Cops Impound DUI Driver’s Car with Kids Inside

By Mike

Last week, a man was arrested for a DUI after leaving his car idling in the fast lane of a Rhode Island freeway. This incident, while a bit bizarre, would probably have remained quiet were it not for the subsequent towing of the man’s vehicle while his two children remained inside.

According to a report from My Fox Boston, Fredly Misere was arrested for drunk driving in Pawtucket, Rhode Island after police discovered his Mercedes-Benz SUV completely stopped in the fast lane of a local highway.

When they approached his car, the 50-year-old driver was slumped over the steering wheel, apparently asleep, with an opened bottle of beer resting between his legs.

It took several loud pounds on the window by the police before the driver was able to awake from his deep slumber. Oddly, the incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

After police pulled the visibly intoxicated Misere out of his car, the driver told the officers that he was concerned about the welfare of his children. When the police asked him where the children were, however, Misere allegedly said that the kids were in Boston.

Because of Misere’s assurances, the police apparently did not think it necessary to check the car for other occupants.

In addition, since Misere’s car was dangerously blocking a lane of the heavily traveled highway, the police report indicates that a tow truck driver already had the SUV on a flatbed truck soon after police arrived.

So, after they arrested Misere, they took him to the police station, while the tow truck driver guided the SUV to its temporary resting place in an impoundment lot in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Of course, the plot soon thickened, as the truck driver heard muffled noises coming from the back seat of the Mercedes Benz soon after reaching the impoundment lot.

When he opened the car, the truck driver discovered Misere’s 4-year-old daughter and her 3-month-old sister waiting patiently in the back of the car.

Apparently, the windows of the SUV were heavily tinted, so the police and tow truck driver did not immediately see the passengers. In addition, the noise of the highway may have blocked any noises made by the two young girls.

Nevertheless, police are baffled as to how so many authorities could miss the presence of two children in the back of the car. There will likely be an investigation into the matter.

To be fair, the real culprit in this fiasco is the allegedly drunk father, who, if the allegations are proved correct, is facing a significant punishment for his irresponsible actions, particularly because this is not his first drunk driving offense.

Sources indicate that Misere is being charged with numerous criminal counts, including driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, driving to endanger, child endangerment, and the always-tricky charge of “failing to use care when stopping.”