NC DUI Offenders May Earn License Back

By admin

The North Carolina Senate approved a bill that would allow repeat DUI offenders with suspended driver’s licenses a chance to earn a permit back.

If the bill is passed, people convicted of habitual impaired driving will be able to ask the Division of Motor Vehicles to be reinstated if they have had a clean criminal and traffic record for 10 years.

For those who are able to obtain a license, the law wouldn’t allow them to be driving with a blood alcohol level of any level within the next seven years.

Those who favored the bill said it’s only fair that repeat DUI offenders have a chance to get their licenses restored since others who have licenses revoked for other reasons can.  But critics felt that it wasn’t right to give these types of offenders another chance.

Source: The News & Observer



Officers Arrested for Altering DWI Charges

By Mary Ann

ABC 11 in North Carolina reported that six police officers were arrested on charges related to changing DWI records and charges.

Each of the officers faces multiple felony charges. One officer is facing 65 felong counts!

So what does this mean for your DUI trial?

It means that there may be challenge to the evidence in your DUI case. There are strict procedures that poilce must follow during a DUI stop and during collection of evidence.

If these procedures aren’t followed – accidentally or purposefully – you may be able to challenge your case.

First, know your state’s DUI laws. Then, you may want to ask follow-up questions to a local attorney who can offer advice on the some of your options.

Above all, stay on your toes. You never know who was writing your ticket.



North Carolina Limits Judges’ Power in DWI Cases

By Mary Ann

The North Carolina legislature recently approved a bill that will limit the authority of judges in DWI cases.

The change in language comes in response to a study that indicated that many judges were dismissing DWI charges or making not-guilty findings in cases where the breathalyzer test reading had been at .08 or above if evidence indicated that the driver had not been impaired.

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