Several Men Arrested for DUIs While Driving Tractors

By Mike

A DUI arrest, in the public’s imagination, typically involves high speeds, reckless driving, and a dramatic confrontation with the police. And it almost certainly includes a car.

Not every DUI arrest, though, fits this mold. A recent spate of men being arrested for drunk driving while operating tractors shows that DUIs may occur in the strangest places.

The first noteworthy arrestee wasn’t even driving a large tractor. Last week, a man in western Pennsylvania faced charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and assaulting a police officer after he was arrested while riding his lawn tractor.

According to the Beaver County Times, 44-year-old Mark Grove was allegedly driving his lawn tractor down the middle of a road on a Thursday afternoon, which prompted a call from a neighbor to 911 concerning an “out of control man.”

When police arrived, Grove was carrying a coffee mug full of beer and he admitted to the police officers that he had been drinking.

After the police arrested Grove, he allegedly began kicking a police officer and head-butting the partition that separates residents of a squad car’s backseat from the officers in the front of the car.

To the disappointment of newspaper readers across Pennsylvania, Grove declined to comment on his arrest. Court records also show he has yet to choose to hire a DUI lawyer.

Grove can take some solace in the fact that his arrest wasn’t the only tractor-related DUI arrest in recent days.

Last week, police in Madison, Alabama, arrested 33-year-old Forrest Stewart for driving under the influence after the man was found driving a riding lawnmower through the downtown streets.

According to WHNT News, a police spokesman said driving any mechanical device under the influence of alcohol makes the driver eligible for a DUI arrest.

In the words of Madison Police Lieutenant John Stringer, “If you’ve been drinking to the point where you don’t think you need to be driving your car, you probably don’t need to be driving any vehicle.”

Finally, recently reported that a man in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, also unlawfully used his lawn tractor while drinking alcohol.

According to sources, a 73-year-old man was spotted by his neighbors driving his lawn tractor around town on several occasions while allegedly enjoying adult beverages.

After the report, police spotted the man driving his tractor under the influence of alcohol in the early afternoon. It was the man’s fifth arrest for operating a motor vehicle while drunk.

The lesson, it seems, from these various anecdotes is that the combination of a motor and alcohol is bad, whatever the circumstances.

You may avoid the costs of a DUI by staying sober on the road, even if you’re in an unconventional vehicle.