DUI Checkpoint Reveals Goat in Trunk of Car

By Topher

DUI checkpoints are a hot topic as to whether random vehicle checks are constitutional solely because they can keep drivers safe. Rarely, however, are DUI checkpoints debated as to whether or not they can keep animals safe.

A recent DUI checkpoint in Bedford County, Virginia surveyed nearly 15,000 cars, resulting in three DUI arrests, a drug bust and the rescue of one goat, reports the News Advance in Lynchburg.

Bedford County authorities pulled over 32-year-old Fiona Ann Enderdy and asked about the strange noises coming from her trunk.

Fearing a human might be trapped inside, officers were startled to find a goat, bound at the feet and thrashing around inside the trunk.

This is not the first time an animal has been found at a DUI checkpoint. Sign on San Diego reports that just one month ago, police found a “dog-napped” shih tzu in a car that had been stopped for routine reasons. That animal was returned to its proper owners who were excited to have their family pet returned.

When the goat was discovered he wasn’t the only oddity earning the police’s attention. No loving family Officers in that case were far more interested in the other passengers — suspected illegal immigrants from Africa.

WSLS reports that while Ms. Enderdy is a resident of the Washington, D.C. area, she is actually a transport from Great Britain. Apparently, when asked why the goat was in her trunk, Ms. Enderdy replied that in Great Britain, it is perfectly acceptable to transport a goat in the trunk of a car.

The goat was bought from a local farmer, and was a gift to the Kenyan immigrants who were traveling with her.

Luckily, an animal control expert was also at the checkpoint. He measured the heat in the trunk of the car and found it to be at a steamy and none-too-comfortable 94 degrees.

The goat, who was panting heavily, was given water, a check-up, and sent to the pound. The Roanoke news reports that since being sent to the pound, the goat has been recovering.

He is “just chilling and as happy as can be,” says Lt. Darryl Saunders.

The goat wasn’t the only one in the car who was sent to the clink. Enderdy was arrested and released after being charged with animal cruelty. She is to attend an advisement hearing on July eighth, where her fate as to the charge will be determined.

The goat’s fate will be determined at a separate hearing in the Bedford County General District Court.



Checkpoint in Vista, Calif. Results in DUI Arrests and Citations

By admin

Police officers in Vista, Calif. set up a checkpoint for drivers last weekend – and they really laid down the law.

According to the North County Times, four DUI arrests were made at the checkpoint, and 25 citations were issued for various offenses.

Among the crimes cited were marijuana possession, driving without a license, child seat violations and lack of insurance.

The North County Times also reported that more than 500 cars passed through the checkpoint and about 400 of the cars were inspected. Due to lack of insurance or unlicensed driving, 17 cars were impounded.

With so many cars going through a roadside checkpoint, it’s hard to know if the officers in charge are actually following the law. You should know state DUI laws when it comes to DUI arrests.

If you are cited for a violation at a police checkpoint, make sure you know your rights before proceeding through a trial. A DUI attorney can help clarify questions specific to your case and your local laws.



Super Sunday DUI Fallout

By Mary Ann

The DUI fallout from last night’s Super Bowl parties is being felt across the country. As predicted, law enforcement agencies across the country stepped up DUI patrols last night, and there were dozens of arrests made across the country.

In California last year, Super Bowl Sunday brought  four times the number of DUI fatalities and injuries than a typical night, reports ABC 30 in Fresno. In 2008, there were also more than 400 drivers arrested for DUI.

Numbers are still rolling in from this year, but thousands of drivers were examined in patrols and road blocks. Up the road in Santa Maria, more than 3,000 were stopped in a DUI checkpoint. Similar checkpoints in Las Vegas resulted in 12 DUI arrests.

If you or someone you know was arrested for DUI this past Sunday, you may want to speak with a DUI lawyer.



Student Charged with Stealing Flares From DUI Checkpoint

By Mary Ann

A Castleton State College student was charged with stealing flares from a Vermont DUI checkpoint. The student was given a citation for petit larceny and a ticket for possessing alcohol as a minor. When State police officers broke down their DUI checkpoint, they realized that two electronic flares were missing. An investigation determined that the student, who lives near the checkpoint, had taken the flares. When arrested she had a BAC of 0.173.