New Hampshire Woman Gets 3 DUI Arrests in 1 Week

By Topher

The penalties for a DUI conviction can dramatically increase with multiple convictions. But one woman in New Hampshire pushed these laws to their limits recently.

The Associated Press recently reported that a woman in Concord, N. H. was arrested three times in one week for allegedly driving under the influence.

Patricia Mondro now faces a $50,000 cash only bail on three separate charges of a driving under the influence issued within just days of one another.

On January 16, Mondro was arrested in a parking lot in Londonderry after she crashed her vehicle. Witnesses then contacted the local police department because they said that Mondro looked disoriented.

She was then arrested and charged with a misdemeanor DWI, but was release from jail the next day.

Five days later, she was arrested and charged with an aggravated DWI after crashing into a guardrail on Interstate 93 in Concord. Mondro suffered a few injuries from the crash, but was released from jail.

Shortly after Mondro was released she was arrested for a third time. She had allegedly hit a pick-up truck on the same highway where her she was charged with her second DUI offense.

She was driving with her headlights off when she hit the other car which then collided with a third vehicle. No injuries were reported in the incident.

After the first two arrests, Mondro still had her driver’s license because neither case had moved through the court system yet.

Lt. Tim Jones of the Londonderry Police Department said “that the problem is [that] all these license issues kick in after the conviction, [and] she’s in the interim state.”

Judge Gerald Boyle said at Mondro’s arraignment that he was concerned with the public’s safety as she had received multiple DWI’s in a very short period of time.

He further said that Mondro was “an extreme danger” not only to herself but to others as well. So he imposed separate cash only bails for each offense.

According to the Concord Monitor, Mondro made very few remarks during her arraignment. But she said that her husband had recently left her.

Her legal aid stated that Mondro’s family is going to get her the help she needs. Her court date for her third DWI charge is February 9.

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