St. Cloud, Minnesota Bars Help Patrons Avoid DUI With Cab Passes

By Mary Ann

Some bars in St. Cloud, Minnesota, home to St. Cloud State University, give cab passes to patrons who are legally too drunk to drive.

Bar owners across the country are slowly realizing it’s cheaper to help get their drunk patrons home than deal with the consequences of  DUI.

There has been a steady increase in DUI in St. Cloud over the past five years. To help discourage DUI, some downtown bars have begun giving students cab rides home after a night of drinking.

The cab passes are good business. McRudy’s Pub gives a cab pass to anyone who needs one. Bar manager Scott Christos said “People come to McRudy’s for a safe ride home, and in turn, spend their money here.”

One St. Cloud Student said, “I will sit at a bar all night from 9 pm or so until 2 am, and by that time, I have run out of money. It would be nice to get a free ride home from a bar that I just spent all my time and money at.”

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