Guide to Lindsay Lohan’s DUI Prison Stay

By Topher

Lindsay Lohan will be doing time for her DUI offense.

That’s 90 days in jail, though it’s unlikely she’ll serve the whole stint.

Some sources say that she was experiencing some serious anxiety about her time behind bars. Who wouldn’t?

“She’s really nervous,” someone close to Lohan to told E! News. “She is still hoping she is not going to jail.”

Unfortunately for the starlet, Lohan will be spending at least some time in the clink.

Lohan will soon report to the jail to begin serving her sentence, although overcrowding causes many sentences to be shortened.

Lohan will appear in court, and then she will be taken to the Century Regional Detention Facility, in Lynnwood, California. Here are a few things that E! News wants you to know about the impending jail sentence of a young woman convicted of DUI.

Lohan Isn’t the First Celebrity Starlet to Spend Time in Lynnwood

Paris Hilton once stayed in the same facility. In 2007 she spent 23 days serving time for violating the probation on a reckless driving charge.

Khloe Kardashian Odom once spent four-and-a-half hours in Lynnwood for violating her own DUI charge. While Khloe was there, she was placed in solitary confinement. The jail received three bomb threats during her stay, though it’s unclear why.

Nicole Richie did a tough 82 minutes of time for her own 2007 DUI conviction.

Even Lindsay Lohan herself served 84 minutes in 2007 from DUI arrests that year.

Rules of the DUI Road

Lohan won’t get any preferential treatment in lock-up. She’ll be allowed visitors during much of the day on weekends. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous hold daily meetings inside, and numerous ministries operate in the jail. Also, there is no smoking at Lynnwood, so Lohan will have to do without her nicotine fix.

Ladies Only

The Century Regional Detention Facility is a female-only facility, with 1,800 inmates.

When Paris Hilton served time, she had good things to say about the populace, saying that her fellow inmates were “very supportive.” She talked to her fellow inmates from cell to cell.

Lohan will be in a 12-foot-by-8-foot cell with two bunk beds, a toilet, a sink, a stool, table and a six-inch window. She will be separated from other prisoners because of her status.



The DUI Year in Review

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Enjoy two of our recent roundup articles, exclusive to Total DUI.

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Did Lindsay Lohan and Nichole Richie Get Off Easy for DUI?

By Guest Attorney

Lindsay Lohan served one day in jail for her second DUI offense. Nichole Richie served 82 minutes. What an outrage. Celebrities always get off easy. But, is that really true? ABC News recently took a closer look.

ABC’s conclusion is that DUI sentences are more lenient than many think. Ian Drew, of US Weekly, suggests that the real problem with celebrities is the enabling culture in Hollywood; “they’re given free drinks in order to keep going to the clubs.”

According to reporter, Linda Deutsch, officials in the legal system say celebrities are treated no differently than anyone else. L.A. County jails suffer from such overcrowding that Sheriff Lee Baca needs space for more serious offenders.

Under Sheriff Larry Waldie said 50 women serving sentences for charges similar to Richie’s were released on the same day. Loyola University Law School professor Laurie Stevenson said “the answer is there are too many bad girls and not enough cells.”

Stevenson warned that prosecutors may take to overcharging on crimes to enable judges to give offenders longer sentences.



Can Lindsay Lohan Buy Her Way Out of Second DUI?

By Guest Attorney

Twenty-one-year-old actress, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for her second DUI in three months. In May, she was arrested for her first DUI offense for a hit-and-run DUI. Now, she’s been arrested, not only on suspicion of DUI, but suspicion of cocaine possession.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Lohan sent an e-mail to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush saying “I am innocent. . . . did not do drugs they’re not mine.”

Police answered a 911 call from the mother of Lohan’s personal assistant who claimed Lohan was chasing her in an SUV after the assistant had quit. Police found Lohan in a heated argument with the woman.

She was given a breathalyzer which registered a blood alcohol level between 0.12 and 0.13 percent, well over the legal limit for DUI. During a pre-booking search police say they found cocaine in her pocket.

Following her May arrest, Lohan immediately checked herself into rehab. She has again checked herself into rehab. Rehab is a standard tactic for those arrested for DUI, who can afford it. A defendant who has started rehab can demonstrate to a judge that she is already straightening out and should be given a lighter sentence.

However, most of us cannot afford rehab and certainly cannot take time off from work. So, people like Lindsay have an advantage when they go to court.