor sales laws in the country, but apparently legislators still felt that there was some tinkering to be done.

Now Utah has become the first state to ban some fruity alcoholic drink sales.

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Party Bus Driver Playing Police or Parent?

And with this time of the year comes pumpkin carving, sweaters and Homecoming – a quasi-holiday for schools that runs from September to November.

Students can’t wait for festivities, which usually mean an early dismissal for a pep rally, parade, football game and dance.

Maybe you or some of your friends drank after the dance – or maybe even before the dance. You were all underage and alcohol is prohibited on school property, but that was a part of the Homecoming ritual – no big deal.

Except for some teenagers in Highland Park, IL, underage drinking became a big deal.

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