Record Setting Washington DUI Suspect Is Former Cop

By Mary Ann

The Woodinville, Washington woman who set a Washington record for blood alcohol content (BAC) is a former police officer. Deana F. Jarrett, who registered a BAC of 0.47 percent, is being held in King County jail on a $250,000 bond.

The Washington State Patrol said she was arrested in her home because, after two arrests for DUI last week, she was considered too dangerous to the community.

When troopers arrived at her home, Jarrett refused to cooperate. She was only taken into custody after officers had removed a window air-conditioner and prepared to enter her home through the opening. Troopers said she was highly intoxicated at the time.

Jarrett had been working as a passenger screener and supervisor for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. She resigned after being released from jail last week. In recent years, Jarret has struggled with alcoholism, including having her 11-year daughter removed from her home by state officials.

Jarrett left the Seattle police department in 1998 following a contentious sexual harassment lawsuit against the department. She claimed she had been subjected to anonymous letters, cartoons in her mailbox, and a bomb threat on her truck at her home.

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rediculous, how can someone be charged with a dui when their bac is within lethal limits? shouldn’t be alive, let alone able to drive. prosecutors may claim built up tolerance, but that’s just one more excuse covering up the complete fallacy and innacuracy of breathalyzer machines.