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Fellow DUI Bloggers:

Total DUI is looking for submissions for our first 50 Best of the Best Blogs on DUI.

People facing charges for driving under the influence search the Internet for useful information on how to handle their DUI offense. DUI bloggers are all over the Web to help those in need find out what they can expect in consequences, legal proceedings, etc…

You have all been working very hard to make sure your readers are up-to-date, so now is the time to be recognized for your efforts. The Best of the Best blogs list will be promoted throughout social media networks.

If you think your blog should be considered, please e-mail Total DUI ( by Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 5 p.m. CST. In your e-mail please include the following:

  • Blog’s name and link
  • Description of your blog – please keep it under 200 words
  • Why your blog is the best

Thank you for your suggestions and good luck!

NOTICE: Any entrants chosen will be listed at the discretion of TotalDUI, Inc. and its affiliates. Those listed (i) agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and/or TotalDUI, Inc., (ii) represent and warrant that they are the sole creator and owner of the blogs submitted by them, (iii) agree that TotalDUI, Inc. may publish the names of their blogs without further compensation to the entrant, and (iv) agree that no claim relating to damages or losses shall be asserted against TotalDUI, Inc. or any of its affiliates. TotalDUI, Inc. makes no warranty, guaranty or representation of any kind concerning this contest in general.

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I lost my license for life in Florida almost four years ago. Can I get a hardship license in another state if I’m a resident in that state? Can I ride a scooter or moped in Florida, or could I maybe get a case reviewed and over turned because of the intoxallizer? I need some info, thank you, Linton Knowles III

I Blog on DUI only in the capacity for my website. However, i do in fact blog and make videos and provide information. Of course all the laws are tailored to Nevada.

And to answer you Knowles, you can check other states to see if they have that exact same law, if not, they would probably issue you a license if you met their requirements, had you suffered a DUI in their state.

thank you! I really liked this post!

I was arrested in Key West FL for BUI (boating under the influence) on Duval street while riding my bicycle. Of coarse, this only happened AFTER a cop car hit me. The cop whose car hit me wrote me a ticket for not having a light on my bike, despite the fact that I had 169 LED lights illuminated on my bike, and he wrote there was no crash involved. the cop who arrested me for the BUI wrote on his ticket that there was a crash. There are many other differences in the case when you compare the written documents the cop filed and the DVD the cops made at the scene. Stupid cops who are also very creative writers. Only in Key West !!!!!!! contact me if you wish at