New York Heartland Legislators Look Into Automatic License Suspension Upon DUI Arrest

By Mary Ann

Following the lead of other states, legislators in New York’s heartland are seeking to allow the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend a driver’s license upon arrest for DUI. Legislators point to a New York man who was charged with his fourth DUI (DWI in New York) in December. The driver managed to get a restricted driver’s license from a judge after his second arrest and a conditional license from the DMV after his third arrest. Under the new proposal, police would have the authority to automatic suspend a driver’s license following a DUI arrest. A driver with a pending DUI could not apply for a conditional license.

New York has attempted to toughen its DUI laws by increasing penalties for multiple DUI convictions and creating a charge of Aggravated DWI for drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.18 percent. (Due to a typo, the Aggravated DWI is yet to be enforced). Legislators say more needs to be done to combat DUI.

In the case of the driver cited above, he was charged with DUI January 29 in Pittsfield, April 27 in Morris, May 6 in Laurens and Dec. 22 in Morris. Because he has no DUI convictions he cannot be considered a repeat DUI offender. His driver’s license was finally revoked following his refusal to take a breath test after his last arrest.

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