Ohio Driver Gets Maximum DUI Prison Sentence

By Mary Ann

A Barberton Ohio man received a Sentence for DUI of 16-1/2 years in prison. Jess R Brown was sentenced after pleading guilty to his 19th and 20th DUI offenses. 16-1/2 years is the maximum sentence allowed by Ohio law.

The judge said “Not only do you have the worst DUI record I’ve ever read, you apparently have the worst DUI record for anyone in the state of Ohio. It’s only fair and fitting then that you receive the worst sentence.” Brown was convicted of his first DUI in 1977. His driver’s license was permanently suspended in 1991.

Prior to sentencing, Brown asked the judge for leniency. In his statement to the court he argued “I have a problem with alcohol. Let me get treatment instead of perishing in a cell.” The judge responded that he’d had plenty of opportunities for treatment after previous convictions and if he felt that strongly, he should have sought treatment himself.

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