NC DUI Offenders May Earn License Back

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The North Carolina Senate approved a bill that would allow repeat DUI offenders with suspended driver’s licenses a chance to earn a permit back.

If the bill is passed, people convicted of habitual impaired driving will be able to ask the Division of Motor Vehicles to be reinstated if they have had a clean criminal and traffic record for 10 years.

For those who are able to obtain a license, the law wouldn’t allow them to be driving with a blood alcohol level of any level within the next seven years.

Those who favored the bill said it’s only fair that repeat DUI offenders have a chance to get their licenses restored since others who have licenses revoked for other reasons can.  But critics felt that it wasn’t right to give these types of offenders another chance.

Source: The News & Observer



Ohio Town Has Controversial Pay to Get Out of Jail DUI Policy

By Guest Attorney

If you feel a need to get pulled over for DUI, do it Waverly, Ohio. The Cincinnati Post recently reported that Waverly Ohio police allow DUI defendants to make a $1,000 donation to the police department in exchange for a plea bargain allowing them keep their driver’s licenses.

The Post reports that more than one-third of DUI cases in Waverly were dismissed last year. Motorists, who typically face three or more days in jail and lengthy license suspensions were allowed to make the donation and plead to a lesser charge.

Some DUI suspects with four or five prior DUI convictions were allowed back on the road with no jail time and no loss of driving privileges. In some cases, the convictions were not even reported to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, a violation of state law.

The paper said the bargaining away DUI charges for donations raised more than $91,000 for the “drug law fund” since 2001. The money went to buy fire arms and radio equipment, according to Waverly police officials.