Tampa Bay Relief Pitcher Matt Bush Charged With Drunk Driving

By Mike

It’s been a tough week for major league pitchers and drunk driving adventures. On the same day that fellow pitcher Bobby Jenks was arrested for a DUI, Tampa Bay relief pitcher Matt Bush was also arrested for driving under the influence.

Bush, however, may be in much more trouble than Jenks, as Bush reportedly struck a motorcycle driver who is in serious condition in a Florida hospital, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times.

Last Thursday night, Bush was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol for driving under the influence and feeling the scene of an accident, sources say.

According to a police report, Bush was driving a Dodge SUV at around 5 p.m. when he struck a motorcycle that was being driven by 72-year-old Anthony Trufano. During the accident, Trufano suffered numerous injuries, including broken bones and hemorrhaging in his brain.

At the time of the collision, Bush’s blood alcohol content was reportedly .180, which is more than twice the limit at which DUI laws assume a person is too impaired to drive. Because of the serious nature of the crime, police are currently holding Bush in jail without bail.

Sources indicate that alcohol issues have plagued Bush since he was drafted No. 1 overall in 2004 by the San Diego Padres. The Rays, however, chose to take a chance on Bush and had been pleased by Bush’s efforts to turn his life around.

But the team may now be regretting its decision. In an official statement, the Rays said “[o]ur thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his family. We will reserve further comment until we learn more about the incident.”

The police report indicates that Bush told police he had a “serious alcohol problem” and that he did not remember seeing Trufano or his motorcycle before the crash.

One witness at the scene told the Tampa Bay Rays that Bush’s car drove directly over Trufano’s head, and that he was surprised the driver of the motorcycle was not dead.

Remarkably, Trufano survived the accident, although he is currently in serious condition at Lee Memorial Hospital. Trufano’s daughter-in-law told sources that the victim was able to speak, but he does not remember what happened on the night of the crash.

The daughter-in-law also expressed her disbelief that Bush fled the scene of the accident. In her words, “I just don’t understand how someone can run over someone’s head and leave them in the middle of the road.”



Boston Red Sox Pitcher Bobby Jenks Arrested for a Hit and Run DUI

By Mike

Bobby Jenks, a longtime relief pitcher for the Chicago White Sox who was signed this offseason by the Boston Red Sox, was reportedly arrested this weekend for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

Jenks was arrested at 3:43 a.m. last Friday after striking two vehicles in the parking lot of Babes strip club in Fort Myers, Florida, and then leaving the scene of the crash, according to a report from The Fort Myers News-Press.

Police charged Jenks with a DUI and two counts of DUI with property damage, in addition to the charge that alleges the pitcher fled the scene of the accident.

The Red Sox are spending the month of March in Fort Myers, where the team holds their annual spring training camp. Jenks’ drug of choice, according to reports, was muscle relaxers, which Jenks admits may have impaired his ability to drive.

Typically, DUI arrest involve drivers who have had too much alcohol to drink, but drivers can be arrested for a DUI if they are impaired due to prescription drugs or other narcotics, as well.

Sources say that the 31-year-old Jenks paid a $4,250 bond and was released by police after just five hours in their custody.

According to the police report, Jenks was driving a white Mercedes SUV when he struck a parked truck at a Fort Myers strip club around midnight. After this collision, however, Jenks reportedly sped out of the strip club parking lot.

To his chagrin, local police pulled him over roughly five minutes after the crash because he was driving erratically. Police claim that, after they pulled him over, Jenks was “shaking uncontrollably and had a difficult time speaking.” Jenks also admitted to taking “too many muscle relaxers.”

And to make his situation worse, when responding officers asked Jenks if he’d taken any other substances besides the muscle relaxers, he said, “I’m going to be honest with you, I was just leaving Babes because I hit a car. I just had to get out of there.”

After expediting the police officers’ investigation, Jenks agreed to take a field sobriety test, but he told police that he was “going to fail it,” and if the arrest is any proof, he probably did.

Though Jenks complied with a request for a field sobriety test, he told the officer, “I’m going to fail it,” according to the report.
The Red Sox have not issued an official statement on the arrest, as they are awaiting more information before decided what, if any, disciplinary actions to take against Jenks.



Prized NFL Draft Prospect Sees Stock Slip After Drunk Driving Arrest

By Mike

A former star football player at the University of Georgia was arrested for a DUI last week, and sources say his arrest may compromise his status as a potential top selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The arrestee, Orson Charles, who played tight end at Georgia, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and blocking the flow of traffic by Athens-Clarke County Police in Athens, Georgia, according to a report from ESPN.com.

The incident allegedly took place at 3 a.m. in Athens. Sources indicate that police found Charles’ car stalled in the middle of an intersection. When police checked to see if his car was disabled, Charles started to drive a short distance but soon pulled over at the officers’ request.

After his arrest, Charles took a breathalyzer test and registered a blood alcohol level of .095, which is slightly above the legal limit of .08. Police then booked Charles into Clarke County Jail, and he was released later that morning after posting a $1,750 bond.

A passenger was in the car with Charles when he was arrested, but the passenger has not been identified. Sources did not say whether Charles has obtained the services of a DUI attorney.

ESPN.com reports that the incident could have negative consequences for Charles, who was a 2011 AFCA All-American and is ranked by one scouting service as the 38th-best prospect in April’s NFL Draft.

The same scouting service also ranked Charles as the second-best tight end prospect in the entire draft, which suggests that he could be drafted higher than the 38th position, given the increased importance of the tight end position in the NFL’s pass-happy offenses.

Sources indicate that Charles had 45 catches for 574 yards and five touchdowns during the 2011 season. He finished his career with 10 touchdown catches, which tied Georgia’s all-time record for touchdown catches by a tight end.

This January, Charles announced that he would be leaving Georgia after his successful junior season. This year, Charles was also a finalist for the John Mackey Award, which recognizes the country’s best tight end each year.

To be fair, the DUI arrest will probably not drop Charles very far down most NFL teams’ draft boards. But his response to the DUI arrest and his subsequent actions may prove to be critical as he tries to regain the trust of NFL executives.

Professional sports players have a (somewhat undeserved) reputation as acting as if they are above the law, and professional sports teams are increasingly concerned about keeping their players out of legal trouble.



Prosecutors Drop DUI Charges Against Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hines Ward

By Mike

Aging NFL wide receiver Hines Ward may be facing an off season of uncertainty, but he did receive some good news recently when prosecutors decided to drop their DUI charges against the star football player.

Ward, who was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia months ago for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, will not face trial for a DUI but will instead receive a year of probation, according to a report from Fox News.

Last week, DeKalb County Prosecutor Sonja N. Brown announced that Ward pleaded guilty to a less crime—reckless driving—and was sentenced to a year of probation.

In addition to his year of probation, Ward will also reportedly be fined $2,000 and he will have to perform 80 hours of community service, although his blocking efforts in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense will not count towards this service requirement.

Ward, who gained fame with a non-football audience when he won a “Dancing With the Stars” competition a few years ago, was arrested in 2011 after he ran into a curb after failing to stay in his lane while driving.

The 35-year-old wide receiver, who was voted the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XL, reportedly failed several field sobriety tests after his accident. Ward was booked into the DeKalb County jail after his arrest but was soon released on bond.

Ward’s release from his DUI charges has stirred up a bit of controversy, as public watchdogs claim that less famous citizens in similar circumstances may not have been quite so lucky.

Indeed, famous athletes and celebrities often seem to face more lenient sentences for certain crimes, although this charge can be hard to prove.

Still, Ward’s brisk release from drunk driving charges, even after he failed several field sobriety tests, has created a predictable amount of public outcry.

In addition to public criticism, the legal headache of the mandatory year of probation added more stress to an uncertain time for Ward, who, at 35 years old, has passed his prime as an NFL wide receiver.

In his younger years, Ward was a dangerous receiver for the Steelers, but he saw his targets decline last season as Pittsburgh’s offense utilized its younger receivers like Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace.

And, even though Ward has two years remaining on his contract with the Steelers, the team is reportedly considering cutting the veteran wide receiver. Since most NFL contracts are not guaranteed, teams often drop fading stars to cut salary and pursue younger players.



Miss USA 2010 Will Face Trial in DUI Case

By Mike

Against her wishes, former Miss USA Rima Fakih will have to soon face trial for her alleged DUI after a Michigan judge refused to give the beauty queen more time to prepare her defense, according to a report from The Detroit News.

District Judge Brigette Officer told Fakih that legal proceedings had dragged on long enough after her December DUI arrest, and that Fakih would soon have to stand trial for her drunk driving charges.

Fakih, a 26-year-old from Dearborn, Michigan, had been charged with misdemeanor drunk driving after her arrest on December 3. The police report from the incident claims that Fakih has been driving erratically at high speeds, and had failed to use a turn signal.

Perhaps more troubling for the Dearborn native than her alleged erratic driving, though, was the presence of a half-empty bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne behind the driver’s seat of her flashy 2011 Jaguar.

After her arrest, Fakih’s blood alcohol content was measured at 0.19 and 0.20, both of which are far above the state limit of 0.08.
Unfortunately for the former Miss USA, Fakih’s high blood alcohol level qualified her for conviction under Michigan’s ridiculously named “Super Drunk Law,” which allows judges to impose stricter penalties on first-time offenders.

Many states have enacted similar laws in recent years in an effort to deter more young drivers without prior DUI convictions to keep their records clean.

Prosecutors in this case, however, have chosen not to charge Fakih under the “Super Drunk Law” and instead are looking to impose a more routine sentence for a lesser charge, driving while impaired.

In the latest hearing, the judge apparently lost her patience with Fakih’s delay tactics. The first proceeding, scheduled for December 21, had been delayed because Fakih’s lawyer was unable to attend.

After Fakih made her latest request for a delay, the judge politely declined, and ordered Fakih to face trial on March 14. If she is convicted, Miss USA 2010 could face up to 93 days in jail, as well as potential fines or the loss of her driver’s license.

In many first-time DUI trials, defendants are often forced to serve some jail time, pay a fine, or perform community service, but judges typically do not impose the maximum possible sentence.

And, in many cases, defendants simply negotiate with the judge or prosecutors to enter a plea bargain, which typically involves an admission of guilt in exchange for a lighter sentence. This option still remains open to Fakih.

States like entering plea bargains with criminal defendants because it saves the time and hassle of a trial, while still holding the drunk driver responsible for his or her actions. This reality might help Fakih escape a harsh sentence.



Dodgers Star James Loney Arrested for Drunk Driving

By Mike

A few weeks ago, James Loney, the star first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was involved in a bizarre DUI accident, but his employers did not find out about the incident until recently, thanks to an anonymous phone call to the team’s executive office.

According to a recent post from the Los Angeles Times, Loney was driving his 2009 Maserati on California’s famed 101 Freeway when his car allegedly sideswiped three other cars, and eventually came to a complete stop in the fast lane of a busy highway.

Sources indicate that the incident took place in the early evening in Sherman Oaks, California. The 27-year-old Loney was arrested on the scene by police officers, but not before he engaged in some reportedly bizarre behavior.

After Loney struck the three vehicles—a Mini Cooper, a Toyota Prius, and a Mercedes Benz—the three drivers of the other cars attempted to speak with Loney, who had parked his car in the fast lane of the freeway after the collisions.

Their efforts, however, were futile, as Loney appeared to be unconscious, or at the very least, unresponsive to the requests of the other drivers.

Once he awoke, though, the police report claims that Loney attempted to flee the scene, although he did not get very far, given his arrest shortly after the collisions.

After he was arrested, sources indicate that Loney’s unusual behavior at the scene of the accident prompted paramedics to transport him to a nearby hospital, where he eventually recovered his senses without further incident.

An arresting officer remarked that Loney displayed “objective symptoms of being intoxicated or under the influence of something,” although one source told the Los Angeles Times that a breathalyzer test and a blood test both came back negative for signs of intoxication.

However, in response to this claim, a California Highway Patrol officer claimed that an investigation into the results of Loney’s blood test had not yet been completed.

Of course, while this news means that Loney will have to battle possible DUI charges in court, it seems that the Dodgers do not intend to punish Loney by revoking their contract offer, despite the fact that they only recently learned of the incident.

The Dodgers’ general manager, Ned Colleti, said that the team still planned to tender a new contract to Loney, who is up for a new deal, unless an internal investigation reveals new details about the arrest.

In the absence of new information, though, Colleti seems willing to maintain the team’s ties with James Loney, who has been a revelation in recent years as an upcoming young star for a disappointing team.

For his part, Loney is likely eager to start making headlines for his play on the baseball diamond, not his reckless driving.



Miss USA 2010 Arrested for Drunk Driving

By Mike

According to the tireless celebrity watchdogs at TMZ, the 2010 winner of the Miss USA pageant was recently arrested for a DUI, which added an exclamation point to a scandal-ridden year for the beauty queen, Rima Fakih.

Sources indicate the Fakih was arrested last week in Highland Park, Michigan when the police suspected her of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Despite the official police report, and the fact that criminal arrests are part of the public record, Fakih bizarrely denied the initial report. This weekend, she tweeted, “let’s clear things up now… I’m NOT in Michigan and I’m NOT in jail! Wrong Fakih.”

Alas, cooler heads eventually prevailed, as her DUI attorney later told the Detroit Free-Press that his famous client was, in fact, the Rima Fakih who had been arrested for a DUI in Highland Park, Michigan.

Since her attorney admitted that she had been arrested for a DUI, Fakih removed the false tweet from her Twitter account and expressed remorse, through her attorney, for the “situation that she is in right now.”

The alleged DUI incident adds another scandal to an increasingly large list of public transgressions for the Miss USA winner.

Sources indicate that Fakih was exposed as a former stripper by a Michigan radio show just one day after she won the 2010 Miss USA contest.

While the news that she had been a pole dancer didn’t immediately disqualify her from serving as Miss USA, the image-conscious competition certainly lamented the fact that there were pictures floating around the Internet of the contest winner engaging in pole-dancing competitions.

In addition to the rumors and innuendos surrounding her past career, Fakih was also targeted by critics for allegedly partying too much after she won the Miss USA crown.

While Fakih now faces real legal trouble, which is potentially more damaging than rumors about partying and dancing, she entered the Miss USA pageant as a hero to many young girls, particularly those of Arab descent.

Sources indicate that Fakih was probably the first woman of Muslim and Arab descent to win the Miss USA competition. Fakih’s family had immigrated from to the United States from Lebanon when she was a baby and eventually settled in Michigan.

Even more interestingly, Fakih’s family celebrates both the Muslim and Christian faiths, which made her a particularly appealing candidate in the Miss USA contest.

Fakih was also the first Miss Michigan to win the competition since 1993. After she was crowned Miss USA, she participated in the Miss Universe contest but did not win.

Needless to say, Fakih has seen better days, but her DUI arrest does not necessarily mean that she will have to lose her car. Punishment for first-time offenders often involves some jail time, fines, or the possibility of a temporarily suspended license.



Billionaire Wal-Mart Heiress Arrested for Another DUI

By Mike

After amassing a fortune by creating the Wal-Mart retailing juggernaut, Sam Walton left billions of dollars in inheritance money for his descendants. As a result of this massive inheritance, Walton’s relatives still remain in the spotlight, whether they like it or not.

One Walton heiress who recently captured the public’s attention is 62-year-old Alice Walton, who recently spent her birthday in a Texas jail after being arrested for driving while intoxicated.

According to the Mineral Wells Index, a Texas newspaper, Walton was stopped by police after committing a traffic violation while driving through a construction zone at night. Police arrested Walton for a DUI after she failed a field sobriety test.

During the incident, Walton had refused to take a breathalyzer test to determine her blood alcohol content, but the officers still arrested her based on her subpar performance in the sobriety test.

Local police told the newspaper that they intended to treat the billionaire heiress just like any other DUI offender, but critics noted that the police initially failed to put her mug shot on the police department’s website, which is the usual protocol.

After inquiries from local media sources, the police did post Walton’s mug shot, which shows a disappointed Walton in blue jailhouse garb.

In a statement released by her attorney, Walton admitted to driving 16 miles per hour over the speed limit while driving home from a birthday dinner at a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. The statement said Walton accepted “full responsibility” for the incident and that she “deeply regrets it.”

While a DUI arrest doesn’t usually receive much public attention, Walton’s arrest was noteworthy due to her fame and her prior criminal record.

Sources indicate that Walton had previously been arrested for a DUI in 1998 in Springdale, Arkansas. She was also involved in an accident in 1989 that resulted in the death of another driver.

Both of these driving incidents, however, did not result in a criminal conviction. In the DUI case, she simply paid a few hundred dollars in fines.

Walton undoubtedly regrets the attention she received for her arrest, but she is certainly a public figure given her estimated $21 billion net worth.

This healthy sum places her among the top 10 richest people in America, according to a study in Forbes magazine. The top 10 list also includes a few of her relatives. The Walton fortune is so large, it still creates obscenely wealthy individuals when divided in several parcels.

Members of the Walton family are considered royalty in their native Arkansas, where Walton founded the first Wal-Mart store decades ago.

The Waltons have donated millions of dollars to American and international charities, and still maintain some control over the business operations of the retailing giant.



TV Star Jamie Pressly Avoids Jail After DUI Arrest

By Mike

While celebrities are no more likely to get arrested for a DUI than others, their brushes with the law always receive extensive media coverage.

Recently, Jamie Pressly, best known from the popular sitcom “My Name is Earl,” was able to escape a jail sentence after reaching a plea deal in her DUI case.

According to Fox News, Pressly was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol content of .22, which is almost three times the legal limit of .08.

Her arrest happened in January, when police officers noticed her car driving recklessly through the hills of Santa Monica, California.

Despite the severity of the crime, Pressly and her attorneys were able to spare her jail time, as the actress agreed to a sentence requiring probation for a period of three years.

Had she been convicted on her two charges, Pressly was potentially facing a maximum punishment of six months in prison.

Pressly’s legal tale is not uncommon. In fact, first-time offenders, as well as people who have been previously arrested for a DUI, often attempt to strike a deal with the court to avoid jail time.

The maximum sentences for certain crimes, including driving under the influence, are not always enforced. If people who are arrested have a firm grasp on their legal rights, they may be able to reduce their sentence.

In many instances, people arrested for a DUI are required to pay a fine or serve a probationary sentence. Jail time is often reserved for repeat offenders, or people who commit particularly egregious offense.

The avoidance of a jail sentence was important to Pressly so that she could continue filming for her new sitcom, “I Hate My Teenage Daughter,” which premieres later this fall.

Pressly, who started her career as a gymnast and then a model, is perhaps best known for her comedic work in movies. She has starred in movies such as “Not Another Teen Movie,” “Joe Dirt,” and “I Love You, Man.” Pressly has managed to carve a successful career playing high-strung, strong-willed characters.

Unfortunately, Pressly’s brush with the law is not uncommon. DUI arrests happen every day, but they do not have to spell financial doom for the people who are arrested.

Consulting with a DUI attorney may help you gather more information about your state’s DUI laws, as every state has a unique set of regulations related to drunk driving arrests.

If you are facing DUI charges, contact a local DUI lawyer today for more information about defending your legal rights.



49ers’ Braylon Edwards Fined, Not Suspended for DUI

By Topher

In the week leading up to their season opener, San Francisco 49ers receiver Braylon Edwards received word from the NFL that he will not be suspended for DUI charges brought against him more than a year ago when he was a member of the New York Jets.

The wide receiver, who pled guilty to the charges in July, will be fined $50,000 for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The fine comes in place of a possible suspension and totals roughly two percent of Edwards’ salary.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on the NFL’s formal statement regarding the wide receiver’s case.

“Braylon Edwards was fined $50,000 for violating the NFL policy on Substances of Abuse. The fine is for the DUI only,” the league explained. “Any other matters will be addressed at the appropriate time.”

While the final sentence of the statement suggests room for further discipline, the NFL allegedly assured 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke that Edwards would not face suspension.

The disciplinary action against the 49ers receiver stems from Edwards’ September 2010 arrest on charges of driving while intoxicated.

The night of the arrest, NYPD officers stopped Edwards on Manhattan’s West Side for excessive tinting on the windows of his SUV and noticed a strong smell of alcohol. When given a breath test, Edwards’ blood alcohol content was .16, twice the legal limit.

At the time, Edwards was on probation for aggravated disorderly conduct stemming from accusations that he punched a man outside a Cleveland nightclub in 2009.

News of his league fine comes as a relief to the 49ers, who knew Edwards may be facing possible suspension when they signed him to a one-year, $2.1 million contract.

Edwards is currently listed as a co-starting receiver for the team’s Sunday opener against the Seattle Seahawks.



President Obama’s Uncle Arrested for DUI

By Topher

A presidential relative was arrested last week in Framingham, Mass., on charges of drunk driving and now faces deportation.

When Onyango Obama, the half-brother of President Obama’s father, was given the chance to make a phone call following the arrest, he was sure to make his family ties known.

“I think I’d like to call the White House,” said Obama, according to the police report.

If expecting his nephew, Obama failed to remember that President Barack Obama is currently vacationing with his family on Martha’s Vineyard.

The law firm representing Onyango Obama told the Boston Globe that he is now in the custody of immigration officials and facing a possible deportation to Kenya.

The White House would not comment on the incident this week and, instead, directed all requests to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. According to the ICE press office, the agency does not report on individual cases.

Onyango Obama, 67, was stopped by police around 7 p.m. on Wednesday outside the Chicken Bone Saloon after he made a sharp turn and caused a police cruiser and another driver to slam on their brakes.

Officer Val J. Krishtal noted in his report that Obama appeared to be slurring his speech when the officer approached the vehicle.

“The male would not allow me to speak and continued to interrupt me,” Krishtal recorded in his arrest report. “I explained to him that I narrowly avoided striking his vehicle, and he told me that he did not hear my tires screeching, so I was not being accurate.”

After telling the officer he had not been drinking, Obama confessed to having one beer. He then revised his confession and claimed to have had two beers.

When a field sobriety test was performed, Obama allegedly kept starting the tests too early and spoke over the officer’s instructions.

“Every time I got a sentence out, Obama would say, ‘You are correct,’” Krishtal reported. “He also attempted to start the [one-legged stand] test approximately seven times without being told to do so.”

Obama was arrested on drunken driving charges after failing three sobriety tests. He later registered a blood alcohol level of 0.14 percent at the station. The legal limit in Massachusetts is 0.08.

Framingham police Lieutenant Ronald Brandolini told the Boston Globe the department did not look into the presidential connection despite Obama’s name and his request to contact the White House.

Obama was arraigned Thursday on charges of DUI, failure to yield at an intersection, and negligent operation. A spokeswoman for the Middlesex district attorney told the Boston Globe the judge released Obama on personal recognizance, but that he was held on an immigration detainer.



A Rising Baseball Star and a Famous Baseball Twin Face DUI Arrests

By Mike

Two figures in the baseball world faced DUI arrests recently, adding their names to the long list of prominent athletes to face scrutiny about their drinking and driving.

Delino DeShields Jr. is a youngster on the verge of his pro career, while Ozzie Canseco is the twin brother of major league star and steroid poster boy Jose Canseco, who only played a few games at the highest level.

DeShields, an infielder in the Houston Astros organization who is not even old enough to drink alcohol legally, was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving while headed the wrong way on a one-way street in Georgia.

DeShields Jr., the son of former major league baseball player Delino DeShields, admitted to having consumed some alcohol at a University of Georgia fraternity party, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The police suspected that he had drunk more than he admitted to, and in fact he registered a .076 blood alcohol content at the scene of the police stop. The legal limit for those under the age of 21 is .02 percent. DeShields recently turned 18.

Also in DeShields’ SUV were four open bottles of alcohol. With that, he logged three charges related to the stop: underage possession of alcohol, DUI and the driving violation for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

DeShields took responsibility for the incident via a statement on his Facebook page, which stated “I take the responsibility of being a role model seriously and apologize to my fans, my community and the Astros organization, who continue to support my family and I during this unfortunate incident. I look forward to putting this matter behind me.”

The DUI charge and hearing will not impact DeShields’ trip to spring training in February, the first of his young career after being selected by the Astros in the first round of the 2010 draft.

Ozzie Canseco, who is in a far different stage of his career, faces DUI concerns of his own, after being pulled over at 2 in the morning in Hillsborough, Florida, according to ABC News.

The twin brother of slugger and steroid user Jose Canseco registered a .108 and .109 blood alcohol content when tested. He is currently the baseball director at a local sporting goods center in Florida.

He had a long career in the minor leagues and the independent leagues, starting in 1983 and continuing into the early 2000s.

Ozzie has been charged with DUI. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to possession of anabolic steroids after a traffic stop.



Celebrity Singers Facing DUI Trouble

By Mike

Several celebrity songbirds appeared in the headlines recently for issues related to DUI arrests and DUI charges.

One is a Grammy winning songwriter, producer and actress best known for her soul-pop music, and the other is a one-time teen heartthrob slated to appear in a film about Liberace.

Singer and Grammy-winner Faith Evans pleaded no contest to DUI charges in a Los Angeles courtroom recently, following a DUI arrest back in August. The Grammy Award-winner was stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Marina del Rey on August 21 at around 10:40 p.m.

Evans was subsequently arrested for suspicion of misdemeanor drunk driving. As a part of the no contest plea, Evans will serve three years of probation, pay $300 in fines, agree not to drive with any alcohol in her system and undergo a 3-month alcohol treatment program, according to the Baltimore Sun.

She pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor count of reckless driving.

Evans, well-known after she arrived on the pop music scene in the mid-90s, tweeted to her fans following the DUI arrest, telling them that “After completing a full day of wardrobe prep I was stopped at a random checkpoint. I’m fine and well, and thank you for your prayers, kind words and concerns.” She signed the tweet “- Fizzy.”

Evans and her husband were arrested for drug possession charges in 2004, for which she entered a drug abuse treatment program.

Teen idol David Cassidy also faced DUI trouble recently, when he was arrested for drunk driving in Florida, according to the LA Times.

Cassidy has a court date in mid January for charges that he failed a field sobriety test at around 6 in the evening. Police reportedly witnessed Cassidy weaving on the road and making an erratic lane change.

A Breathalyzer test came back having registered a .141 and a .139 blood alcohol content for the singer and actor.

Cassidy pleaded not-guilty to the charge. He admitted that he was tired, and that he had a glass of wine with lunch and took a hydrocodine pill for back pain.

According to police, there was a bottle of bourbon in the back seat that was half empty.

Cassidy faces a misdemeanor charge of DUI, failure to maintain a single lane and driving with an open container.



Oklahoma State Football Player Apologizes Following DUI Arrest

By Mike

Justin Blackmon, a sophomore receiver on the Oklahoma State football team, was arrested under suspicion of DUI this week, after he was pulled over on the interstate around Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Blackmon announced an apology following the announcement of his DUI arrest. He apologized to his family and friends, and to the school, according to NewsOK.

“I made a mistake, and I take full responsibility for it. I look forward to redeeming myself. This isn’t who I am.”

Blackmon has been suspended for a game by head football Mike Gundy, the match-up between Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

“In our opinion, what he did deserves a suspension for this game,” said Gundy. “It was very easy for us. That’s a decision he made, and he has to suffer the consequences.”

Blackmon was stopped after being clocked driving 92 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone on Interstate 35. He was subsequently arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Blackmon didn’t have to speak to the press so soon after his arrest. However, he appeared at a press conference less than 48 hours. When asked why, he told the press, “to prove I’m not that guy and own up to my mistakes. I did it, and I should be punished for it.”

“6:51,” replied Coach Gundy about when he heard about the DUI arrest, referring to how early in the morning he got the call. “Usually when I get a call that early in the morning it’s not good.” Gundy also said that Blackmon was “a caring person who made a mistake.”

Several other OSU football players were in the car with Blackmon, though no other students have been punished by the football program for anything that occurred that night.

Blackmon has been tagged for speeding in the past, once for driving 20 to 25 miles per hour over the limit, and another time for driving 93 in a 70 mile per hour zone.

The legal investigation is still under way, so Blackmon didn’t answer any specific questions about the case.

According to Texas DUI law, a police officer doesn’t have to place a minor into custody for the Class C misdemeanor DUI.



Paris Hilton Faces Drug Charges After Boyfriend’s DUI Stop

By Topher

Paris Hilton has faced public embarrassment before, and no we’re not talking about her reality TV series with Nicole Richie. She’s had sex tapes revealed, been arrested for DUI and even spent a little time in jail.

Now, though, after her boyfriend was stopped for suspected DUI, she could be facing the most serious stumble of her life, as she faces felony drug possession charges.

Police allegedly found a bindle of cocaine in her purse while she took a bathroom break at a nearby casino, according to People.

The car that Hilton was riding in at the time of the traffic stop was driven by her boyfriend, nightclub owner Cy Waits. The police officer on the scene said that he smelled marijuana smoke wafting from the vehicle and pulled it over.

Waits was later arrested, on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In the meantime Hilton asked if she could be taken to the Wynn Las Vegas hotel. Officers granted her request, and it was while Hilton was taking lip balm out of her purse that an officer saw the small bundle that he suspected could have been cocaine.

It turned out to be .8 grams of cocaine. The purse also contained cigarette rolling papers that are typically used to roll marijuana joints and a cracked tablet of the asthma drug Albuterol, which Hilton said she had a prescription for.

Hilton claimed that the purse was not hers, that she had borrowed it from a friend of hers. Some of the items in the purse were hers, and some were not. The rolling papers were hers, she said, as well as cash and credit cards and the Albuterol, but not the cocaine.

According to the report, Hilton claimed that when she saw the cocaine, she thought that it was chewing gum.

CBS reported that Hilton stated that she isn’t worried about the felony drug charges, which carry a maximum sentence of four years in jail. Reports say that the Las Vegas District Attorney has already filed the felony case against the heiress. The same DA put O.J. Simpson in the slammer on robbery charges.