DUI Problems Continue for Mary Kennedy

By Topher

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s wife was once again arrested for DUI, this time for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

Mary Kennedy was pulled over for speeding at 8 in the morning, according to the Journal News, when police decided to perform sobriety tests and made the arrest for driving while impaired by drugs.

According to the police report, she was driving her 2004 Volvo 82 miles per hour when police pulled her over.

The arrest comes on the heels of a license suspension that was handed down to Kennedy just a month ago, after she pleaded guilty to driving while drunk.

At the time of the latest arrest, Kennedy had a conditional license, which made it legal for her to drive in certain limited situations. She told police that she was going to yoga class.

She was taken to a police station in nearby Millbrook, New York, where an expert in drug-recognition determined that she was under the influence of a prescription medication.

This is the latest in an ongoing series of soap opera-like events for Mary Kennedy. In one bad week in May of this year her husband filed for divorce, police responded to repeated calls to her home in Bedford, New York, and she was charged with DUI.

The May 15 arrest came after she was pulled over after police saw her run her car onto a curb outside of a school. Police said that her speech was blurred. She had a blood-alcohol content of .11.

A few days before that, when police came to her house after she called 911, they found that Mary Kennedy was visibly drunk, that she was having trouble gathering her thoughts or letting police know why she called.

A few days after that, her husband filed for divorce, and the day after that the police returned to the couple’s home on a report of a domestic incident.

In mid-July Kennedy was able to plead guilty to a lesser charge for the DUI, and she had to pay a $500 fine and attend DWI classes.