Singer Bobby Brown Forced to Wear Ankle Bracelet After DUI Conviction

By johnclark


Singer Bobby Brown will only spend a few days in jail after being convicted of a DUI, but he will have to wear an ankle bracelet for several weeks so the court can monitor his movements, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

According to sources, Brown pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in February, his second such charge in 2012, and was sentenced to 55 days in jail during a hearing this week.

The county jail, however, has a surplus of inmates, so jail officials expect Brown to only spend about nine days behind bars. Upon his release, however, Brown will be outfitted with an electronic ankle bracelet, sources say.

Brown, who was also sentenced to four years of probation, will not be allowed to leave his home while he serves his jail sentence, and must also complete an alcohol treatment program that is expected to last a year and half.

The singer, who was once married to the now-deceased Whitney Houston, was initially arrested in March 2012 for driving under the influence of alcohol, sources say.

Reports indicate that police initially pulled Brown over after spotting him talking on his cellphone while driving, which is prohibited in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

But just a few months after his March arrest, Brown was arrested for drunk driving a second time that October. The second arrest led the judge to inflate Brown’s already serious sentence.

Some media outlets have speculated that Brown received favorable treatment due to his celebrity status, but it is not uncommon for judges to sentence defendants to house arrest after multiple DUI convictions.

Prison overcrowding is a serious issue in many states, as legislators continue to inflate sentences for a wide range of crimes so judges often prefer to let non-violent offenders serve out their jail sentences elsewhere.

In addition, thanks to his four-year probationary sentence, any slip-ups by Brown in the near future could lead to a dramatically higher sentence, as well as a hefty fine, and a potential long-term suspension of his driving license.

Sources also note that Brown’s only allowed trips outside his home while he serves his “jail” sentence will be mandatory visits to Alcoholic’s Anonymous three times a week.

So the court is hopeful that Brown will be able to clean up his act. If not, the sentences for Brown’s DUI convictions will only grow more severe.

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