Detroit Lions Team President Arrested for DUI

By Topher

With the extended run of poor play and shabby team management the Detroit Lions have subjected their fans to, one might think that the executives responsible would do their best to avoid any more negative press.

But Detroit Lions team president Tom Lewand finds himself in hot water after a DUI arrest after failing a field sobriety test and registering a blood-alcohol content that was more than twice the legal limit.

Lewand was pulled over by police after they saw that he was driving erratically. Lewand told the deputies that pulled him over that he was the designated driver, and that he had not had a drink in a year and a half. Lewand’s story was that he had driven to a bar to pick up a friend.

The deputies smelled alcohol coming from the driver’s side of the vehicle, despite the story that Lewand provided.

The police report described Lewand’s eyes as “glossy and bloodshot.” When Lewand was subjected to field sobriety tests, he could not, according to reports, walk heel to toe, balance on one leg, or touch his finger to his nose.

Lewand then took several breath tests, on which he registered a .21 and a .20 blood-alcohol content.

Lewand apologized for his behavior in a statement that he released over the weekend.

According to the Detroit Free-Press, Lewand had been participating in alcohol abuse treatment for several months preceding the arrest.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, said that he plans on talking to Lewand about the arrest. Goodell has played a major role in disciplinary negotiations in more notorious cases like that of Michael Vick and his dog fighting conviction.

“Our policies apply to everyone,” said Goodell. “Yours truly, club presidents, players, coaches, everybody involved in the NFL. I think Tom recognizes that and, of course, I will speak to him in the near future, and we’ll be gathering the facts. Everybody’s accountable, and everyone’s responsible.”

Lewand had been in the area around Houghton Lake for a charity golf tournament, along with several members of the Lions football team.



The Latest Tool to Fight DUI

By Mary Ann

With the dangers of drunken driving so obvious, it’s no surprise to often come across stories in the media about the latest efforts to curb DUI and bolster arrests and convictions.

The latest story involves a device that records the eye movements of DUI suspects during the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test — more commonly thought of as when an officer tracks the eye movements of a DUI suspect.

While the story does a nice job of describing what this device does, it does miss on an important point: that such technology is far from a slam-dunk in terms of proving a DUI offense, despite what some may claim.

When it comes to field sobriety tests like HGN, the One-Leg Stand Test and the Walk and Turn (WAT) test and how they may apply in your case, getting in touch with a local DUI attorney is a smart way to gauge truth from fiction.