Arizona Drivers Face Tougher DUI Ignition Lock Law

By Mary Ann

Arizona lawmakers have proposed requiring ignition interlock devices for all drivers convicted of DUI. Nationwide, there has been a push for ignition interlocks.

Many of these proposed laws ignore the driver’s blood alcohol level (BAC) and number of DUI arrests. Such black and white laws often need to be rewritten or repealed.

The proposed Arizona law requires ignition interlocks for anyone convicted of DUI, regardless of BAC. Lawmakers also attached a provision requiring 45 jails in jail for any driver with a BAC of 0.20 percent, an increase of 35 days. A second offense within seven years would require six months in jail.

Strangely, lawmakers rebuffed efforts to require alcohol treatment for drivers with a 0.20 BAC. Yet another state has simply dismissed people who have a problem as immoral. Treatment has been proven to decrease repeat offenses, but legislators would rather look tough on crime than actually prevent it.