Man Arrested for DUI While Driving Barbie Car

By Topher

When we say you can be arrested for drinking and driving in any motorized vehicle, we mean: You can be arrested for DUI while driving any motorized vehicle.

Don’t believe us? Try this story on:

The Scottish Daily Record is reporting that a man was arrested for drunk driving while operating a toy Barbie car.

Paul Hutton, a 40-year-old resident of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, was tearing down the road in a child’s motorized Barbie car. He was going the vehicle’s top speed of 4 miles per hour when police stopped him along the road at night.

Police administered a breathalyzer test and booked Hutton for driving under the influence of alcohol. His blood-alcohol content was double the legal limit.

For his offense, Hutton was banned from driving a real car for three years. After the hearing where he learned of his fate, Hutton admitted that he was “a complete twit” for earning himself the driving ban.

“I was very surprised to get done for drink-driving,” he continued. “It is designed for three-to five-year-olds.”

Hutton had found the little pink electric car ten years previous, and had begun to customize it with his son only a few months ago, adding larger wheels to it. Still, he was candid that it was not the ideal vehicle for a full-sized adult.

“You have to be a contortionist to get in and then you can’t get out,” he said of the pint-sized pink ride. He had to drive it with his knees under his chin, and it moved more slowly than a mobility scooter, according to the article.

According to Hutton, he’d been drinking as he worked on the vehicle, and had not realized how much he’d had to drink.

“When it was done,” he said, “I couldn’t resist the temptation to take it out. I wanted to show my friend.”

Hutton had actually ignored a warning from the police. They told him not to drive the vehicle, but he went against their advice and drove it away from the scene, very slowly.

“I knew it was daft, but I didn’t realize it was a criminal thing to do,” he said.

His three year ban from driving was brought down because he had previously been convicted of DUI. Chairman of the bench in the case said “I’ve never seen the like of it in 15 years on the bench.”



“Driver” Arrested for DUI on Golf Cart

By Mary Ann

A Muskego, Wisconsin man was arrested on suspicion of DUI and injuring a passenger while operating a golf cart.

Around the country, states have their own rules about operating “vehicles.” We’ve talked about people operating automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, horses, and even Zambonis. Now we get to look into golf carts.

A 47-year man was driving a golf cart when his passenger was thrown from the cart and struck his head. The passenger was taken to a Janesville, Wis. hospital and treated for severe head trauma.

In the New Jersey Zamboni case, the judge ruled that driving a Zamboni while intoxicated was not DUI because a Zamboni isn’t a vehicle that can be driven on the roads. A golf cart, on the other hand, has long been considered a vehicle.

The gentleman in question will likely be charged with DUI.



Black Eyed Peas Star Arrested for DUI

By Mary Ann

Jaime Luis Gomez, who calls himself Taboo – a member of the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas – was arrested for DUI outside of Los Angeles, California.

Gomez was arrested for suspicion of DUI after a crashing his SUV.

Police searched Gomez’s vehicle and found marijuana and prescription medicine for which he did not have a prescription. He was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of a prescribed medication without a prescription and DUI.

Results of field sobriety tests and breath tests have not yet been released.



Indiana Cop Arrested for Third DUI

By Mary Ann

An already suspended Indianapolis, DUI Sunday.

A trend has been sweeping the USA in recent years, where police officers are being arrested for drunk driving rather than being given a wink and a ride home.

Joshua Nygren was arrested on the far west side of Indianapolis after he ran a stop sign. Nygren reportedly told the arresting officer, “hey, I’m one of you.” He was arrested for DUI, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication and failing to obey a stop sign.

Nygren was previously arrested for DUI in 2005 and in 2006. The Indianapolis Police Department suspended Nygren after his second arrest. The IPD Chief of Police has recommended that Nygren be fired.



Mayor of Nevada Capital Arrested for DUI

By Mary Ann

Carson City, Nevada Mayor Marv Teixeira was arrested Monday night on suspicion of DUI.

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper stopped Teixeira on a Carson City street for speeding.  The Mayor was driving 50 mph in a zone marked for 35 mph.

The trooper reported he smelled alcohol, and asked Teixeira to perform a field sobriety test. He failed. The mayor also failed a preliminary breathalyzer test. He was arrested for speeding and DUI.

Authorities say the Mayor took a blood test at the jail. Results will not be returned for several weeks.