Super Sunday DUI Fallout

By Mary Ann

The DUI fallout from last night’s Super Bowl parties is being felt across the country. As predicted, law enforcement agencies across the country stepped up DUI patrols last night, and there were dozens of arrests made across the country.

In California last year, Super Bowl Sunday brought  four times the number of DUI fatalities and injuries than a typical night, reports ABC 30 in Fresno. In 2008, there were also more than 400 drivers arrested for DUI.

Numbers are still rolling in from this year, but thousands of drivers were examined in patrols and road blocks. Up the road in Santa Maria, more than 3,000 were stopped in a DUI checkpoint. Similar checkpoints in Las Vegas resulted in 12 DUI arrests.

If you or someone you know was arrested for DUI this past Sunday, you may want to speak with a DUI lawyer.



DUI Patrols to Increase Nationwide for Super Bowl

By Mary Ann

On Sunday, millions of people across the country will watch the Super Bowl. The event has evolved into more than just a football game, it’s a shared pop culture event.

There are also parties. Lots of Super Bowl parties. Bars and business, friends and family alike will be hosting and attending Super Bowl parties.

The police are well aware of this, and there are news reports from across the country – from Colorado to Pennsylvania – about local law enforcement units increasing DUI patrols around the Super Bowl.

In fact, many police departments increased DUI patrols around the NFL playoffs. So you can be sure they’ll be watching for drunk drivers this Sunday.

What can you do?

1. Plan ahead. Your Super Bowl party plans should include more than where you’re going and how much you’ll be eating. Make sure you have a safe ride to and from your party. Any safe ride will do: Designated driver, cab, public transportation.

2. Know your state DUI laws. There’s a lot on the line if you drink and drive. Many states now require ignition interlock devices for first offenders. If you refuse a breathalyzer test you may face immediate license suspension.

3. If you are arrested for DUI, contact a DUI lawyer immediately. A lawyer will know the DUI laws in your state, and answer any questions you have about the long-term impact of a DUI.

Be safe this weekend and enjoy the big game!

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