Strange DUI Arrests for Drunk Drivers of Golf Carts & Wheel Chairs

By Topher

Some people assume if they’re not driving a car they can’t get arrested for DUI. That’s simply not the case, as the following folks found out during some unusual DUI arrests.

If you are driving any motorized vehicle drunk you could face DUI penalties. That’s what happened in these separate strange DUI stories involving a basketball player and a golf car, a moped and a wheelchair on the highway.

  • J.J. Hones will not be returning to the Stanford Cardinals for a fifth season after she found driving a golf cart in a “wreckless manner,” according to the NCAA’s website. After leading the police on a chase around the Stanford campus, she was arrested after failing a field sobriety test, and was released on bond.
  • An Australia man is giving new meaning to “asleep at the wheel.” The AP reports a man making a nine-mile trip from his home to a friend’s house was arrested after he was found sleeping on the highway exit ramp – in a motorized wheelchair. He was arrested and charged with DUI after registering a blood alcohol reading of 0.301. The man was found about 10 a.m. on a Friday morning.
  • Preferring a more conventional form of transportation , a 37-year-old Maryland man led police on a chase before crashing his moped. WGMD reports the moped driver was not injured. He was committed to Sussex County Correctional and charged with resisting arrest, a third DUI and other minor charges.
  • Some food might taste better after a few beers, but that doesn’t mean you should drive to go get it. A Tennessee woman learned that the hard way after they decided to go to Taco Bell for a late night snack and passed out behind the wheel while in the drive through lane. The vehicle apparently contained “several open beer cases” and pills that were not prescribed to any of the passengers, reports the AP. The police arrested the occupants of the vehicle.

So be careful this summer, and don’t let someone talk you into riding, oh say, a motorized couch to the bar for a couple cold ones.

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Why be ashamed? First this is in Australia, and I am not sure about the laws there. But in the US? Doesn’t matter that it was a wheelchair, he was on the road in a motorized “vehicle”, and was intoxicated!!!! That is dangerous. Perhaps he may not have caused major injury if he hit something, but if he would have been hit because he wasn’t seen in his drunken state……….. I’m glad this was inforced!!!