Police Dog Captures Drunk Driving Suspect After Lengthy Car Chase

By Mike


A police dog captured a DUI suspect after the alleged drunk driver led police on a reckless high-speed chase, according to a report from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that reads like a scene from a Michael Bay movie.

Sources say that 19-year-old Roderick Miller was spotted driving erratically by a sheriff’s deputy in Manatee County, Florida.

When the deputy flipped on his police lights to initiate a traffic stop, Miller allegedly refused to pull over to the side of the road, and instead sped away from the police officer into neighboring Sarasota County.

According to the police report, the speed of the officer and suspect never exceeded 85 mph. Police will typically call off a car chase if speeds reach dangerous levels, or the drivers are a threat to the public, sources suggest.

In this case, the deputy believed that pursuit was still necessary, and after several minutes of driving, Miller eventually struck a traffic sign and skidded into a ditch.

After striking the ditch, though, Miller didn’t stop. In order to avoid a DUI arrest, Miller reportedly continued to drive along the ditch until he rammed into a utility pole.

The impact of the crash split the utility pole in two, and left phone lines blocking the road, according to the police report.

After striking the pole, Miller apparently jumped from his car and ran south into a patch of forest. Shortly after the accident, backup officers with a search dog quickly responded to the scene.

Miller may have escaped were it not for the efforts of the search dog. Sources say the canine discovered the DUI suspect hiding in a row of bushes about a quarter mile from the scene of the accident.

While police dogs are trained to show some restraint when dealing with suspects, this dog apparently bit Miller and left a puncture wound on the back of the suspect’s hand.

Due to the bite, emergency responders had to treat Miler at the scene, and the suspect was later transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital to receive stitches for the wound.

Miller hopefully enjoyed his stay at the hospital, because as soon as he was fit to be released, police officers promptly hauled him away to the Sarasota County Jail.

The suspect is reportedly facing charges for drunk driving, fleeing to elude, leaving the scene of an accident, and obstructing justice, according to sources.

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