Mother Denies Charge That She Killed Son in Drunk Driving Crash

By johnclark


A California mother has been accused of causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence of alcohol, but she claims the death of her son was the result of poor driving by someone else, according to a report from CBS News.

According to sources, Tyesha Garrett was arrested for a DUI this week after she allegedly crashed her car at around 4 a.m. while entering Interstate 80 in the Sacramento area.

While trying to enter the freeway, Garrett reportedly lost control of her SUV, causing the car to flip, and forcing her 11-year-old son Eric out of the car.

The impact of the crash killed Garrett’s young son, who was reportedly riding with his mother while she delivered copies of The Sacramento Bee to retail outlets in the city, sources say.

Fortunately, the other two children who accompanied Eric and his mother on her paper route survived the accident without injuries. But the surviving children, ages 10 and 3, will have to grow up with the presence of their older brother.

While some questioned why the children were in the car with Garrett at such an odd hour, the driver’s brother, Derek Garrett defended his sister by saying the children “like to stay up and just go for a drive with mom” during the summer months when school isn’t in session.

Derek also claimed his sister plans to argue that she wasn’t at fault in the fatal crash, for which she will likely face multiple felony DUI charges.

“From what I was told, is she was cut off by a driver and she tried to slam on her brakes to get out the way, and then the whole car just tipped over,” said the defendant’s brother.

He also said the DUI allegations were odd, given Tyesha Garrett’s reputation. “It’s not normal. She never drinks and drives; she never puts her family in harm’s way,” said the brother. “I’m very angry. I’m very frustrated and hurt by the situation.”

But despite these claims, Tyesha Garrett will have to prove in court that she wasn’t at fault when her car fatally flipped on the side of the highway. She refused to speak to local sources, but is expected to make her first court appearance early next week.

In the meantime, she and her family will mourn the loss of 11-year-old Eric, a child who “loved to go outside and just play” and who was “just a happy kid,” according to his uncle.

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