Lasting Impact of DUI Arrest

By Mary Ann

Both driver and passenger were charged with DUI in Lanesboro, Minn., recently.

According to the Winona Daily News, the passenger of the vehicle grabbed the wheel of the car, causing the vehicle to careen into a ditch. When officers arrived, they found both the driver and the wheel-grabbing passenger had been drinking.

Even though the passenger was only in control of the vehicle briefly, she was still charged with a DWI. That drunk driving charge may stay with her for the rest of her life. The consequences could long outlive any jail time or fines she might face.

The long-lasting consequences are well-illustrated by a story out of Canada (via Paul Kennedy). When a man applied for appointment to a judicial seat in Grand Falls-Windsor he “forgot” to list a DUI conviction from 18 years ago. When background checks discovered this fact, he was forced to resign in what he calls “the worst day of my life.”

And speaking of Canada, Marina Sedai, of MCRea & Associates points out on Twitter that a DUI may be make someone “criminally inadmissible”  from visiting or immigrating to Canada.

Add these stories together and you’ll see why so many people choose to seek the help of a DUI lawyer when fighting their DUI charge.

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i got a dui 18 years ago….i just got another one…will it effect my sentencing