Rapper Too Short Charged With Four Counts After Drunk Driving Arrest

By johnclark


In upsetting news for his fans, rapper Too Short was officially arrested for a DUI and drug possession this week in Hollywood, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Sources say the 46-year-old entertainer, who was born Todd Anthony Shaw, was taken to jail around 3 a.m. after being arrested on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

According to sources, Too Short briefly attempted to run from police before he was captured, which is the cardinal sin of drunk driving arrests. If this report is true, Too Short could also face potential charges for resisting arrest.

Sources note that the original DUI incident happened a few weeks ago, when he was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Police also reported that Too Short had meth in the back seat of his car.

So, in addition to four misdemeanor counts of drunk driving, Too Short faces the potential of a felony drug charge, which could have posed a much more significant jail sentence.

Sources claim, however, that the city attorney is only charging Too Short with the four misdemeanor charges, because the amount of meth discovered by police wasn’t enough to warrant a felony charge.

The absence of a felony charge will simplify the rapper’s defense against the DUI charges, but four misdemeanor counts could still result in significant jail time, a suspended driver’s license, or a large fine.

And Too Short could also be facing possible punishment for a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that ended in the death of Kenny Clutch, a rapper based in Oakland, and two other victims.

The shooting caused a fatal car crash that blocked a portion of the Las Vegas Strip for several hours and gained international media coverage.

But police have not been able to connect Too Short to the shooting and car crash, and Too Short recently dismissed the rumors of his involvement on his Facebook page, where he wrote that he had “no knowledge or connection” to the incident.

Too Short has been the target of much controversy during his career, but is widely considered to be one of the primary innovators of West Coast hip hop, according to sources.

Too Short, who was born in Los Angeles but was raised in Oakland, has released several massive singles over the past few years, including “The Ghetto,” “Burn Rubber,” and “Blow the Whistle.”

But the music success has been tempered by legal issues. In 2009, Too Short was arrested twice for drunk driving in separate incidents in Las Vegas. And in 2010, the rapper was arrested for battery after n incident following a concert in Idaho.

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