New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan Arrested for DUI

By johnclark


Joe Morgan, a veteran wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, was arrested in Jefferson Parish this weekend for driving under the influence, according to a report from NBC Sports.

Sources say the 25-year-old NFL player was charged with a DWI and driving without a license, according to local police reports.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning, when a witness called police to report a stalled car on a local expressway.

When the responding officer arrived at the scene of the disabled car, which was resting on the shoulder of the highway, he found Morgan behind the wheel, and the football player was allegedly asleep.

The officer gave Morgan a rude awakening, and asked him to step out of the car. When Morgan stumbled out of his vehicle, he reportedly appeared drunk, as he had difficulty staying upright and had bloodshot eyes.

When Morgan took the field sobriety test, he didn’t offer the officer any proof that he was sober, so the police official arrested the wide receiver and transported him to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, according to sources.

The officer’s instincts proved correct, as Morgan reportedly blew a .218 during his breathalyzer test. This blood alcohol level is more than twice the legal limit in Louisiana, sources say.

To make matters worse, Morgan does not have a valid driver’s license, which will only heighten his legal troubles, and could lead to a larger fine or a longer jail sentence, depending on the unique circumstances of Morgan’s arrest.

And while Morgan has a long road ahead as he attempts to clear his name, he was able to leave jail later that day after posting a $1,150 bond, according to reports.

Morgan’s arrest comes after a relatively quiet spell for the NFL, which has had numerous players arrested for drunk driving over the last 12 months. League officials have grown concerned that the spate of arrests could diminish the league’s popularity.

But professional football remains the most popular sport in the United States, and fans seem willing to look past such incidents.

Sources say Morgan is expected to be his team’s third-best receiver this year, and is coming off a successful season in which he scored three touchdowns.

The young receiver took an uncommon route to NFL success, as he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Saints in 2011. When contacted by reporters, both Morgan and a team spokesman declined to comment on his recent arrest.

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