Buffalo Bills Victory Celebration Leads to Multiple DUI Arrests

By Mike

This year’s NFL season has seen its share of surprises, from the mysterious struggles of the star-laden Philadelphia Eagles, to the notable absence of publicity-hogging stars like Terrell Owens and Brett Favre.

No development, however, has been more shocking than the sudden success of the Buffalo Bills, a team that has spent most of the past two decades rotting at the bottom of the AFC.

Unfortunately, the Bills’ success has not had a completely positive impact in Buffalo, as drunken revelers celebrating the team’s wins have led to a recent wave of DUI arrests in the Buffalo area.

The scene was particularly hairy for law enforcement officers after a recent Bills win over the Philadelphia Eagles, who were preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl.

According to a recent report at Buffalonews.com, Erie County sheriff’s deputies and Orland Park police officers had a field day after the big win, pulling over dozens of drivers and arresting at least seven motorists for driving while intoxicated.

And the police reports suggest that these were not run-of-the-mill DUI arrests, as many drivers took their post-game celebration far too seriously.

Sources allege that, while driving away from the stadium, one woman rammed her car into a police barricade; a man side-swiped a sheriff’s deputy’s car with his own vehicle; and another driver struck a pedestrian before running over a picnic table in a stadium parking lot.

In addition to the drunk driving arrests, police also issued 71 speeding tickets after the game, and 40 other tickets for various traffic infractions ranging from seat belt violations to child restraining tickets.

These traffic arrests occurred after police made 23 arrests at the Bills’ stadium during the game, for offenses such as harassment, trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

While these events may portray a stark picture of the NFL game day landscape, it is inevitable that the gathering of tens of thousands of fans, many of whom are enjoying adult beverages, will lead to a few arrests.

In fact, many NFL stadiums even have their own small jails to hold offenders until the end of the game.

If you live in an NFL city and enjoy drinking on game day, remember to be smart when you’re headed home, as police officers love to target postgame celebrations.

Avoid the costs and hassle of a DUI case by taking a taxi, using public transportation, or calling a sober friend for a ride.