Montana DUI Story Gets Out-of-Hand: Suspect’s Unicorn Was Driving?

By Mary Ann

Reportedly, a Billings, Montana DUI suspect claimed a unicorn was driving when his truck crashed into a light pole.

Yellowstone County Attorney Dennis Paxinos announced at a press conference, “that did not happen.” Paxinos attributed the mistake to “black humor” among prosecutors who routinely deal with drivers who refuse to take responsibility for their actions while DUI.

The driver, Phillip Carston Holliday Jr., told a judge that someone else was driving his car, which is sometimes called the unicorn defense by prosecutors.

Due to emails sent around the County Attorney’s office, the story got out that the defendant had told police that a unicorn was driving his truck; he had actually told police a woman was driving.

Of the driver, the County Attorney said “Mr. Holliday has other serious problems, but this is not one of them.”

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