Driving While Distracted Citations Go Beyond DUI

By Mary Ann

Many have argued that DUI should be just one reason to cite a driver for driving when he shouldn’t be. Over-the-road truck driving have long been required to get enough sleep.

Now, states are considering laws against using technology while driving.

According to USA Today, states across the country are passing bills banning the use of technology, such as fax machines, DVD players, and video games, while driving. Most bills mandate a fine between $50 and $600.

In California, 3,200 drivers have been pulled over for watching DVDs and TVs since 2003.

Washington recently banned texting while driving. “TWD” carries a $101 fine. Several months ago, in Colorado, a bicyclist was killed by a driver who was texting. Strangely enough, the Colorado legislature has not passed a no texting bill.