North Dakota’s Worst Driver Gets Another DUI

By admin

Well, it’s safe to say that North Dakota’s Craig Irwin hasn’t taken his prior run-ins with “Johnny Law” too seriously.

Already owning the state’s worst driving record with 15 DUI arrests and more than 30 cases of driving without a license, Irwin added a couple of more notches to his unimpressive belt on June 14th when a Burleigh County deputy noticed him driving south of Bismarck.

Irwin was pulled over and proceeded to fail a breathalyzer test.

Irwin’s license had already been suspended until 2065, making it 99.99 percent unlikely that this guy will ever legally drive again (unless he has some magic potion from the Fountain of Youth). The maximum penalty for driving without a license is one year in the state; thus showing how excessive Irwin’s rule breaking truly has been.