Maybe You Shouldn’t Bite the Cop When You’re NOT Drunk

By Mary Ann

A District Court Judge’s wife in Sydney Australia was convicted of biting a police officer during a random DUI stop. The woman claimed to suffer from a thyroid complication that affected her ability to swallow and exhale. After attempting to perform a breath test three times, resulting in invalid samples, she refused a fourth attempt, got back in her car, and refused to leave the vehicle. The woman claimed that the officer grabbed the keys and wrestled her from her car, but denied biting the officer’s finger during the struggle.

The woman was cuffed and taken to the police station where she was given a breath test resulting in a valid breath test sample. The breath sample showed a BAC of only 0.01. While the court did not convict her of DUI, she was convicted of assaulting a constable and resisting constables in the execution of their duty.  She was fined $900 (Australian). She is expected to appeal.

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