49ers’ Braylon Edwards Fined, Not Suspended for DUI

By Topher

In the week leading up to their season opener, San Francisco 49ers receiver Braylon Edwards received word from the NFL that he will not be suspended for DUI charges brought against him more than a year ago when he was a member of the New York Jets.

The wide receiver, who pled guilty to the charges in July, will be fined $50,000 for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The fine comes in place of a possible suspension and totals roughly two percent of Edwards’ salary.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on the NFL’s formal statement regarding the wide receiver’s case.

“Braylon Edwards was fined $50,000 for violating the NFL policy on Substances of Abuse. The fine is for the DUI only,” the league explained. “Any other matters will be addressed at the appropriate time.”

While the final sentence of the statement suggests room for further discipline, the NFL allegedly assured 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke that Edwards would not face suspension.

The disciplinary action against the 49ers receiver stems from Edwards’ September 2010 arrest on charges of driving while intoxicated.

The night of the arrest, NYPD officers stopped Edwards on Manhattan’s West Side for excessive tinting on the windows of his SUV and noticed a strong smell of alcohol. When given a breath test, Edwards’ blood alcohol content was .16, twice the legal limit.

At the time, Edwards was on probation for aggravated disorderly conduct stemming from accusations that he punched a man outside a Cleveland nightclub in 2009.

News of his league fine comes as a relief to the 49ers, who knew Edwards may be facing possible suspension when they signed him to a one-year, $2.1 million contract.

Edwards is currently listed as a co-starting receiver for the team’s Sunday opener against the Seattle Seahawks.



NFL Star Steve McNair’s DUI Charge Dropped

By Mary Ann

NFL Quarterback Steve McNair’s DUI charge for a May 9th incident have been dropped. McNair was a passenger in a pickup truck when his brother-in-law, Jamie Cartwright, was stopped for speeding.

Cartwright refused to submit to a breathalyzer and was charged with DUI. McNair was charged with DUI because he allowed a person he should have known to be drunk to drive his vehicle.

USA Today reports that Cartwright entered a plea bargain where he serve two days in jail, pay a $350 fine, and attend DUI school.

As part of his plea agreement, Tennessee dropped Cartwright’s DUI offense and he pled guilty to reckless driving. Because Cartwright’s DUI was dismissed, McNair’s DUI charge was also dropped.

According to the Washington Post, McNair will likely, now, avoid NFL discipline as well.



Packers’ Robinson Sentenced to 90 Days for DUI Probation Violation

By Mary Ann

Koren Robinson, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Wednesday.

Robinson plead guilty to DUI in Seattle a year ago and received a suspended sentence. His recent DUI charge violated the terms of his probation. Execution of the sentence will be delayed to allow Robinson to finish out the current season with the Packers.

The Minnesota Vikings released Robinson afer his August DUI offense, and he may still be subject to additional sanctions from the NFL.