Kiss and Tell

By Mary Ann

An 18-year-old college student told Mankato police the reason he scored a .063 reading on a breathalyzer was because he had been making out with a drunk female 30 minutes earlier.

Police found James A. Carroll stumbling on the street Saturday after campus security at Minnesota State University reported him around 2:45 am.

Police Cmdr. Amy Vokal said that it is not possible to get drunk from making out with another person because the breath that is tested is from the lungs.  Carroll was let go after being cited for underage consumption.



College Presidents Support a Lower Drinking Age

By Mary Ann

The debate of what the legal drinking age should be is taking an interesting turn. College Presidents across the country are seeking “an informed and dispassionate debate” over the issue.

Using several studies to support their claims, 100 presidents are claiming that lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 will help discourage binge drinking on college campuses.

However, groups dedicated to fighting DUI are strongly opposed to the idea and feel that the lower drinking age would lead to more fatal accidents.

Each side presents statistics to back up their side in an article published yesterday on