New Mexico Requires Interlocks for all DUI Convictions, But is it Working?

By Mary Ann

A New Mexico law requiring all drivers convicted of DUI, even for a first-offense, to have ignition interlocks installed in their vehicles took affect in June 2005. About 16,000 drivers have been convicted of DUI since the law took affect and about 13,000 have been ordered to obtain interlocks, but only around 6,000 have had the devices installed in their cars or trucks. New Mexico’s “DWI Czar” said that New Mexico leads the nation in ignition interlocks installed, but work remains.

The State’s DWI Czar indicated that there were reasons why a large number of convicted drivers have not gotten interlocks installed: A large percentage of motorists convicted of DUI in the first few months were arrested prior to the law taking affect and couldn’t receive a sentence under the new law; some counties allow DUI offenders to sign an affidavit stating that they do not own a vehicle; and some courts are not enforcing the law uniformly.

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How do you get your car back from a dui after the companies seizes it and the arresting officer puts a hold on it…they won’t let it go without insurance and can’t get insurance without the car and can’t get license back without interlock system which I need the car for…please help..
lost in new mexico